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The Christian Life - everything hinges on your FAITH to BELIEVE!

Updated on July 6, 2013

Real Faith will bring Instant results!

Over time I have worked with many Christian people in business, and also experienced everyday life with my fellow Christian friends. As an "outsider" that was born again without a Christian background and family, I observed what the Christian life was like...and quite honestly, had a hard time separating the secular from the Christian people. I wanted more from my Christian faith, therefore I continued to grow while searching for the life that demonstrated God's purpose and will in my life...and I found some very interesting facts!

The Bible teaches us that Christianity is about a life in the New Testament whereby Jesus atoned for our sins, and brought us access to God personally. This meant full access to know God and his will, and to live a life that was directed from above, and not of Satan's demonic ways. God's will for our life is to live in Love, with Grace and the blessings from God that are all good. Reading the Old Testament showed that knowing and believing God's will lead to a life of "milk and honey", and that your needs would be fulfilled.

Life teaches us that we control our destiny, and that to prosper in life, we have to sacrifice and do whatever it takes to get ahead in the world, therefore we put God 2nd place in our lives. Our lives become more of the ways of the world, instead of by the guidance and strength that comes from doing God's will first in our life. That is why I believe so many Christian people struggle with life, it is because of our lack of faith in God and what he can really do. Just like every single person who has been on this earth since the fall of Adam, we have a hard time doing things God's way.

The teachings of the Bible has such wording as "Have Faith in God" and "All things are possible with God", and such powerful statements from Jesus that said "Ask in my name, believe in me and I will give it to you"! When you literally take that word from God and think about how wonderful and exciting that is in YOUR life, you naturally want to seek those things for your life. Did you notice...he didn't put any stipulations on the results, other than you need to ask for it, and then what? BELIEVE!

So what happens? Read about the parable of the sower, and you will find the answers. Because it is so hard to believe we know, because we expect everything to show up in the first hour, we soon find ourselves DOUBTING that God can do this. Read Matthew 13 and you will understand why we fail to receive, and it is because our faith was snatched away and therefore we don't really expect our prayer to be answered...which is EXACTLY what we will get. Having faith in God is about really believing in God, and this is where OUR fault lies in this equation.

You must have faith to believe, and that faith may be tested. I know what a lot of Christians are thinking, this is all about getting things, and I am sorry that you think this way. This faith is about receiving the gifts from God and seeking his will. The closer you draw to God, the more likely you will understand his ways and know that he wants for your life: Healing, prosperity, the desires of your heart, the caring and giving to people here on earth as a messenger of Jesus Christ.

I recently had an illness that has caused a few changes in my life, and left me with confusion and not any answers as to why. Fortunately I had many tests completed and they could not find any sickness in my body, so the doctors were perplexed by the situation. On my side, I still wasn't feeling good, and it meant I couldn't do my job and on certain days...I just felt terrible and could not explain it. When you are in that condition, you only have one resource to go to, and that is to find God's will and start applying that in your thinking and way of understanding what God has in store for your life.

I started researching God's will for healing, and found a list of what he thought about being sick. Certain scriptures just shouted into my heart, with the translation of "sickness is satanic bondage and that I have delivered your healing today!". Holding that passage in my heart, and BELIEVING that God had sent me this message personally, I had an instant transformation from not feeling very well, to knowing that this sickness has to leave and that I am healed...I felt much better and all the symptoms disappeared from my body. Have faith in God! I believed, and he delivered what his word had said to me.

This is only a testimonial in my life, but it is an example of how faith works in our lives. To be honest, many Christians really don't have a lot of faith in their lives that God can do the impossible or much beyond what they as an individual, can do for themselves. We put more faith in the world and the way it works, and therefore we really don't experience the type of life God desires us to have. Occasionally people experience an answered prayer, when in reality we should be experiencing wonderful events in our lives that God wants us to have and enjoy.

Because we always think we don't have enough money, we find it difficult to give to people who have needs of food, or even tithing for that matter. This proves our faithlessness in God providing all our needs and "more than enough" as he has promised. God wants you to have all the good things in our life, while we are all called for our purpose that God has planned, often this should be centered around what we can do for others. If you are living in 2013, you see that we are busier than ever, with our selfish needs prioritized over what we can do for someone who is in need.

As a follower of the Christian faith, all of our needs should be met...the desires of our hearts should be delivered because that is truly what the will of God is in our lives. BUT, we have to believe that :) We also need to share this experience with others who: 1) Don't believe in God! 2) Are not of the Judeo-Christian faith and are chasing after false God's 3) Our fellow Christian brothers and sisters. Sharing our experiences with a triumphant demonstration of answered prayers, a life that is blessed with all the goodness and not evil parts of this world, is essential to living a Christian life.

To help you get started in your real faith, my suggestion is to sit down in a quiet atmosphere, and take out a pen and paper. Sit down and write down the desires of your heart, and list those as they come to you. These desires may be - finding a soul mate, going on a vacation, buying a house, finding a new career, healing a difficult relationship, healing for a loved one, etc. Write down a minimum of ten things that are the desires of your heart...don't think if they are selfish or whatever, if it is something in your heart that you would enjoy to experience, and would really like in your life...and money is NO OBJECT, write it down.

The next step after you have completed this...and do the first step before you start to consider this next step, because we will discover your real faith and belief in God during step #2.

Step #2 is to take a look at the list you have written, and put a number next to each desire as to what your belief level is that God can do this for you. If you have a low level of faith that you will buy an island in the Bahamas for example, put a 1 next to that one. But...if you have faith that God will answer your prayer to a vacation in Hawaii that has been dear to your heart for many years...put a higher number next to that, something 7+. believe that God can do this for you, therefore you have faith that God will do it for you and often your faith will be rewarded and you simply won't believe how fast it happened! With God...all things are possible to those that believe.

This is a simple exercise to start believing God for your provisions, and to have him work in every area of your life. Once you experience God's ways of doing things, you will want to leave the worlds ways of doing things, and you truly will be born again of things from above!


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    • Miks7 profile image

      Mike Dempsey 3 years ago from Sioux Falls SD

      Keep your faith simple and set your eyes on Christ and not on your personal feelings and great things will happen in your prayer life and faith.

    • Inspired Heart profile image

      Yvette Stupart 3 years ago from Jamaica

      Thanks for an inspirational hub on having faith in God.


    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

      Oh, wow, what a glorious hub to glorify our Lord God here.

      Yes, we must place our full faith and trust in Him. So great, so great is His faithfulness!

      Voted up ++++ and sharing

      God bless you. In His Love, Faith Reaper