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The Christian Corner – Adam and Eve Garden of Eden Mystery Solved

Updated on January 1, 2020
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Shining in The Glory of God.The earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof. We have no made ourselves but are the image of something greater

Adam and Eve Mystery Solved
Adam and Eve Mystery Solved

Genesis speaks of God’s creation of the world. It then tells us of how god created the first man called Adam and placed him in the garden to have dominion over the world, or so we think. As a Bible reader, you can’t help but to wonder about all the missing scriptures and loopholes the authors punched into many pages. God created Adam and placed him in the Garden of Eden. It is said that God allowed Adam to name all the animals of the land, the fowls of the air and the fishes of the sea. That leaves me to wonder many things. How large was this Garden of Eden and how was Adam able to name all the fishes of the seas? Did he venture out the garden and was he able to breathe in water as he would be on land? Or did God show him mental pictures of all animals and he used his mind to name them? So aside from just speaking to animals and naming them, it is said that Adman felt lonely and God saw this and decided to give him a companion or a help meat of his own kind. It is said that God placed Adam in a deep sleep and then removed a rib from him and used it to form wo-man.

Despite what society may believe in their minds about women today, yes they are strong, kind and intelligent. But men are rulers of all beings on planet Earth and this includes women. People continue to cheat realty as it is by trying to classify man and woman as being equal. This my friend is far from the truth. The Womb man was created to be the child bearer and companion of man. It was easier to allow Adam and eve to populate the word than to be making one man one woman at a time. That was the power of Genetics by the Gods.

The Mystery about the Fruit of Knowledge

When the Lord told Adam not to eat from the true of knowledge, what exactly did he mean? Was God a contemptuous and tempting being that planted an apple true of good and evil ti test Adam and instructed him not to eat from the tree? Or was the tree simply a symbol for other beings that were outside the Garden of Eden that knew of Good and Evil. Was eating from the tree simply Adam having intercourse with the children of Satan? Well, Adam did obey Gods command not to venture out of the Garden and eat of the tree. But when Eve was created she was much curious than Adam and simply decided that she would venture out the Garden and see what was out there God did not want them to see.

She ventured out and eventually was discovered by some man who decided to mate with her. At this point Eve was a virgin and so it was her first time. She bled from this session and also was impregnated by the seed of Satan. She went back to Adam and taught Adam what the ‘Snake’ he had was used for. Adam eventually had sex also with Eve. Adam was then awakened in mind knowing of Good and evil and saw shame in his nakedness in which when the Lord visited the Garden to see Adam and Eve they hid. But God had a plan for the couple. He did not want them to mingle with the seeds of Satan as this would number their years on Earth and would bring sickness and many other suffering. Adam should have been the first for Eve and Eve the first for Adam. Both of God’s creation.

The Lord was angry when Adam and eve appeared before him and saw that he had disobeyed his command. Eve was bleeding down the legs and thus became the curse for the woman of today as this would be now a monthly menstrual cycle which would bring pain and discomfort. This was only stopped during pregnancy, this was because the child in womb has now become the recipient of the sin of blood which once exited the womb man, has now being taking into child. Hence why we are born in sin and shaped in Inequity.

Adam and Eve Mystery Solved
Adam and Eve Mystery Solved

The Seeds of Satan

So who are the seeds of Satan and where did these people come from? Did God make other people on the Earth before Adam and Eve? If i was to discuss these questions in debt many would begin to call me a mad man as they probably already have done as they read the previous paragraphs. But I can tell you that common sense is not as common as many people think. It is written that Adam and Even were evicted from the Garden of Eden and God placed ‘Angels there at the entrance to block their return. This simply means that the Knowledge and path to the Garden of Eden was now lost from the mind of Adam. So Eve was impregnated by the seed of Satan and she bore the seed of Satan called Caine. Then Adam and Eve found love in each other’s bed again and bore Able, the seed of God or the flesh of Adam. Caine of evil minded grew jealous of his brother who was simply much more prosperous then him and decided to kill him. He slew his brother and then ran away. But his actions were seen by the Lord they God who simply placed a curse upon the seed of Satan Caine. The curse was a simple one, because Caine spilled Able’s blood and the land began to swallow up the blood. Any farming Caine tried on the land would not bear fruit. So Caine was exiled or simply ran away to the Land of Nod, where he would continue spreading his seed with the women of Nod. Yes, there were people on earth before Adam and Eve. Read more so I can explain.

The Other People in Genesis

Many people believe Adam and Eve were the first man and woman of Earth. The truth is that they were not. They were the first non-corrupted Genetic creation of God as his previous creations were corrupted by the devil and his minions who came to man and made them evil and foiled the womb of the woman. God created the Garden of Eden and created the first genetically pure man and placed him in security in that Garden. There he would reclaim earth and start a new beginning with the pure wife Eve and take control of the world once the seeds of Satan were eliminated. Adam and Eve were never to have minimal years or get sick or die of cancer or anything like that. Aging is a curse and when the couple exiled the Garden, the curse took effect. The other people of the world were a result of a clash between God Yahweh and the other God Lucifer. Both had the task of creating man, but Lucifer never knew how to blow the breath of life into man. Thus the war broke out in heaven as Lucifer accused God of tricking him and not showing him how the breath of life worked. Lucifer had his followers and Yahweh had his. A large war broke out in heaven where both sides clashed. Yahweh won that battle and cast down Lucifer on Earth with his followers (angels) they then mingled and mixed with the People which God had already created and corrupted their seed. So the people the devil mingled with were some previous creations of God who he basically placed on Earth as test subjects. But the devil saw how wonderful they were and all the Praises Yahweh was getting and simply wanted this status as well.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Clive Williams


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