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The Christos Experience part One

Updated on January 8, 2013

I would like to think of myself by definition an open minded person about most things in general. I will never tell anybody how to live their life and I appreciate if others return the compliment. Not many people do but that's an entirely different story. When it comes to exploring what we of humans are truly capable of in spiritual and mental sense, I have an inbuilt curiosity. I do believe we are capable of so much and this life is not a start and stop journey. About a year ago my mother in law was talking about a past life technique her and a then boyfriend had tried and she said it wad intriguing and very surprising. She recommended a book from the 1970s called the " World Within "by G M Glaskin, the book was about the Christos experiment. The books subject matter had its origin for its author in the Western area of Australia.

Past life regression scene similar to my own
Past life regression scene similar to my own

The best way I can explain the Christos technique is that it is a procedure that gives the subject the ability to enter a dream like state while they are still awake. I suppose it is comparable with the concept of some Native American tribes vision quests. The key difference is that there is no hypnoses, loss of consciousness or ingestion of any shamanic narcotics. The taking of drugs or alcohol would be counter productive to the journey and would ruin the experience. Going into the meditative state has proved quite enlightening to people who are willing to try what the technique has to offer.

In this article I will tell you of my personal experience of this technique. I will not detail the technique in this hub as we adjusted the technique to suit our situation. If anyone is overeager to try I believe his books are still in print. If enough are interested I will put our version of the techniques onto hub pages. Although I did say I am generally open minded, I was in truth initially sceptical about the whole technique. The way it was explained to me sounded like a Charlatans act of power of suggestion mixed with letting my own imagination run riot. I also thought the questions that I would be asked, would be leading me to say certain things. When I went through the procedure everything I said was what I could see. It all felt like a waking dream, no leading questions could make me create the details that I experienced.

After we did the technique to put me in the correct mind set for the experiment, we spent some further time helping me to relax by making me concentrate on my breathing. Now i suppose i was as ready as i would ever be to regress into a different lifetime. With my eyes closed i was asked to go to my front door and leave the house ( using my astral body/ in my own mind- i was effectively wandering around my memory. ). Whilst i was astrally standing outside my front door i was asked to turn to face the door and tell them what side of the door the house number was on ( Right Side of the door). I was then asked to walk ten steps into my garden, stop and then describe what i saw. They then asked me to rise about twenty feet off the ground and hover there and describe what i saw( I could see gardens, the road and over roof tops ). I was never fearful of the height and they asked me to drift gently down again to the ground. They asked me to describe how the ground felt, they asked me to describe which shoes i was wearing ( my black Odessa trainers i believe.). I was then asked to slowly rise into the clouds and to focus entirely on reaching the clouds.

So I was in the clouds floating with the ground below me and the heavens above me, i was asked how i felt. I replied I was good I felt peaceful and relaxed, I was then asked to drift about in the clouds and have no fear as I was free. I drifted about the clouds slowly taking in the patterns and cloud forms. I was asked if I wanted to go back to the ground, and I replied "Yes please". I was instructed to drift down like a leaf on a cool breeze and let go of fear.

I finally floated down to the ground and I was asked what I could see. I said I was standing at a crossroads in the countryside. My mother in law asked me what I could see, I replied in one direction there was a small orchid, to my right was the farm track and another path lead to the woodland. In front of me I could see the road to the town. I was then asked where would I like to go? i said i would like to walk to the town. As i walked I was asked about the surroundings, and I replied to her what I could see, when asked how far away the town was I replied its just there. I was then asked "What can you see now?" I said I could see there was a pub, a church and a railway track. They asked me if there was a sign saying the town or railways name. I said yes and they asked me to read it, I looked at the sign but I could not read it all I could tell them was that it started with two LL's. At hearing this they asked me to describe the railway station and i said it was old red brick and quiet. They asked me to describe my shoes, on looking down i was wearing a battered muddy pair of work boots. They asked me to describe my clothes and hands. I saw that my waist was a lot fatter and my hands were hard and tanned. It looked like I was in overalls of some kind. I was then asked if any people were around. I said the station master is at his office door,they asked me to talk to him. I went over but the station master told me he was too busy for small talk.

 I was then asked where i would like to go next, I said the pub would be good. I was asked to describe what the pub looked like, i said it was small with a thatched style roof and it had a small garden to the side. They asked what it was called and i said it had a Queens head on the sign but i couldn't read it properly. They asked me to go in and see if i could speak to anyone or see if i could see a reflection of myself. When i got into the main bar there was about 3 old gentleman sitting down with their pipes and beer. I saw my reflection in the bar mirror, I was aged between 17-23 with long matted red hair and a beard. I stood about 6ft 6" tall and was barrel chested. I went up to the barmaid and ordered half a pint of beer, i paid with coins which were old. I could not see the date properly on them. I sat down and tried to take in my surroundings. I knew that the women who served me was the landlady, but she didn'tspeak much to me. I was asked by my mother in law to speak to one of the regulars, he said that the war has ended and said it was a shame my two brothers had to die for it. The man in the pub mentioned Verdun. My mother in law asked if i wanted to leave and i said yes, as i was getting upset. I was asked if i had any other family around and i replied i was alone. I was then asked to go to the shop and buy a newspaper as i walked over to the shop, i snapped out of my trance-like state. My mother in law told me to lay still while i calmed down and drank some water.

 As soon as i felt back to normal what had been said as my recollection was quite vague, fortunatley my wife had taken notes of what i had said. From the first question i had answered upon drifting down from the clouds i had spoken in a Welsh accent. Now i can't mimic any accent and my wife found it really strange hearing me sound the way i did. It seems that either i couldn't read or the place names were unrecognisable to me. If i was a farm labourer in Wales at the time of the Great war not many laboureres would have been educated. I did feel really sad when i was reminded that my brothers died in the war, and there was a battle at Verdun. Not knowing my name of theirs means i can't prove or disprove it. I really found the whole experience fascinating and it's a shame i came out of it when i did.


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    • PoeticRheia profile image

      PoeticRheia 6 years ago from Denver colorado

      Great Hub =]

    • Asp52 profile image

      Asp52 7 years ago from England

      Indeed it is something that given the right amount of effort can connect us back to the natural world. Thank you for your comment Neil

    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 7 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      Meditation - the key to many things. Great article/hub. Thanks for sharing.