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The Chronicles of the Sons of God - Part 2

Updated on November 7, 2016

Raise Sons and Raise the Standard

Primacy of the Firstborn – Raising the Standard

1 Corinthians 10:24, do you not know that those who run in the race, all run, but only one wins the prize. Run in such a way that you may win (the prize). And everyone who competes in the games exercises, self control in all things. They then do it to receive a perishable wreath but we receive an imperishable (crown of righteousness).

Therefore since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance (works of our flesh and the fallen memories of our soul) and the sin that so easily entangles us (unbelief) and let us run with endurance (and patience) the race that is set before us...Heb 12:1 (words in italics inserted by author)

It is really amazing to me how the Father opens up Himself to you in the revelation of the Word and how He is not trying to hide from you the secrets of His person or the affairs of the Kingdom when we pursue our sonship and begin to prioritise His will above our own. I began to see a greater measure of the unfolding revelation of the season as I was being put through the paces of the fire in my own life and was astounded by what I was seeing. The picture of the Holy Nation and its arrangement was really starting to make more sense to me in the context of the House of God and the Spiritual Family that constitutes this Holy Nation. The Holy Spirit was showing me by removing the cataract milky veil from the eyes of my soul to see deeper and more clearly the functionality and the administrations of this Kingdom. He opened the door to my understanding by showing me the importance of the Firstborn Son of God.

I must acknowledge the apostolic source of the revelation as being four men besides my spiritual father Sam Soleyn, that have shaped my understanding significantly during this phase of my life namely; Thamo Naidoo; Corbett Gaulden; William Hinn and the late Bill Britton. These men have laboured intensively to excavate for us the deep riches of the Word hid for ages from the proud but now being revealed to these humble men for such a time as this. There is no doubt in my mind that the richest and most precious heirlooms of the God Family are yet to be revealed to the broken and poor in Spirit and contrite of heart. Jesus said, that it is the poor (humble) in Spirit that will see God (as Spirit) and that revelation will become the icon for further unfolding of the nature and the mind of God for the Body of Christ.

Ten years ago I began to see the outline of the message of Sonship and the Spiritual Family wineskin, which consists of a Father and sons, rather than a Pastor and his congregation. The Holy Spirit was surgically renewing my mind as to the ineffectiveness of Church Culture to take people from a state of immaturity to a state of maturity, because we have been taught for years that our spiritual maturity would only manifest in the sweet by and by in Heaven which completely supported the Theology of the Rapture of the defeated Church. This point of view was producing no life for my continued journeying in the Spirit. Thereafter I was led to understand the Culture of the Kingdom, that reinforced the Father and son dyad and how we were meant to journey from the confines of this limited very mixed Church culture to lead those that were experiencing what I was experiencing into a more fuller environment of everyday life and their interaction with the Holy Spirit in that everyday life. I knew that it was time for me to repent from acts that lead to death and put my faith towards God, and I trusted in the testimonial evidence and the witness of the life of my Spiritual Father, Sam Soleyn to go this way.

Needless to say I made the leap of faith based on His voice and encouragement and the scriptural evidence that showcased a life of individuals that lived by faith including the grandest picture of all, the Son of God, Jesus Christ. The shocking reality of my choice was evident by the reaction and the responses I received from the leadership of the current Christian Church. I thought that they will all celebrate my decision to go this way to serve the Lord wholeheartedly but boy was I wrong. I knew that my place in the afterlife was secure but I needed to come into spiritual maturity and thus has been the dealing of the Father in my life. I then discovered that it is not just enough to run the race to finish the race and come to spiritual maturity but to run the race so as to win the prize, which was for me to receive the crown of righteousness of the Firstborn, the double portion. The Holy Spirit was raising the standard significantly higher for me and those that would want to participate on the journey to the finish. This was not just a spiritual position in Christ but a manifestation of this supernatural life here and now on the earth. I knew that I had to bring this standard to my Household. This would mean that many will leave and some would interpret this as unscriptural and legalistic, arguing for hyper-grace instead. Nevertheless those that would continue to stay the course would do so because they had come to know me over the years and trusted me, that my heart towards the things of the Father would not be compromised even at the cost of the loss of everything including my own life.

