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The Bride of CHRIST

Updated on January 16, 2016

The Bride is loved

The Divine Romance is the love relationship of God and His Church. When was the last time you heard a sermon about the bride of Christ? Do you yearn to know the fullness of a love relationship? Are you thirsty enough to let the curtain down and let the King of Love in. He most assuredly is seeking those who will love in spirit and truth. To love Him for who He is and open to a full eternal love. God does not want vain words He wants us to open our hearts and let Him. There is a song that says " The King of Love my Shepherd is whose goodness faileth never. I Nothing lack when I am His and He is mine forever".

God calls the True Church His Bride. Yes the Church is a bride. The Church is made up of all believers both Old Testament and the New Testament believers. I personally prefer not to call the place that the Church meets the Church or a Church. In reality its the Church meeting in a building. I prefer assembly or fellowship but I'm not offended just thinking. In Isiah 62.5 it says that God will "rejoice over the bride." The Old Testament gives us a picture of marriage as or relationship with God. It is symbolic of God seeking a bride and wanting her love not of following the law but living it out in love. Abraham sent his servant, who was a type for the Holy Spirit, to find a bride for Isaac. The servant asked, what if the one God shows me won't come? Abraham's response was that she is free to say no. ALL are called but YOU have to accept and you are not a robot you have a choice. In the parable of the 10 virgins God shows that He wants us to be ready for His return by keeping out 'love' light burning.

In Old Testament times the father finds a bride, when she accepts an official document was written called a Ketubah, a marriage contract. It was a binding pledge. By the acceptance of the offer she is betrothed and even though the marriage ceremony has not occurred. She is officially married and there would have to be a writing of divorce to end it. This is what would have happened with Mary and Joseph had he to decided to end it. After the bride's acceptance she is given gifts and the bridegroom goes away to "prepare a place" While he is away she waits not knowing when he will come back. She makes swaddling cloths to be used in the ceremony symbolically binding them together. Then she saved the swaddling cloths to wrap their baby in. Under a Chuppah, which represented the covering of God, she would drink of his marriage cup called the Kiddushin, accepting and sharing his life. Breaking her glass, was a sign that all things are new, and of them being physically united. Then he takes her home. For the church, the taking home would be the rapture. We know not when, but let us be faithfully living and eagerly waiting..

When I was getting married I went to one church and my wife went to another good church Both pastors wanted to council us. Well one pastor gave us a long list of do's and do not's. Not bad then we went to the other pastor he said being faithful is "just love each other and you won't fail". Which is easier, following a list or being in love and acting in love. Love is a relationship that is a commitment to each other that should focus on the other in your life, for life. GOD wants an intimate love, not law. Love does what the law can't do. As 1 Corinthians 13 says "the greatest gift is love"

My desire is that you and I would know to whom we married. Not just to know about Him. To see HIS works and know His love expressed in them. You can do that by spending time with Him. I highly suggest reading "Divine Romance" by Gene Edwards. You can find on Amazon.

The bride victorous

the Bride of Christ

Bride Books

The Divine Romance (Inspirational S)
The Divine Romance (Inspirational S)

The best Divine Romance by Gene Edwards



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