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Heretic Quest for Truth

Updated on January 26, 2010

Gnostic View of Christ

The Heretic Speaks

People are so wrapped up in death they don't consider what happens pre-birth. So if I have been a soul on this Earth for 40 years, I think my creator made me able to determine what is truth. That means I use my given tools to make a choice. If I could somehow keep the grace, and or intelligence that I arrived with and not forget where I came from, and pick up a couple of writings from men- I should be able to determine what is the truth. Should is the key word, but it seems this is a difficult task for many. Many go through life in one direction that seems natural and then shift in a drastic way.There are those also who do not examine a long held belief.  So here we are.

The definition of heretic from is - A person who holds controversial opinions, especially one who publicly dissents from the officially accepted dogma of the Roman Catholic Church.

Martin Luther,


The educated intelligent cannot let a dogma rule their lives and thus they become heretics. I am so far off the radar- I might as well be on another planet.

Many more were devout but did not stay with the dogma of the Catholic Church. If I had to be a Christian I would be a herectic and probably an Alexanderian- Early Gnostic Christian who spoke Greek.

I would say I am heretic because I believe in Jesus the Christ, but not how the orthodox church does. So I believe that Jesus was on a path of total enlightenment, thus a teacher of righteousness. I believe that he was the example of the highest human potential that walked the Earth. I believe Buddha was right next to him, parallel if you will. HERESY #1. I investigate all things Jesus- the Round Dance from the Acts of John that were deemed herersy. I would say that Jesus was not an incarnation of God- but that we are all the sons and daughters of God. HERESY #2. I believe that Jesus was involved with Mary Magdalena- not sure if they were married but she was on a scale with Jesus- maybe not as high, but contributed to his initiation into the secret mysteries that he was mastering. HERESY #3. I am a follower of the recently found lost scriptures- the Nag Hammadi- that is my Bible if you will. So I do believe that Jesus= Yeshua Ben Joseph was a Jewish Rabbi who was involved in the Secret mysteries handed down by Jewish Mystics, Egyptian Holy Men and traveled to the East to become enlightened and learn from the Hindu Masters and Tibet Buddhist. WHOOO That is a Giant Heresy which would give maybe HERESY #4-100- If this was a video game I would be winning.

So there it is the Herectic lives- the Lamp(Torch), the Mirror, the Door is waiting for us all. We only need to awaken to our divinity- to reach beyond the known, to take a step past the threshold of ignorance and let the torch of the Christ burn away all the falseness. It is work-people- you cannot just say with words and believe it in your heart- you must physically take the step into the mystery. Become the initiate- seek the truth and journey on like the Divine hunter you are.


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