So even has I sit here writing Part 2 of the Chronicles of the Sons of God, the content of my authorship is my very real experience with my Family during these days of Him reformatting my hard-drive. There has been a renewed surge of purpose and resoluteness to continue the race and to run with patience and because I have been given the Oil of Gladness, there is a joy that has been set before me to face whatever hardship comes my way in that I have a mind to suffer to lay hold of the prize for which I was called that the Lord Himself will give to me when I see Him face to face. I had to resign from my worldly vocation and wholeheartedly pursue the will of my Father for which I have been imprisoned, to be sent to do His bidding only. If this sounds like a boast then let it be so in the ears of the arrogant religious, the proud immature and the unbelieving theologian. Make no mistake the course of my life was not by my voluntary choosing, I was rescued from the jaws of death when I was two years old, which caused my entire Family to come into the Kingdom, raised and prayed for by a God fearing mother. I grew up serving God by fearful religious obedience. Then I wandered away from my purpose in pursuing the world and its riches as an orphan. But my Heavenly Father would not allow it, for He pulled the rug out from underneath me; beat me into submission, entreating me as a son. He stripped and bruised me and broke my bones because I have wandered so far away from Him. Either I would surrender or He would kill me in the process. When I finally surrender to do only His Will, He killed “me” anyway and awakened the “I am in Christ” up again. It is now that “I am...” who is fearless of anything or anybody in Heaven, on the earth, under earth, for nothing can separate me from the love of my Father because in Him I live and move and have my being. Yet in all my suffering I have not suffered like the early saints and Apostles before me, no sir, this is just my portion of suffering that I had to endure to add to the cup of sufferings for the Body of Christ. So even though I pen it, it pales in comparison to those that have gone before me. He promised that He would not give me more than what I can handle. Just when I think that I have reached my threshold, He endows me with more Grace and strength to go deeper into His person. His unrelenting pressure will only cease when He beholds Himself in me as in a mirror, to my benefit.

Paul said that there is measure of suffering that He must add to the cup of suffering of Christ, for his Apostolic Fathering Call to the Body of Christ in the Gentile Diaspora. I believe that each Nation must have a son or a company of sons that fully understands the consummate Elijah Anointing and the Father will seek and call such men, from the sons of God, to partake in that caliber of suffering, so when that cup has reached its full capacity it is hurled down to the earth in answered prayers to the purpose of the Father for advancing the Holy Nation and the Body of Christ in that Nation for the earth. I believe that South Africa has been selected by the Father to shake the Kingdom for the separation of the sons of God and the sons of disobedience.

The reason for the mixed lukewarm state of the Church currently is because there is more evidence that boasts the undeniable facts by the imperialism of reason that by living and serving Mammon, one can live a very extravagant life, which outweighs the numeric evidence of any sample that can say they live better lives from the Throne of God their Father. The appeal of the world with its riches of glory and fame are far more evident in the media and social networking circles. But we are warned in scripture that we cannot serve two masters, for you will LOVE one and HATE the other. YOU CANNOT SERVE GOD AND MAMMON. There has to be a generation that are willing to pay the price, and buy the whole field (The Kingdom), so that He can have in his possession the Pearl of Great Price( of sonship), crossover death and re-establish the ancient pathways and follow the ancient boundaries back Home again. The requirements for this are death to self, overcoming the world, complete surrender to the will of the Father in all humility. For you will be like, lambs to the slaughter, completely surrendered and dying daily for the greater good of another. You are just like the Lamb of God that has gone before us. He is your Brother from the same womb. The faithful witness, the firstborn of the dead and the ruler of the kings of the earth. To him who loves us and released us from our sins by His blood and He has made us to be a Kingdom of Priests to His God and Father; to Him be the glory and the dominion forever and ever .Amen. Revelation 1:5-6

Properties of the Firstborn

The origin and the properties of the Firstborn come to us from an Eternal Family Culture. In Biblical antiquity this was modelled for us in those that would follow this culture, like Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We know this to be true because in the natural modern twenty first century family, if the biological Father dies, the estate is shared equally among the siblings in terms of monetary value, in the absence of his spouse. We also know that to carry on the Family name was very important; therefore it was the obligation of the firstborn eldest son to carry on the surname of the Father or his Grandfather. What also remained to be true for a long time was that the eldest son also inherited the Fathers physical brick and mortar House. If it is a Royal Family then the eldest son is next in line to become the ruling King of that country. If there was no male heir then the female eldest daughter would become the Queen of that country. In today’s modern natural culture we see some discrepancies as to the biblical account because it fails to uphold the cardinal premise which is, “All the” Firsts belong to the Lord”. This does not mean first in time only but rather first in rank both in the eternal and time. So in the Spirit, RANK trumps TIME. This is why Cain killed Abel and Esau lost his birthright to Jacob. Cain, changed the standard of the culture over time by presenting just the fruit of his harvest instead the First fruit of his harvest, whiles Abel continued in the culture of upholding the value of honour to God by presenting the Firstlings of his flock sacrificially. In that moment Cain lost his firstborn status and Abel became the next son in rank to continue the eternal culture. Hence began the murderous spiralling demise of Cain and his complete removal from the Family of God. (Gen 4).

