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The Chronicles of the Sons of God - Part 3

Updated on March 14, 2017

Building Spiritul Families from Church Congregations

Growing in Grace
Growing in Grace | Source

Oneness - Just as You and I are One.

Genesis 11:1-9, Now the whole earth used the same language and the same words...they found a plain in the land...and settled there. Come let us make bricks... and used tar for mortar. Come let us build for ourselves a city and a tower...and let us make ourselves a name, lest we be scattered. The Lord said they are one people and they all have the same language and this is what they began to do, and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them.

Lets us just look at some of the ingredients that is vital for unity in the human race, from the above scripture; which is HUMANISM. Firstly you must all speak the same language and use the same words. Secondly you must find a common platform to express this new language and must settle in it. Thirdly you must all agree to the building materials or the same building blocks. Fourth you must determine the system of life and its architectural design. Fifth you must all have a common purpose and sixth you must know how to transfer this knowledge to the next generation. So here it is in its macro picture, which we know as the WORLD.

1. Common Philosophy - will produce common language and words. How you think is how you speak.

2. Common Psychology – a mental environment, free from any other philosophy and points of view and one dominant idea that rises and unifies us above everything else (watchtower)

3. Common Sociology - legal building blocks for interaction – that must be sourced from the common environment. (bricks & mortar)

4. Common Politics - design & framework of a system of life (City)

5. Common Theology - religious purpose “a name for us”. To build a tower that reaches to the heaven.

6. Common Education – knowledge transfer program to the next generation if we are separated, that will maintain what we have started. Guaranteed continuation through education.

The scriptures have clearly shown us the origin of Humanism, during the reign of Nimrod of Babylon and how God had interjected to confuse this race of human being through separation by changing their language. These were the descendants of Ham and his sons, namely Cush who was the father of Nimrod. However over the years this philosophical trend has been fine tuned by the Greek Philosophers and further polished by modern thinkers of the day like Immanual Kant and Rene Descartes. Humanism is the bedrock upon which the entire system of the world is built on. I will attempt to explain this complex subject in its most simplistic fashion without losing the train of thought for the average reader. I need you to understand this information so that you will understand the alternative standard of truth that was meant to set you free from this web of lies crafted in the mind of Satan himself. It is the antithesis of the thesis, the antichrist of the Christ. Remember you cannot serve two masters, for you will love one and hate the other. The two masters are Worldly Humanism or Mammon and the Kingdom of God.

What if I were to tell you that in order for you to know the truth that you had to choose to take a journey but this journey is only possible if you went into a dream state into your sub-conscious. During this dream state you will be shown that everything in your dream is your reality and the truth. When you awaken from this dream state back into your conscience state, your visible reality is an illusion and a lie. How would you react to that kind of information? What would you do? Would you take the journey? Movies like the Matrix Trilogy and books like Alice in Wonderland are all examples in point. Here is another scenario for your consideration. Everyday thousands of people die, whether it is of sickness or by accident or are murdered or by natural causes like old age or a fatal disease but yet YOU never think that you will die today. Why? What if you knew exactly the year, the month, the day, the hour and the second that you would die? How will that alter the way you are living now? Death was never to be feared it was meant to be understood and how it functions in the life of a Spirit being. This is overcoming death the last enemy.

So why am I asking you these seemingly random questions with a likely hypothesis that has no genuine solution and cannot be proven. Even though we know that these stories and thoughts are very true but cannot be measured and calculated we therefore dismiss it has “frivolous deep thinking nonsense”. It is this very “frivolous deep thinking nonsense” that humanism disregards as having any premise of truth because it cannot be calculated and measured scientifically. Yet everything about the existence of God is built on this very thing called faith. This system of thinking is premised on the false philosophical presupposition that holds together all of what humanism stands for. However the truth that it is built on are lies and a false statement. Here is the presupposition. “The universe is a closed system of cause and effect and only that which is empirically variable is of reality and all else is meaningless”. At the core of this presupposition there are two camps; a Subjective View and an Objective View. The objective view is knowledge and science and the subjective view is about personal knowledge, motives and religion. The objective view which is stacked scientifically states that, man is only a machine and automaton that responses automatically to stimuli in determined patterns of behaviour. This false belief that science is the only source of truth is received by the secular world with unquestioned dogmatic certainty. The pendulum has shifted to this extreme point of view from the view of transcendentalism which at one time stated that the knowledge of reality was derived from intuitive sources of truth, like dreams, visions, meditation and God speaking to you, rather than from an objective experience. Objectivism argues that one’s objective experience is the only source of truth.

