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The Brainwashing of Children

Updated on July 2, 2015


I at a young age was religious myself. I believed in heaven and hell and thought that God was going to be a very large part of my life. However deep down I always felt a yearning to know more, and just had so many questions about religion and God. However I was always taught that those questions, those thoughts, those strange feelings I had about whether God was real or not. I was always told those were just the Devil tempting me, so I never put much thought into those feelings I had, and those questions.

Looking back at my years spent believing in God I realized I was brainwashed the entire time. I only believed in God and was afraid of his wrath and Hell because I was told I was going there for such a long time. I was afraid of dying and going to Hell for eternity, and it is reasonable to think that a 7 or 8 year old boy would be afraid of that, then would obviously believe without question. Hell most of us still thought there were monsters in our closet or under our beds at this time. Kids minds are very malleable and bendable, mold-able. Eh get them while they're young I guess. That's their mentality, their scare tactics to keep the kids in check.


The Adults

The adults here are who are to blame for the brainwashing of the youth. We were all taught this stuff by our parents, who were taught by their parents. Their pastors, their friends, everyone older "wiser" and "smarter" all know what's right. Right? At least that is what children think. The parent was told by their parent that evolution is wrong and God is the way. How could we blame them? They were taught that too weren't they? Aren't they just as brainwashed as the kids they're brainwashing? You would think that but adults are supposed to be older, "wiser", "smarter". I proper parent would teach their kids about all religions and all the things out there for them to learn and explore. The parent should be old enough to know they have to decide for themselves.

What does the usual parent do? They simply just go with what they were told, because they are so old and wise that they must be right, they absolutely are correct in their ideas and feelings. There is no way they are wrong. So what is usually their plan of attack? Well teach the sin out of those kids. They will typically take them to church or other event once a week. Sunday school is a must, especially for many churches so they can get confirmed and communion so they can be part of the church. Those kids just think a few things, happy parents, they want to be accepted and be part of the group that is their church, and they think their parents are right, they have never been wrong before after all.


When you Try to Teach.

We used to, as a species, teach our kids to question and push the boundaries of what was possible. When we believed the Earth was flat Columbus said, "I want to go west to India." Still then people disbelieved until Magellan, who tragically died on his voyage, set out to prove the earth was round. The industrial revolution, space travel, the moon landing, and one day Humans on Mars. We have always questioned and pushed the boundaries of Science, art, literature, and the human spirit and body. We push our selves in all ways except with religion.

There has always been religious teachings and traditions, it comes from our parents and our parents parents. However many of us decided to go against the tide and choose to follow our own currents and solve out life along the way. We broke the science barriers and continue to break them, however the one barrier we can't seem to break is in fact religion. Every step we take to teach people that they are wrong about religion, every step we take to teach them to think, all the opportunities we get to debate. They never seem to learn or to listen to us. Yes , they are stubborn, and it is hard to convert when taught something for so long. Does this mean that the more we fight to teach them, the more they revert to religion.

You can't debate many religious zealots without it turning into a "because god did it" argument, or "You weren't there." Or my personal favorite "The bible is the proof," That makes it so much harder to argue with them and teach them that there is no god.

The God Multiplier

Children have over active imaginations, so you can easily see why an all powerful all knowing god existing speaks to them. Children are very smart, and can either expand that intelligence as they grow, or dumb down. It all depends on how they are raised. They should be raised to question, be skeptical, learn, and observe. Then there are other parents that tell them to stick to their guns, Jesus is always the answer, just pray and it will come to you. Those people are never truly taught problem solving skills or know how to show true graduated to their fellow human. How many times have you heard someone, "thank god", because they made it through as surgery. It isn't the doctors it is god in their eyes. How does that affect people and their ideas of what happens? That of course makes them rely on god.

Now when people rely on god too much, because they were raised as a child that Jesus is the answer, it creates people raising their children to love god even more. They simply brain wash their children into what they believe times one-hundred. The love for god multiplies and multiplies each gener

Religions of the World


Let Kids Explore

We as adults need to stop brainwashing children, not just religiously, but politically, even with atheism. Everyone needs to just let kids be kids and allow them to explore and dive into whatever life head first. If we allow them to explore and discover and question on their own they will not only grow to be skeptical, but smarter too. Their problem solving skills multiplied, their knowledge expanded,their horizons widened.

Everything children do will be to explore and learn how the universe works on their own. That is the only way to get them to absolutely decide on their own. You should obviously teach them about everything, teach them about life, science, and every bodies religions. You can open their doors to learning and growing, but the only way to get them to be independent self reliant, appreciative, free thinking, smart adults is to simply let them be and explore what they want and discover everything for themselves.

Yes I understand that you want your kids to believe what you believe, follow in your footsteps. This especially with religion, simply because, you believe you're right. You believe that this is how the universe works, and operates. It is hard for you to allow your children or others to live life they way they want and discover what they want because of that factor. However if you indoctrinate children all you are doing is stunting their brains growth.


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    • John Colarusso profile imageAUTHOR

      John Colarusso 

      3 years ago

      Nuns, priets, pastors, rabbi's, all people that should be nowhere near the educational system, let alone the one of a young developing mind.

    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      my school nun brain washed us when we were young.


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