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The 'Blue Devil' Haunts the Octave Gold Mine in Congress, Arizona

Updated on September 26, 2015

The Octave Mine Blue Devil is not from Duke

Duke Blue Devil
Duke Blue Devil | Source

Congress, Arizona

Congress, Arizona:
Congress, AZ, USA

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The location of the Octave Mines, where the 'Blue Devil' resides.

Octave Mine & The Legend of the Blue Devil

Octave was once a town that was built near the Octave Mine, since 1869. The town eventually disappeared in the 1940s after the mine and area was abandoned.

Locals near Congress, Arizona have long known the legend of the 'Blue Devil' that haunts the 25 miles of tunnels that comprise Octave Mine - a former gold mine - which is now for sale for $5.9M. Octave Mine is almost 150 years old, and the Arizona property is measured at 266 acres, and includes the underground mine, allegedly haunted by the Blue Devil.

Octave Mine is Historic & Valuable to Arizona

The state of Arizona has recorded Octave Mine as one of the most valuable in the state's history, and may still contain gold. What geologists look for is a thick formation of quartz, which indicates that there may be gold contained within that vein in the mine.

Many experts believe that there is much more gold to be excavated from Octave Mine, but it will take specialists that know how to follow the vein and extract the gold.

A Piece of The Blue Devil Legend Told by the Previous Mine Owner

A long time ago, a 7 ft. man by the name of "Staten" did cruel things to men that worked in the Octave Mine out of personal pleasure. He burned miners and found other ways to torture them to death. After he died, his spirit haunts the cave, which many say look like a Blue Devil, not to mention, the name is phonetically close to the title, "Satan."

Many unrelated miners have also reported seeing the Blue Devil while being in the mine. One even drew a blue devil with carbon on a wall of the mine to warn others.

Oil Painting of Gold Miner (with Blue Devil added)

Gold is Where You Find It, 1934, oil on canvas by Tyrone Comfort
Gold is Where You Find It, 1934, oil on canvas by Tyrone Comfort | Source

Abandoned Gold Mine

An abandoned gold mine in Nevada.
An abandoned gold mine in Nevada. | Source

Abandoned Mines are not Safe

The gold mine pictured above is an example of an abandoned gold mine that is no longer safe to enter because of rotting timber holding up the shafts of the mine, and shortage of oxygen within the mine.

Octave Mine Featured on Show, Ghost Mine

The show Ghost Mine on the Syfy Channel featured the Octave Mine in Season 2 (episode 2.9 & 2.10). Paranormal investigators do an electromagnetic field (EMF) reading of the mine, and get unusually high EMF readings. On their first trip into the mine, the paranormal investigators notice strange markings on the mine walls that resemble a devil with two horns. On the second trip, at the same site as where the devil was, it now had what looked like was two crosses on the wall. They also hear disturbing sounds within the mine.

Is this enough evidence to substantiate the existence of the Blue Devil?

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    • profile image


      22 months ago

      I have been in many tunnels of the Octave in the 90s just as an explorer and heard many strange sounds that we couldn't explain and saw the carbon drawing of the blue devel. I have explored most of the old mine shafts in the area but the Octave is the only one that startled me and made me think that we weren't alone. To get a very good idea of the brutality of Charles Stanton you should read the book the Irish lord, which will tell his life and deserving death at Antelope Creek or more widely known as the town of Stanton.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      blue devil with red eyes been in my house since i was little i believe it 100%

    • Cyndi10 profile image

      Cynthia B Turner 

      4 years ago from Georgia

      You never what evil and cruelty lingers even after the evil person has died. Good article to stir the imagination.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I enjoyed reading about the Blue Devil.

    • HappyMikeWritter profile image


      4 years ago

      Very interesting article about Blue Devil I have never heard of but believe is possible it exist.


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