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The Blind Truth

Updated on January 3, 2019

Collective thinking and observation

I don't write like I used to due to my studies and other responsibilities. However, I cant ignore the downward spiral of our society and way of life. I find it strange when I watch the news, or even this past Christmas that the mainstream is not allowed to talk about Jesus. I compare it to having a birthday and giving your cake to someone else to celebrate. The whole notion of Satan Claus just makes me sick to my stomach. In this country it is said that we have rights, yet I see freedom of speech and thought quickly coming under strict control. Christmas is only the tip of the iceberg. I don't understand how the world got to this state of "political correctness." Everything that you say has the potential to hurt someone. I grew up in a era where people were not so thin skinned, if you were bullied you picked up and stick and protected yourself. Now everyone is so sensitive from adults down to children. I find it said that if I say something I can all almost be crucified. Lucky for my sake I don't care what people think and its their problem what they may think of me.

I try my best to be Christ like, but I am a failure daily. But this doesn't mean that I stop trying. The world would have me believe that what the bible says and what my beliefs tell me is wrong. The society wants me to be tolerate and accepting of their lifestyles and if I disagree I have some type of hidden phobia.....wrong! Jesus teaches us to love, but he never said that we have to except sinful living. For example, I don't agree with the gay lifestyle, but I agree that every human being has the free will to live how they want. It is a God given right and choice, whether right or wrong. Now what I don't like is someones beliefs or lifestyle being forced into my way of life by law or any supposed right. What has happened in this time is that we are the modern Babylon or Sodom and Gomorrah. The way we live these days is horrible and getting worse. I watch on YouTube this guy named "Jason A." I absolutely love his editing work. What he does is make collective videos about events that happen around the world. I think its amazing. When you look at the footage in one sitting you begin to see the condition of the world. But if you looked at a clip every now and then you really wont notice. How can we not see that the world is about to reach a climatic end? At some point there will be a collapse. The funny thing is that we all take part in the decline of this world, no one person can say "not me, I didn't do it" yes you too. I have no problem in pointing out my flaws, however I am not aloud to speak if I see something wrong. We are supposed to expose the evils of this world, not at like there not happening and making laws to protect them. I find the ways of this world as a man demonic and absolutely disgusting. If I have phobias those phobias are based on what is unnatural. And that goes from rape to homosexuality. I will not be told what to say and how to say it. If you don't like it then don't read or listen, just like I have the same option to do so with anyone's thoughts or opinions.

I never thought I would live to see some of the things that I am seeing today. However, I am not surprised it was written before my time. My question is when will God get sick of all of this and bring things to an end? I may not be spiritually reading, but I am brave enough to take my chance before the throne. Lord bring this to and end.


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