We have concluded that it is the soul that wants us to choose between either objective or subjective, but we have come to appreciate that the real source of truth is Spirit and it is a combination of both of these and therefore is Conjunctive View. Truth from Spirit is received by revelation. This is called Spirit Truth and Jesus said to the women at the well, “there is coming a time and now is when the Father is seeking true worshippers those that will worship Him in Spirit Truth”. Objective is not the opposite of subjective and subjective does not also mean to have a bias view. This division placed man as thinking subjectively with the world as the object of his thinking. Man cannot make purposeful and intentional changes to this world has he is only responding to the stimuli of his environment. There are no choices or decisions; therefore he is not accountable for any outcome. This however produces massive modern day absurdity. In order for science to be absolutely pure as a case of determined calculations then subjective man must be removed from the equation altogether by not recognising his existence and thus relegating him to a biological machine. It is from this premise that the creation of Robotics and artificial intelligence has spurned. Equally more devastating is the rise of Zombies genre, where a scientific laboratory created virus has the ability to kill the original human host and take over its bodily functions through tapping into the brain thereby controlling the walking dead or Zombie. Movies like the Divergence Trilogy and Equilibrium reposition the argument for the removal of the emotional gene from mankind and thus creating a society that acts in uniformity without the ability to feel any emotions through narcotics. Vulnerability is seen as weakness and must be removed, the primary goal is the preservation of this species of man that is robotic in actions and follows the chain of commands without question. At the heart of all of this is the structure of Institutionalism. It is institutionalism that ring fences us into common culture those that wish to follow this path.

How do you take away a man’s freedom? Build a Humans Rights Institution and define his freedom for him in a Constitution. Those that conform to this Constitution within the Institution, form a Society. So if you break one of these rules of this human rights constitution then you violate the institution which has definitive negative consequences for you. Fear of the consequence is the power that is used by Law Enforcement and brings order to regulate this society. Ergo you have just lost your freedom. Why? Any society or community that uses fear to keep government and order is not the design of God. The Family of God is ruled by love not fear but the fear of the Lord is the genesis of wisdom and activates the mind of Christ in your Spirit to bring you up to the standard of Christ the Son. God has not given you a Spirit of Fear but a spirit of Love and of Power and a sound (Christo-centric) mind. The only structure that expresses this kind of eternal culture is an ordered Family of God with the pre-eminent Christ submitted Father at the head, laying down his life for his wife, the mother in submission to the Christ in the Father and the children in obedience and honour to Christ in both the father and mother. There is no mutual submission in the Family of God because oneness is not hierarchical but rather circular in its expression governed by ordered Headship. Authority flows from the core to the outer parameters. In order for you to have authority you must be under authority. Study above picture of the Model 1.1 for Organic Spiritual Families.

John 17: 11: “I am no more in the world and yet they themselves are in the world and I come to you Holy Father, I have kept them in your name, which you have given me(Son), that they may be onejust as We are one.

The complexity of John 17 is equally reassuring of the divine intend of the Godhead towards mankind, especially those that have been drawn by the Father into a relationship with Himself as a son. The promises that are offered to this relationship is completely astonishing and even mind altering and rightly so as we are commanded to not be conformed to the world but to be transformed by the renewing of the mind. The longer I linger in the process of the Father’s dealing in my life to renew my mind through fiery trials and testing, the more I come to accept that it is the only way to spiritual maturity as a new species of being. I am convinced now more than ever that we were meant to travel through life to experience the journey of the full weight of the effects of knowledge of good, evil and life so that we can identify with mankind and see them through the eyes of the Father. It is no wonder that spiritual maturity is absent from the programmes of Church Culture because those in leadership are still suffering from the effects of the fall and have not yet come to terms with how far we have fallen. Jesus Christ and God the Father was in such oneness that Jesus knew the thoughts of God the Father and would execute righteous judgement over any situation to showcase the Father /son relationship.