This is the principal that also governs your giving. So if you want to argue for Free-will offering instead of Tithes (10%) of your monthly income, then you better be careful has to what you are saying. If you want to operate within the context of “Free Will Offering” you must function within the principles of First.

However in the Eternal culture, the son that is most like the Father gets to be the recipient of the Firstborn status in this House. So we are very comfortable to accept the Christ Jesus was the First Born and only begotten Son of the Father. The Firstborn can also forfeit this right in the display of character that is not like his Father or moral and sinful practices that His Father made sure was overcome during his own life. So what does it mean to be “just like the Father”? Let’s not forget that this concept is an eternal cultural imperative. Here immediately we understand that this has got to do with identity. The fall of mankind from his original identity as Spirit is what separated him from God. Mans sin caused him to see himself as human and not Spirit. Jesus Christ came to restore us back to our original identity as Spirit Beings because God our Father is Spirit. Thereafter He introduces us to this Spirit Being as being our Father when He teaches the twelve Disciples how to pray. He said I have been sent by the Father to show you the Father, I have been sent to teach you how to interact with this Spirit Father and you will learn from me everything you need to know in becoming a son to this Father, I will not leave you as orphans. Just after I leave I will send you the HOLY SPIRIT. He will make this communion complete when He come to abide in you and come along side you to lead you, for when you receive Him you will cry out Abba Father which is the groan of the Spirit.

Now this God Family is the only Family with a culture that are a Kingdom of Priests or are Kings and Priest, we are not Kings OR Priests, wrong theology. One a sidebar note - there is a teaching now that is invading the Christian circles of those that preach the Gospel of the Kingdom which separates the Kingly anointing from the Priestly anointing, this is inconsistent with the biblical interpretation of scripture and sound present truth revelation. You are not either or, you are both if you are a son of God. The Principle of the First-ness of God is why the son shares in the similar status. Here are some scriptures references that evidence this status;

  • · Colossians 1:15 The Firstborn over all creation.
  • · Colossians 1:18 The Firstborn from the dead.
  • · Hebrews 1:6 The Firstborn into the world.
  • · Hebrews 12:23 The Firstborn Church
  • · Romans 8:29 The Firstborn among many brothers.

The eldest son has the primacy status; could it possibly mean that when Paul instructs young Timothy to appoint Elders in the Churches that he had the criteria to this appointment the framework of firstborn status for those that would serve the Body of Christ? The whole criterion for the appointment are based on how they manage their own lives and families and says nothing about having a Theological degree. It does however stress that He cannot be a young unmarried novice but a senior that have weathered the storms of life. Is it possible that the 24 Elders (12+12=Double Portion of Governmental Authority) surrounding the Throne of GOD are the Firstborn Sons just like the Faithful and True SON OF GOD and are not actually a numeric quantity.

1 Tim 3:2-13Now the overseer(episkopeo, episkopos, means one who cover, watches over) is to be above reproach, faithful to his wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach,not given to drunkenness, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money.He must manage his own family well and see that his children obey him, and he must do so in a manner worthy of fullrespect.(If anyone does not know how to manage his own family, how can he take care of God’s church?)He must not be a recent convert, or he may become conceited and fall under the same judgment as the devil.He must also have a good reputation with outsiders, so that he will not fall into disgrace and into the devil’s trap.In the same way, deaconsare to be worthy of respect, sincere, not indulging in much wine, and not pursuing dishonest gain.They must keep hold of the deep truths of the faith with a clear conscience.They must first be tested; and then if there is nothing against them, let them

serve as deacons. In the same way, the womenare to be worthy of respect, not malicious talkers but temperate and trustworthy in everything. A deacon must be faithful to his wife and must manage his children and his household well.Those who have served well gain an excellent standing and great assurance in their faith in Christ Jesus.

The First-born son, the one who holds the Primacy, of the Blessing and the Birthright, the double portion, has a very heavy responsibility. Not only must he reach the Grace threshold and spiritual posture of his Father but he must exceed that threshold for the next generation. Historically primacy could be forfeited by sons that have failed to understand this weighted responsibility and by so doing lost that position, then God the Father would appoint another of His choosing, or transfer it to the Sons of the Son of the firstborn.

It is no different even today. Spiritual sons of a Household all have access to the primacy position of the First-born. By the way you choose to walk in truth and righteousness in humility to the Heavenly Father and your relationship with your spiritual father will determine if you remain in that Company. The double portion is only passed on at the end of the life of the spiritual Father of that Tribe. Here the bar is set tremendously higher than if you were under law. It takes more personal restraint and accountability to walk and live under Grace than under the Law.

