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Warning: Christian Individualism and the Passive Church

Updated on July 28, 2016

When preachers over emphasize the message of wealth and material prosperity, a state of selfish individualism emerges among the congregants. In many churches in America, the thoughts and emotions of believers are centered on self glorification. What’s in it for me becomes the dominant idea among spiritual practitioners. However, this mindset must be avoided by all believers who desire to live a life pleasing to God. Individualism leads to a life that is an in direct opposition to the will of God. According to scripture, the believer’s focus should be on the spiritual growth and development of his brothers and sisters in God.

The purpose of the Christian individualism is to keep believers enslaved by the kingdom of darkness. Satan wants Christians to be passive and focus on themselves so that the work of God’s kingdom will not prosper. When a Christian seeks to promote his own personal prosperity while neglecting the will of God, Satan has an opportunity to wreak havoc in his life. I have known Christians who have hit rock bottom in their finances, marriages and careers because they neglected to put God first in their live and affairs.

Christians who refuse to seek righteousness before seeking prosperity spend a majority of their time attempting to fix their own lives. Many may be working at a dead end job making barely enough money to pay the bills, or some Christians may be caught up in admiring the glamour of the world so badly that all their focus is on trying to reach a certain materialistic level.

Bible Belt

Individualistic Christians are click driven. They only reach out to those they know and those who can help them in some way. In many church services, I have observed Christians who don’t bother introducing themselves to new visitors, especially if these visitors have a seemingly poor and outcast appearance. Many visitors come and leave without feeling the warmth and kindness that one is expected to experience in a Christian church. This should never occur. The gentleness of Christ will have never allowed it in his time.

Lack of Spiritual Influence

Individualistic minded Christians have little influence upon their family, workplace and community. The selfish mindset of a believer who seeks his own pleasure doesn’t realize that he is in an unseen war in which he is in constant danger as well as all those who are dependent upon him. A family cannot be shielded from evil if evil is allowed to operate unrestricted in the home. This is also true of the workplace and the community. When we passively watch our community becomes infested with drugs, gangs and violence, we are allowing the kingdom of darkness to take charge without any counter offensive.

Our thoughts are so prosperity driven that our desire is usually to escape such a place than to confront the satanic strongholds that have taken control of the community. However, it only takes one believer who possesses a strong, steadfast faith in God to transform an entire home or community. For example, I once moved into a community where gangs and drugs were all that went on. I was at first a little intimidated because I didn’t fit in with the people in the surroundings, having been fresh out of college. However, when I realized my divine authority and my ability to pray, I asked God to clean up the area, He did just that. I didn’t have to run or try to find someplace else to stay. God gives you and me the ability to stand our ground against the Dominic powers that will try to chase us away. As Christians this is our heritage.

The individualistic Christian cannot please God because his mind is on himself. He may think about God but only because of what God can do for him. The more he thinks about himself the further he withdraws his attention from the things of God. The mind of such a believer becomes increasingly unspiritual. The forces of darkness began to trick him into believing that he is pleasing God by desiring to accumulate things for his own enjoyment. Many Christians spend years chasing their own dreams only to meet with continual disappointment. He may realize that he has wasted lots of time in pursuing what appears to be happiness, but this deception is so strong that he fails to redefine the true meaning of Christianity.

Missing In Action

True Christianity means being there for another, regardless of the inconvenience it may cause. But Christians who are self-minded often refuse to answer the phone for a brother or sister in need, especially if a demand interrupts their lifestyle. They are extremely passive when it comes to the work of God. Asking to help others is too much of a burden for an individualistic believer. He believes that time can be spent on straightening out his personal life and affairs. I remember standing next to a bus stop in the cold after visiting a local church. Several brother s and

Examining Your Christian Life

Are You Aware of the Degree of Individualism in your Christian life?

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sisters drove right by me while waving, but refused to offer me a ride, even though some were going pass the direction in which I lived. This incident occurred again and again, not only at this church but at many others in which I often attended. The hospitality that God expects of Christians had become lost in the spirit of selfishness.

A society without a strong Christian community will become desolate day by day. The light of Christ must shine in the home, workplace and the community in order to keep evil at bay. The constant shootings and killings in the workplaces and schools in America are a true example of Satan’s intent to destroy the very fabric of society. Therefore Christian’s believers must redefine their true identity if they are going to be a mighty influence in the earth for God. We must turn our minds from a passive, self-driven mindset to a God-driven mindset that seeks to please God only. This is the only way we can win this war against the darkness that desires to destroy our nation.


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    • Hmtrio2 profile imageAUTHOR

      Stevie Glenn 

      3 years ago from Minneapolis

      As Christians, we are all one in God. Christians are not to live unto themselves. Unity and love is the hallmark of Christianity. We are commanded to deny ourselves and consider the interest of others above ourselves. Our goals, dreams and plans are surrendered to the will of God.

      Individualism has a way of leading toward a selfish mentality as well as a denial of oneness. Our lives do not belong to us. We are bought with a price, a price paid in full by Jesus Christ. Our lives belongs to God. And we are here to serve others and display God's glory. We not supposed to live by our own intelligence, strength or guidance. Our natural and carnal nature is to decrease into none existence as it is overcome by the holy fire of the Father.

    • GlennaJones profile image

      Glenna Jones 

      3 years ago from Orlando, Florida

      I'm not sure individualism can be equated with selfishness. Our Christian walk is nothing if it is not individualized. Our very experience of salvation is a personal relationship between an individual and God. Other than that, you have some valid points worth considering.

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 

      4 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      A great hub. Your section about making newcomers welcome reminded me of one occasion I experienced. An old man came limping up the hill to the church door where we were standing chatting. His coat was drab and long, his beard rather unkempt, his boots muddy, but I went forward to welcome him. How glad I was that I had. He was much older than he appeared, but he was the author of several books on bird-watching, and once he was talking he was so interesting and knowledgeable. He had grown rather eccentric, but was a delight to know.

    • Ann1Az2 profile image


      4 years ago from Orange, Texas

      Truer words were never written! Except of course, maybe in the Bible. Satan himself is the master of individualism. It was his selfishness and wanting to be God that got him kicked out of heaven. It is that same selfishness which, unfortunately, will keep nonbelievers out of heaven.

      Well done and voted up.


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