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The Blood of Jesus Christ

Updated on March 23, 2010

Nothing But the Blood of Jesus

The Blood of Jesus Christ

What has the blood done for me lately?  The blood assures me that I am forgiven and that I am able to forgive.  The blood clothes me with righteousness and cleanses me from sin consciousness.  The blood brings me into a covenant relationship with God.  The blood redeems my very soul from the jaws of hell and death everlasting.  The blood draws me close to God and gives me access to His throne room.  The blood assures me of peace.  The blood purges my conscious and gives me the ability to choose holiness.  The blood enables me to be bold in my faith and secure in my knowledge of God's approval of me.  The blood sanctifies me and distinguishes me from those unregenerated in creation on this earth. The blood guarantees me the grace and favor of God daily, past present and future. The blood makes me one with Jesus.  The blood redeems me from the curse of the law.  The blood tears me down and reconstructs me to be approved of by God, as an individual and as one who is joined to the body of believers.  The blood makes my works to be counted as righteous and productive before God.  The blood has made my spirit to live and grow and develop for eternity.  The blood guarantees me indwelling and guidance of the Holy Spirit.  The blood removes my sin from me .. (in the OT the blood of animals could only cover sin).

There is no other way that God deals with sin today but through the blood of Jesus Christ, because only His blood can cleanse and sanctify and properly prepare our souls for fellowship with God.  There is a hidden value in His blood and that is the spirit of self-sacrifice.  We are able to have the desire to give up our ownselves and our own lives so that we can press into our new life made possible through His blood.  His blood makes it possible for us to worship Him as He deserves to be worshipped.  His blood makes it possible for us to love Him because He loves us.  His blood makes it possible for us to be counted as goodness and righteousness as He is good and righteous.  His blood is spirit and life and power and truth. 

We must in faith, open our very souls to His precious blood in a more glorious way than ever before.  And come to the understanding .. Nothing but the blood of Jesus.


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    • Debradoo profile image

      Debradoo 7 years ago from Cocoa, Florida

      Thanks so much lovelypaper for stopping by and reading and leaving a comment!

    • lovelypaper profile image

      Renee S 7 years ago from Virginia

      Very well said and comforting.