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Unbelievable Taj Mahal's True Story.Book Written by Prof.P.N.Oak is Baned in INDIA.

Updated on February 6, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

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See this and count $$$$$$.
See this and count $$$$$$.

The True Storey of Taj Mahal.

Blind Belief.

India is a land of fascinating beliefs,superstitions and stories.This picture above is circulated to millions of Internet users and it says who so ever sees this and sends it to 6 others will get tons of $ and good news if not $.What have you got to lose just send it and see it says.I sent it to my 6 friends including my brother in law and daughter in law who sent their reply.My message was to inform them that if they should get $$$$$$ I must get 50%.My daughter in law said she would give me 50%.My Brother in law said what are you going to do with tons of $.?I sent him a e-mail what I would do.There is a saying in Gujarati community that if you are dreaming eating a 'Laddu' ( a sweet preparation so common in India in all communities(Hindus) in your dream why it should be with out sugar.I am not writing on day dreaming but our usual dreams at night.

Another superstition that if a Black Cat crosses the street from left to write on your way to an important appointment,you have got to stop then and there for a minute and then only proceed other wise your appointment may not materialise.yet another is not to go to a hair dressing saloon on a Tuesday as such all hair dressing saloons are closed on Tuesday.Yet another is you should wear new clothes only on Tuesday,Thursday and Friday.Yet one more is your baby boy's first hair cut must be only at a temple of your family deity,followed by a pooja of family deity and big feast,this is only in Brahmin's Community,a class of intellectuals.There are more bigger superstitions like inauguration of your new house a costly affair where a Cow is made to drop it's cow dung inside the house.More fun during Weddings and even after you have left the planet for ever.

All of you know Sri.Rama who was the King of Ayodya whose wife was Sita kidnapped by Ravana King of Sri Lanka.While there is no evidence of Sri.Rama's presence in India as per our ASI controlled by Govt of India,there are evidence of Sita's presence in Sri Lanka where Ravana kept her.

All of you know Sri.Krishna who was just the next birth of Sri Rama in Dwapara yuga.and Sri.Rama was born in Treta Yuga.ASI do say there is evidence of Sri.Krishna but not Sri.Rama.When Ravana kidnapped Sita wife of Sri.Rama to Sri Lanka,Sri Rama went to Sri Lanka and to go there he built a Bridge with Stones Floating on water on Sand.There is a sample of floating stone near Dwaraka and there is a satellite picture which shows the sand bridge under water.Our Govt says there is nothing and wants to cut the sand barrier so that ships from east of India need not go to west encircling Sri Lanka.The present sand barrier is not man made but is natural the Govt Say's and there is a big debate going on and to day Dredgers are sitting idle since years not knowing what to do.People just will not ignore the ancient scriptures and knowledge handed down by generations.

ISKON all of you know is teaching and worshiping of Lord Krishna.Just by repeating for 108 times the Japa or chanting the name of Krishna and Sri Rama as " Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare,Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare",we would just get all the good and bad things will disappear from our thoughts.This one has to experience and do the chanting in all faith to experience.There are how ever people who just do not believe it and do not give a try at it.

We all know Taj Mahal was built by King Shahajahan for his wife Mumtaz Begam.However there are people with sufficient proof to say that this is not so and that the present Taj Mahal was Tejo Mahal a Temple of Lord Shiva which existed even before Shahajahan captures or forcibly took the Temple palace from the Ruler of Jaipur and there are records to prove it.

The above link a blog has a line that says there is a Book written by P.N.Oak on The True Storey of Taj Mahal which is Baned by Govt of India for reasons not known to people and it is to please the Muslim people who are Vote Bank for the ruling party.

A video shows the facts,this is just unbelievable please see the Video.

To sum up my blind belief I would like to say you do not know what the govt does and where all it can go to catch a crook and blackmail him to do what it wants.

Enjoy the wonder of the world in 360*" THE TAJ "

The Taj Mahal in 3D interactive,amazingly beautiful with Vaishnava Janato tune in the background. Click below


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