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The Buried Pearl

Updated on August 22, 2012

The Buried pearl

You Are Special

There was once an unattractive piece of land. It was barren, and failed to spark the interest of any investors. In that land was a valuable and rare pearl. But no one would get past the aspect of the land in order to make the discovery. Until one day, a very distinguished investor passed by. He took a look at the land and immediately began to make plans for it. The barrenness of the land did not phase him one bit, he was known for making anything produce. So he bought the land and began to work it with his own hands. One day he made a hole and found a pearl in it. He took it out and made it a beautiful piece of jewelry for his only daughter.

You and I are precious. We may be buried under negative circumstances and others may look our way and not see much potential in us. That is until the right investor finds us. God loves us, each and every one. To him we are special and there is nothing that can discourage him in investing in us. Not only that but he saves us and we become a special treasure for his only son Jesus whom displays us with much pride.

If you are not feeling valued or if you are feeling undiscovered, today is the day you've been waiting for. God has stopped in your circumstance and declares, I can make your circumstance produce. I am going to display your value to the world, you belong to my son Jesus.


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