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The Con Games Conferences Convocations Conventions Are Over

Updated on May 13, 2020
Cheryl E Preston profile image

Cheryl is a licensed, ordained minister and has a BA in Psychology and Church ministry. She spent 12 years attending Word of Faith churches.

Don fall for the hype
Don fall for the hype

The false balance must stop

This article is not an indictment against all church conferences, convocation, and conventions. This hub addresses the fact that many such gatherings are set up with interior motives to make money more than minister.

Proverbs 11:1 says (KJV) A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is his delight.

Ever since Constantine instituted organized religion in church buildings in 323 AD, believers have been adding a false balance to serving the Lord. In the book of Acts the Apostles obeyed the command of Christ in Mark 16 and Matthew 28 to take the gospel into all the world. Once people began meeting in buildings, many scriptures have been tweaked to imply they indicate that service in the building is what the Lord desires. In recent decades there has been an increase in convocations, conferences, and conventions where you must pay a fee to attend and often numerous offerings are taken up. The true purpose of many of these gatherings is to raise money for various causes.There are churches that now charge admission to programs rather than receive a freewill offering. I've had preachers tell me that the people simply don;t give enough so these methods are necessary in order to obtain the dollar amount that is desired. It is a false balance to imply that this is His will, or to promote an event by lying. As soon as I see slogans such as "God is going to move in a big way" Or that people are guaranteed a healing, I determine to have nothing to do with such a service.

The coronavirus in the mix

The Lord has allowed the coronavirus and all that has come with it. Believers in Christ , however, are not all on the same page. Some are fighting tooth and nail to get back into the buildings and accusing the government of attempting to stop them from worship.These individuals are ignoring that fact that people have caught COVID-19 from church gatherings including funerals. Again I point out that pastors and their members have died without the Lord intervening. People who have said in public that they believe the coronavirus was not real have died from it. Even so there are preachers planning convocations, conferences, and conventions for the summer. First of all no one knows at this point if everything will be up and running by then. Second, people who have lost jobs and cannot feed their families are not going to waste money on unnecessary special events. Third, even if all systems are go, there are many who will use caution. It will be a long time, if ever before the attend a large gathering of people again.

Some of those pushing these traditional and annual events are simply trying to raise money. I observed one preacher on Facebook asking people to come to his life coaching event so he could tell them how to prepare for the future.Tickets were $50.00 in advance and $100.00 the day of the event. Such spiritual leaders believe church folk can be easily manipulated. Perhaps that was true in the past but the coronavirus has given 20/20 vision to many, They are now seeing that they are suffering in spite of attending church, tithing and obeying their spiritual leader. They have lost jobs and are having a difficult time making ends meet. These saints will no longer be so easily captivated by slick marketing techniques

Con Games are a cash cow

During the past 25 years I have attended my share of conferences and conventions. They were always marketed by telling church folk that if you attend your life will never be the same. In truth these big events were no more than church services with more attendees and there never was this big move of God that changed one's life. The hype and promotions is about getting bodies in the seats and ensuring a nice offering.I personally have been healed by the Lord, received powerful words from Him and felt His presence stronger during Intercessory prayer with less than 10 people in the building.

People who have been struggling are easy targets for those promising that if you attend their program it will be your season of plenty. Been there done that. You need God to move in your life and you trust that those who are in leadership over you spiritually are hearing His voice. These preachers most always say that giving a big offering is part of the deal and that the more you give financially the more money the Lord will give back to you. There are some pastors and church leaders who are sincere in their reason for holding these types of events, but increasingly the true motivation behind CONferences, CONvocations, and CONventions is that they are a great cash cow.

The Breakdown

To break this all down is quite simple. The coronavirus has interfered with the weekly routines of shyster preachers. Even if their followers are watching them through social media it is not the same. For this reason the grip of the false prophets will be lessened. They will not have quite the same hold on His sheep as in the past. Add to this the decreased finances and apprehension regarding large gatherings and a spoke has been put in the wheels. There may not be a mass exodus as there are always the faithful few who remain loyal. There will be enough people who see the light with true 20/20 vision to put a large dent in what should have been quite lucrative.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Cheryl E Preston


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    • revmjm profile image

      Margaret Minnicks 

      12 months ago from Richmond, VA

      "CONferences, CONvocations, and CONventions" - WOW! Cheryl, you explained it well.


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