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The Changing From Night To Day.

Updated on August 29, 2012

The Changing

Lately, my mornings have started out in the dark. About ten minutes into the trip, I witnessed the world changing before my very eyes! The changing of night to day. Before the dark would begin to yield itself to the light and revealing the frost laden ground, the headlights caught the sparkle of the iciness on the bits of grass blades and crumple leaves along the curve of the road. The sparkles looked like spilt glitter and triggered memories of every Christmas art project I did as a child.

I was only down the road a mile, when looking to the East, the sky was putting forth colors of purple, pink and hints of orange, spraying out and reflecting themselves upon the suspended thin strips of gray clouds. Even the black sky that held the stars when I first left home was now turning a bluish gray, hiding from our eyes all the things in the night that glows.

A few more curves and hills down the road and the rosy/orange colors of the sky danced into gold hues, lighting the now bluer sky to something crisp and bright. In the light, there revealed the awakening land. The animals just rising to the light. I could now see the frost had spread across the fields and onto the tops of the round hay bales placed neatly into rows.

The changing.

It is in this sacred moment of the morning do we see how quickly time goes by and the effects of the change. The only other time we can witness this passing of time and change is at sunset. I am always amazed at how quickly the sun can rise and set. The change from night to day and day to night is embraced by all of life; animals, plants even people.

If we can easily accept and embrace this change on a daily bases, then I am reminded that all changes in our lives, good or bad, can also be embraced and from this embracement comes power of growth.

The changing.

So as I find myself in full sunlight and moving down the road along with the changing time, I move with an open and receiving heart. Even on my road through life it is full of darkness to light and light back to darkness, and it is during those transcending moments that I recognize my own growth. How I give praise to the changing of night to day!


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