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The Blood of the Lamb Jesus

Updated on March 28, 2017

The words of Christ just before His death where He broke bread and said, "do this in memory of me."

At that moment on the cross, when His Head bowed for its final time, the disciples had no idea it's implementation, had no idea its power, its range and scope concerning a world God so loved.

The Blood

A testimony of the power of praying the Blood of Jesus

John Osteen, former pastor of Lakewood Church, was much of a missionary, going often to India to preach to, heal, and reach out to the people. Often times when he would leave, his family would get sick. He would soon grieve within when he would call home and he would hear how the family was fighting an illness of some sort.

When he went home, he got so grieved that he took his children, and marched the perimeter of his house. He marched and pleaded him and his children saying, "I put the Blood! I put the Blood! I put the Blood!"

The enemy attacks ceased after that.

The modern day post and lintel

Place Christ' Blood:

Over your front door.

Over any entrances and exits.

Over your loved ones (lost or not) while they sleep. As they sleep the enemy can not attack as well and their roots can be uprooted.

Against the enemy openly.

Over your plans for the future.

Over your businesses.

Over your vehicles.

Over your own lives.

Over your enemies.

Over your body, mind, soul.

Over your church, it's entrances, its exits, its bathrooms.

Over your leaders, your pastors, elders, the youth.


The Blood of Christ can be applied liberally. Christ chose to die for us and as we apply the Blood to our daily needs we honor his obedience He made unto death. Few die for a righteous cause and yet few lived as He did. A Blood stained banner, washing us from a sin crimson red and into a sinless white as white as driven snow. Blood which constantly cleanses us, sprinkled on our consciousness. Christ Blood flowed from His cross to the earth and a Loving God struck Him for us. So why not remind God of His sacrifice? Why not speak over our lost loved ones the Blood of the Lamb? Why not ustilize the most awesome force in the universe against an enemy which fears nothing but His Blood? How powerful is this Blood which seems like one of God's best kept secrets?

Joseph Prince: The Blood

Drinking in damnation...

The Blood should not be taken lightly. When taking communion remember to release to the Lord any unconfessed sin. Remember to forgive any and all people on your heart. Some people wait until service to take communion. Others take it daily on their own.

“If we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin” (1 John 1:7).

To understand this verse, we must know what sin is, what its consequences are, how the blood of Christ can cleanse us from sin, and what it means to walk in the light.

The scripture actually says that Christ' Blood cleanses us when we walk in the light.

Other weapons of the Christians.

The armor of God.

The sword of the Spirit.



Our confession.

The Word of God.


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