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The Cancer Child

Updated on July 31, 2011

The Cancer child is a sensitive soul who needs depth of understanding and patient guidance. Certainly, all children need this to some degree, but the Cancer child is more easily affected on an emotional level than other children. And while it's not possible to lump all of them into one generic basket, as every Cancer child will have different natal aspects in their astrology charts, it is possible to keep an eye out for certain traits that 99.9% of them will have. As the parent of a Cancer child you must be mindful of the uber sensitive soul in your care and this article will help you to better understand at least part of the nature of your little Cancerian boy or girl. Read on to learn more about the Cancer child!



The Cancer child can be a moody little thing! They can also be the sweetest, most loving children you could hope to encounter. They are clever, insightful and perceptive beyond their young years and at times can really seem like adults in a small person's body. Of course, the famous temper-tantrums will not let you forget that this is, obviously, a child. And what this child needs, perhaps more than most, is a very even-tempered parent who knows which behaviors to encourage, and in which way to do so. Cancer child will not let you get away with any form of condescension, so you will need to treat him or her in a manner befitting the little adult he (or she) already fancies himself to be! It will pay off in the end, believe me.

A Very Fast Learner!

When your Cancer boy or girl starts having a meltdown, do your best to see through the screaming fits and stay calm and in control. A Cancer child learns very quickly which behaviors do not result in getting his or her on way. If you show a Cancer child that tantrums will neither anger you, nor get you to buy something on demand, he will have no choice but to learn a more appropriate form of communication. But if you give in to these tantrums, be warned, the Cancerian temper-tantrum can be one of the worst to witness and you will probably need earplugs! This aptitude for learning can be applied across the board, as well. Cancers are clever little things and they will often excel at anything they try.

Angels Personified

Of course, all of the screaming and hissy fits are quickly forgiven when your little Cancer boy or girl is in a good mood. They are so sweet, so pure and so adorable that it is almost impossible to refuse them anything they ask. That said, they are highly astute and if they catch on to your weakness, they may start to use those puppy eyes to get everything and anything they ask for, so don't let that angelic demeanor turn you into a doormat, LOL. Most Cancer children are shy around other kids, and may even appear timid despite being the star of the show at home. They may need encouragement when it comes to interacting with other children, because they are instinctively cautious. It's best to introduce them slowly and allow them time to acclimate, as forcing them into a large group might result in shying away into self-imposed isolation.


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