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The Human Body, What is It Good For ?

Updated on December 12, 2014

Dead bodies everywhere!

The death of a body and it's life force.

What is it, that causes one to be one's self? Where is the life force from? Where does the life force go?

Many, question this every day, but the truth of the matter is no one truly knows. There are many answers to this question. From it goes no where it just ends. To the Force dissipates back into the universe where it came from. And on and on.... It's recycled over and over, till it reaches a plain equal to the God plain or it is all, but a dream.

So why is it we Humans find it necessary to embalm a body, entomb a body, or utterly burn it up and scoop up ashes and place them into a vase. Or even place it in a fancy box then into a concrete vault and then bury it six feet beneath the ground?

For some it is as simple as selfishness or respect. For others it is that they can't let go, and others still it is a belief that some deity or Jesus himself will return and these well maintain bodies, will be brought back to life and restored. And we all wonder why it is. That we all have questions, there is no logical answers or is there?

The Life Force

Now we must touch on GOD again. What is a GOD how does one define a God?

Where did GOD come from and where is He now? Many, many, question and still after the explanations given even more question. And we wonder why it is we do the things we do with the Dead.

The Obvious Reasons?

We Loved them, we want to show others that we did, we want to comfort our other loved ones, and/or we believe in life after death. Well I for one don't believe any of these things and I am going to tell you all why, whether you want to hear it or not! It is because since the creation we have always been alive everyone who every was is and everyone that was ever here still is. GOD is not the GOD of the Dead, Satan is! This is another of Satan's learned lessons and truths from GOD the Father to him.

And These things we believe here on this Earth and in this Dimension of TIME are all false, but yet we can't bring ourselves to believe the Obvious, because we are oblivious to the truth! We wouldn't believe the Christ Him self let alone a GOD we Can't get are little heads around. Because of His Greatness, His true Glory is beyond Comprehension, for those of heaven as well as for Us earth bound beings. You have to admire how intelligent Satan truly is. The Juxt of the matter is He is trying to Beat GOD at God's own Games the only thing is GOD was not or is not playing this Game or any other game.

Satan is called the father of all Lies the Deceptiveness of his lies are so subtle and so convincing that he has fool a third of us once before and when given the opportunity to repent, he basically through this back into the CREATOR'S face! I have been telling People of various religious back grounds for years that this is so. I will continue until some one hears the truth that I have finally come to except! Which I am resolved to believe will be never, for I've been doing it off and on since the age of about 12 1/2.

It is, in the story of the Christian's Bible. But the Good Book is of this world and everything in this world is polluted with Lies everything! Jesus tells us so within the parables. This is why we must seek, this is why we must stay on a narrow path, and this is why we must have faith and hope believing that, The Christ has come and has defeated Death. That is to say the Devil, who is the dragon, who is Satan, who once was Lucifer, the Cherubim of the light. The one who was to protect the Mercy Seat.

So the question was: "Should Embalming Of The Dead Be Considered Antichrist As It Interferes With Remnants Of The Spirit?" My Answer would be no! The body is of the lie it will be cast away for all eternity, even when the Christ returns all flesh that remains will fall away! Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is the Lord! That Jesus is The Christ! That Jesus Is the only begotten Son of GOD!

These bodies are of this Earth. They are only for this TIME and dimension. This world is his prison now, it was Satan's Gift that he was allowed to be the covering Cherubim, but he became prideful and full of envy greed and lust! As he wanted to be God and with us the little children of the world he did become as a god, but he will never ever become or replace GOD! It just can't happen, It will not be allowed, for any ever again from judgment forward.


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