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The model Christian wife

Updated on April 12, 2016
The cultural form of dress in the ancient near east.
The cultural form of dress in the ancient near east.

Proverbs 31:

We often hear this same passage being read to women in Church and many of us interpret it to mean “it's good to find a Christian wife” but that barely scratches the surface of what this passage is centered on. Sometimes we often read this and forget the entire meaning of what this passage is trying to teach believers worldwide. We've probably read this passage before but still, many Christians are struggling in their marriages because they lack understanding. Sometimes, we fail to understand how a Christian model spouse ought to act in accordance to God's will. Finding a godly spouse means so much more than finding someone who professes to be a committed Christian. It is about finding someone with godly values and this article will help you in doing just that.

There are many Christian women and men but few who are true imitators of Christ. We live in a culture that glorifies false romantic views of love and it is affecting the Church from the inside. From personal experience, i found many people masquerade as godly Christians. I've had several friends of the opposite sex who seemed to take a genuine interest in me so i waited for a while. The reason why i waited was to see if they were genuinely interested in getting to know me as a person. I would watch their behavior and see if they presented a godly character. Sure enough, they changed. I found some simply had an immature love that faded quickly. Some simply faked their interest in who i was as a person. Others stopped talking to me altogether when i didn't meet up to their expectations.

I've also observed relationships between Christians deteriorate. One between a young man and a Christian lady who went out with each other for years. One relationship between a single mom and one of my friends also deteriorated first hand. Finally i witnessed several of my Christian friends dissolving their marriages. Why? Because people fail to be spiritually in tune with God and make wise choices in who they marry. God does not promise a perfect marriage with the perfect person, but the right kind of person is a godly spouse who is compatible with you.

If you want to find a Christian wife loyal to God, ask yourself "what would a godly woman do in every situation we encounter in our marriage? How would a godly wife respond when it comes to our responsibilities? How would she present herself before others and God?" Proverbs 31 lists the noble wife as one who doesn't praise herself, but fears the LORD. The godly woman waits for others to praise her for her good works in humility. A godly wife is resourceful and hard-working. She provides for her family's daily needs and wants. She doesn't procrastinate or waste what she's been given but utilizes it to bring honor into her home. If you take note, beauty is nowhere mentioned. Nonetheless, sex and beauty are what deceive many people into marrying the wrong type of spouses whether they are believers or not. If you are dating a believer then compare her with an objective mind to the model wife in Proverbs. Does she honestly have these characteristics? If not, do you think she would be compatible with you? You will have to spend alot of time in prayer deciding whether or not this relationship is worth keeping.

If we continue demanding our will then we will live in broken marriages. If we base our foundations on appearances, social status, beauty, sex, money, and anything other than the principles laid out in Proverbs than we will live spiritually impoverished. We will suffer the consequences of our own choices in the form of an abusive relationship, unplanned pregnancy, cheating, distrust, dishonesty, financial struggles, and so many more disasters.

If we want successful marriages to flourish, more godly men ought to follow the biblical principles of finding a spiritually compatible wife. Choosing a spouse with all of the proverbial qualities in Christ requires godly wisdom, discipline, patience, open-mindedness, peace of mind, and the fruits of God's Spirit. By getting into the habit of assessing the situation from a biblical perspective, we become empowered to live a more fruitful life. It is not merely a passage saying “it's good to find a wife..” but how to choose a wife who is like Christ. I hope that you take this advice and apply it to the areas in your love life.


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