Here are some prerequisites non-exhaustive conditions that will keep you in the running. NB: there are some that you must control and rule over and others that you must eliminate totally and completely overcome.

1. You must remain with your Spiritual father to watch him being taken up,that means until He dies. Even though you do so the reception of the double portion is not for him to grant because the heart of the son is being judged by the Holy Spirit and not a man. (You may have many instructors but you may not have many Fathers)

2. You must overcome the lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life, i.e. you must walk in sonship and not membership.

3. You must exercise self control in your daily appetites. To the pure all things are pure but not all things are to your benefit (food, alcohol, sex)

4. You cannot flirt with the opposite sex if you’re married.

5. You cannot commit adultery.

6. You cannot be a greedy man (Spirit of mammon), that is one who takes more than he gives.

7. You cannot hate your Brother.

8. You must overcome the World.

9. You must live for others than yourself and your family.

10. You must have a generous and humble Spirit.

11. You cannot be ambitious for power, authority and recognition.

12. You must walk and live in unconditional forgiveness.

13. You must have ordered Family and a wife and children that love and respect you.

These are not unfamiliar to us but if me or you fail in any of these, we cannot receive the primacy of the firstborn we get our inheritance as sons, should we die we go to be the Lord. So this has got nothing to do with being forgiven of the above. What is the purpose of the double portion? Well I believe the first portion of Grace is to fulfill the Fathers will for your life and the second portion of Grace is for you to fulfill the desires of your heart for the Heavenly Father. David could not do all that was on his heart for God, because he had too much blood on his hands. The Prophet Nathan told him to go and do all that is on your heart to do for GOD and he was denied that privilege of the Firstborn. Jesus Christ after He was enthroned by God the Father and perfectly fulfilled the will of God for His life on the earth and in the heavens, was finally asked by Father what did Jesus wanted to do for Him, to which He answered, I will decree the decrees of the Lord, to which the Father declaring His sonship again asked Jesus Christ to Ask of Him and that He would give the nations as an inheritance to Him. You see because this is all the Father wanted. So Jesus could now give the Father what He wanted for Himself, and the Father would empower that in itself as the sons own doing for His Father.

Precious Household of Faith, the Apostolic Reformation was meant to realign, rebuild and reform the Body of Christ, so that the head (CHRIST) can receive a Body (US). Over the years the Church has become a dwelling place for evil thing and it is so far gone that it must be destroyed by fire because the religious leaven of the world has infected their entire lump of dough. This lump of dough needs the Apostolic Reformation and the Refiners Fire for it to become Bread again, now our God is a Consuming Fire. Jesus Christ said that the Fathers House will become the House of Bread for all nations, we are now living in those times and the sons of God have to stretch their own lives for proofing by the Father and are being prepared for the fiery furnace oven of testing.

The Body of Christ has come and is now coming into the mature corporate expression as the Firstborn Son of God. The Apostle Paul argued for the unity of the many member spiritual Body of Christ to the functioning reality of the human body in 1 Corinthians 12:12-31. The Called Out has been compared to many things in scripture. It’s progressively been called, a Virgin Bride, that becomes a Submissive Wife, who produces a Firstborn obedient Son in the Wilderness, which assumes the Family business, which trades in the City of God that showcases the Holy Nation and becomes a Military weapon or a House of Fellowship, Bread & Prayer in the hands of God the Father. Sent Apostles are now contending for the unified arrangement of this Family. The City of God is a descending eternal systemic functioning governmental architectural blueprint. We are basing this on an Eternal Culture that was given to us in the scriptures, that the Family of God is made up of Households, that grows into Clans that folds into a Tribe and this is assembled into the City of God and an Holy Nation under the relational dyad of Fathers and sons and this will become the Army of the Lord that God will use to bring judgment to all the Nations of the earth at the end of the Age. This revelation and its administration have found a resting place among the sons of God that have been called out of the religion of Christianity. The Spirit of God celebrates uniqueness and diversity but never dualism or a mixture. In the Book of Revelations, Jesus Christ accepts hot or cold but hates luke warmness. We cannot mix Religious Church Christianity culture into Kingdom culture. Holy things are set apart for Holy purpose only, never use Holy things for common use. The Father is really raising the standard of what is acceptable in these last days and many can make the grade if Spiritual Fathers watching over their Households will nail down these standards back into the ethos of their families without getting entangled again into the legality of the law. The Apostolic Reformation was meant to raise the standard and Spiritual Fathers were meant to establish the standard. Amen.

The power of Oneness in the building process cannot be overlooked, we will look at that in the next edition of the Chronicles of the Sons of God Part 3. Thank you for taking the time to search out what the Spirit is saying to the Churches.

Grace and Peace

Leon Elijah


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