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The Power to Grow in Christ Consciousness

Updated on April 6, 2017
Christ the Redeemer Status
Christ the Redeemer Status | Source

Taking Dominion

Believers who possess the consciousness of Christ will take dominion over the power of dankness when and wherever necessary. Every encounter is an opportunity to share the joy inherited in God's kingdom.

Growing In the Knowledge of the Christ Consciousness

Believers will never be able to think like Christ without assuming a Christ consciousness. According to scripture, “Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.” All believers, without the Christ consciousness, will consider things impossible to overcome, not only in their lives but also in the lives of the souls they must win.

God's Wisdom and Power

The Christ consciousness is God’s wisdom and power in you, the believer. Nothing is impossible to those who possess the Christ consciousness. It operates by faith and puts no limits on the power of God. A person with this consciousness will not think thoughts of hopelessness and despair when circumstances seem to go wrong in their lives.


They consider these things a test of their faith, or false appearances that contradicts God’s word. Unfortunately, ninety percent of the body of Christ are encouraged to limit God by believing in the inevitability of sickness and diseases, accidents and sorrows. Many preachers teach that God no longer performs miracles. They emphasize that all we need to do is wait and go to heaven in order to be fulfilled in God.

Peace and Joy of Heart

When the Christ consciousness operates in the believer, she will be filled with a deep sense of joy and peace within her heart and soul. This happens because she has absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to trouble. The power within troubles is an illusion that God never created. In fact, the Christ consciousness not only enables the believer to find peace in troubling times but eventually helps the believer to overcome them. When a believer possesses the Christ consciousness there is no need to seek redemption in alcohol, drugs or gambling. The thirst for these things will be eliminated from the believer’s life because she will no longer need them. She will be fulfilled with the glory of God’s presence. She will focus on the things of God. The Christ consciousness is about change, change in thoughts, emotions, and activities. The believer’s whole nature takes on a new meaning. She takes on a new identity in the eyes of friends and family. She becomes a peculiar person to those around her. Some of her friends may become mystified and afraid of the change.

Rating Your Christ Consciousness

Do You Operate in the Christ Consciousness?

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Meditation and Study of Truth

Developing the Christ consciousness requires the believer to engage in deep meditation and study of the truth, whether the truth is from the bible or some other sources. The Christ consciousness is formed in various stages. The believer must first be passionate for the truth in order to internalize it. She must search for it in all conditions and circumstances, not only in her own personal life, but also the lives of others. In the process of studying the truth, the believer must maximize it within her heart, mind, and soul with the techniques of affirmation, prayer, and fasting. She must contemplate and imagine how Christ would apply these inner truths to the circumstances of life. In the process of internalizing the truth, the believer must acknowledge the Christhood within her spirit and consciousness. Full Christhood is the expression of God’s wisdom and power on earth as God does in heaven.

The Greater Works of Christ

The bottom line is that Christ consciousness must be developed if the body of Christ intends to perform the greater works of Christ. In no way can we do the greater works of the kingdom separate and apart from God. These are two different kingdoms in two different dimensions.

The apostles John, Paul, and Peter demonstrated incredible Christ power after Christ ascended into heaven. These works has yet to be matched today. Although the souls of people are being saved, eighty percent of believers do not grow beyond babes. Therefore, believers must pray for a deeper knowledge of God and his truth, going beyond today’s fundamentals and damaging prosperity gospels.

Walking in the Christ Mentality

Wisdom of Christ

The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom
The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom

Expand your knowledge of the mind of Christ. "The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom" is a resource that will assist you in developing a divine mind in which all things are possible.



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