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The Broken Glass Bowl

Updated on July 28, 2015

One of the expensive kitchen glass bowls at home was chipped since last year. I kept it in a corner because I had an idea of transforming it into something better as a decoration. A month ago, I saw it broken into half. It did not lose my hope still into designing it into something more charming.

I attached the two broken pieces with superglue. Then, I patiently glued pieces of paper daily to wrap the chip and line from the break. During rainy days, it was a bit demanding on drying it before covering it with the next batch of pieces of paper.

It is still in progress.

My plan is, to paint it into gold then coating it with varnish. Lastly, I am going to mask it with clean very tiny sea pebbles all over it with superglue.

I can already visualize how beautiful it will be.

God’s hands also work the same way to each one of us. Sometimes, in our brokenness we turn out to be more beautiful with the scars from our battles. All we have to do is let God and let go. Let God’s hands mold, toil, and labor into our lives. His plans are best than all of our plans in our lives combined.

Like the glass bowl broken into two, for some it looks worthless and would surely throw it in the trash, we sometimes feel unworthy of ourselves from the sins we have committed. Nevertheless, with God’s loving hands, He can create our broken souls into something more beautiful.

Are you broken now?

Ask Jesus Christ our only Savior to let God our Father supply us His infinite mercy, love, forgiveness, abundance, blessings, strength and wisdom to flow in us.

Like the broken glass bowl that takes patience to restore, our healing may not be a one-night miracle and it may take days, months, years or even decades for the reformation but hold on to the promise that God always finishes what He started.

There’s always victory after being broken in Jesus Christ’s name.


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