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The Christos Technique- Original Method

Updated on April 2, 2013
The Christos Experiment
The Christos Experiment

I have now published two articles already on the Christos experiment, the two previous hubs have related to my own personal experience in The Christos Experience Part One and The Christos technique shows the reader how my group was able to create our own version of the procedure.

For those of you who tried our edited version and did not get a result I am sorry. So I searched through my junk folder and I have been able to track down the original source material. Hopefully the original text will work out better for some than our version.

The Original Technique

The first stage

The person who is to be the subject is to lie flat on their back on the floor.they may have a cushion under their feet head and lower back to maintain their comfort. The subject must also have their shoes or socks removed. The subject closes their eyes and their ankles are
massaged for 2-3 minutes, this helps induce relaxation.The person who is to run the procedure should massage the subject around the '3rd eye ' position. The area should be vigorously rubbed until their head is really buzzing. If the subject is not fully relaxed they should take deep breaths and leg themselves go limp.

The second stage

The second stage is designed to get the subject to expand their mind beyond their physical body. This technique will still work on people who are not spiritually inclined,the technique will still work on subjects who are mildly sceptic. That said if someone is more receptive the idea or has a need to discover they will get a lot more from the experience. While the subject is laying on their back the Interviewer( the same person who massaged the 3rd eye in stage one>) asks the subject to keep their eyes closed and visualize their own feet. The subject is then asked to visualize his feet growing two inches longer, they only have to feel themselves growing the 2 inches. The interviewer will ask the subject to say when they have grown two inches longer. The Interviewer will then ask the subject to return to normal length, when that is done the Interviewer will get the subject to repeat a few more times.

Now the interviewer must ask the subject to do the same but through his head. The subject should do this about half a dozen times. Then the interviewer must get the subject to stretch his limbs 6 inches, they must repeat this about half a dozen times and then copy the procedure on the head. The Interviewer then asks the subject to stretch out from his limbs to 12 inches and leave it there, and then asks the subject to stretch their head the same distance and leave it. ( You can see why we changed to our version of the procedure, a lot of repetition ). Then ask the subject to expand out of their regular shape and inflate like a ballon, this expands themselves out of their normal shell. The next step is to get the subject to see things.

The third stage

Here we need to get the subject to experience expanded consciousness, to do this the subject is asked to visualize their front door. They are then asked to describe it in detail, the interviewer is to fire as many questions as possible to determine the facts of the subjects visualization. To increase the subjects level of visualization they are asked to visualize standing on their roof, ask them to describe what they see.

When they and you are happy with the responses ask them to raise an extra 500 metres upward and describe what they see. Ask them to slowly turn around 360° and describe what they see in as much detail as possible. Next the subject is asked what time of day is it (Day or night- usually the subject see's in daylight.) ask them to take in their surroundings in the opposite time of day. Then get them to change back to the original time frame.

Next you have to positively assure and enforce that they control the settings not you. Ask them " Who can change the scene from night to day or day to night? The desired response from the subject is " I am ". It is important they realize they are in control of what they see.

Suggested Open Questions

  • What do you see?
  • Where do you live?
  • Where do you work?
  • What colour is your skin?
  • How old are you?
  • Are there people around?
  • Do they understand you?
  • Where are you?
  • Do people speak to you?
  • What are you wearing?
  • Can you describe that?
  • Where do you want to go?

The fourth stage

This is the key stage of the experiment, at this point we are guiding the subject to an experience and possibly trigger a past life regression. If you believe the subject is happy in their expanded state of mind ask them to raise up into the clouds a bit more and then slowly descend to the ground. When they reach the ground ask them to describe their surroundings. If they are back in their own home ask them to rise again into the clouds and to have freedom of movement, ask them to fly fast, and flip in the open sky.

Then ask them to descend to the ground, ask them where they are. It is good to use good open questions to gain information on their experience. ( SEE BOX OPPOSITE FOR GOOD OPEN QUESTIONS AND FIRST QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD BE ASKING ). From this point on it is good to have a record of what is said and done. The other person who massaged the feet can make records of the results.

The subject can spend any length of time they want in the altered state but 20-40 minutes is usually good enough to gather any info of relevance. The book says the subject can leave the altered state anytime they want with no ill effects. That said we have all been woken from a dream before and we all feel a bit groggy for some time afterwards. If they say they want to leave you can get them to go to the clouds, and float down to their home. Once at the house guide them back to the room and get them to open their eyes when they are happy to.

Your Experience

Did you try this technique and find it helpful?

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If anyone requires further guidance on this just message me or comment and I will try to help as best I can. It is similar to our version, but as I stated in The Christos Experiment technique we altered it a bit. Some people's personality type will have an effect on their experiences. If someone is artistically talented their mind will flow better with the information compared to a person who has a more scientific style of thinking.


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