John 17:20-22, I do not ask on behalf of these alone but for those who believe in Me through their word that they may all be one even as Thou, Father, art in Me and I in Thee that they may be in Us that the world may believe that Thou did send Me. And I have given them the glory Thou has given me that they may be one just as We are one.

It is clear that when Jesus left the Disciples, he had made the name of the Father known to them and they understood sonship from their observations of His interactions with the Father by the Spirit, but even though these were accomplished, they were very much still entrenched in the Worlds way of thinking, when they should have been one with the Father and thinking like He does, hence the prayer of Jesus for them in John 14, 15, 16 & 17.

This oneness creates a covering, a spiritual tent and a shield over the primary Father and the family of sons that have given each other their hearts in common vision for the purposes of God their Father. The four living creatures in Ezekiel are the picture of the spiritual man in the earth that moves by inspiration and revelation of the Holy Spirit perfectly in harmony with the intents and purposes of the Father in heaven. The personality of this spiritual man is seen in the Lion (Authority), the Eagle (Prophetic), the Ox (Steadfast- beast of burden) and a man and his wife (Eternal covenantal relationship). The forward momentum of the advancing Kingdom is bringing together greater clarity of the spiritual as we progressively move into the last days when heaven is descending to the earth. We have established that Heaven is like the sub-conscience realm of the thoughts of the Godhead, and out of that realm His purposes comes to the conscience realm of the earth via the Spiritual man, the sons of God into this visible tangible creation for manifestation. Unless the Head and the Body are connected by the Spirit of God in maturity continuously, we will have delayed and spurious buffering that will prolong the fullest expression of the Father to be seen in the world through His sons. Jesus understood that unless the disciples had their minds renewed to that of the oneness that existed between the Father and Himself that the world’s way of thinking would dominate and suppress the understanding that God is their Father. The prayer of “Father, make them one as we are one” is a deliberate and conscience awareness of the Son Jesus Christ that it was only possible for the Father to achieve this, because there was a prearranged process for this to be accomplished. This prearranged process that would only be administrated by the Father Himself is the process of Sonship. So when the scripture promises that it is Christ Jesus who performs the Baptism of Fire for us who would receive Him, it literally means that Jesus Christ takes your spirit and immerses it into God the Father because our God is a consuming fire and it’s the fire of trials that will completely devastate the way of the worlds thinking in the mind of a maturing son of God, through Sonship. I have said this once and I will say it again, it will take a very hot fire to bring to surface the dross of the logical ways of thinking of this world in a potential son of God. Sons of God are forged by fire, washed in the proceeding Word of God and rinsed by the pure milk and wine of the revelations of the Holy Spirit. This will go on until we are all refined and saturated by the life of God that our human bodies are unable to contain the life of the Spirit and the excellence of the soul within and we will transform like Jesus Christ on the Mt. of Transformation, or until the Lord Jesus returns.

We have truly come to the time in earth, when the Spirit is harping and placing emphasis on maturation or ripening of the harvest of sons. In order for that to happen the focus of our Father is that we must grow up. Elisha succeeds Elijah. Elisha was ploughing with 12 pairs (perfect Governmental Graces) of Oxen and He (The Face of the Man) with the twelfth, moving in a straight line with straight legs of the Ox in plough formation. Today the next generation of Apostles and Prophet are being processed by the situations of life in Sonship, laboring under the Tutor of the Holy Spirit in humility in the Field of the Kingdom. Here we see the picture of the Eagle (prophetic) the Man (Elisha) and the Oxen (Burden of the Fathers Will) and Elijah walks up to him and casts his mantle on him, (the authority of the Lion). The Elisha Company knows how to kiss and leave their natural order of life behind and put to death what used to define them, turn their Plowing Utensils into Stewing Pots. Elisha performed his last act of service by cooking and feeding the people that he served. They know how to run towards submitting to authority and walking circumspectly under the covering of a Spiritual Father and to never leave his side until the very end until he receives the double portion.

The immature have yet to learn how to beat their Swords, Spears and Shields into ploughing tools, they are still to learn how put down the "man of war, men with blood stained hands" to become men of Peace. They must be taught to grow in the grace from the House of David to the grace in the House of Solomon. The Kingdom of God suffers (prevents or stops) violence because violent men take things by force. Men of war and violence are the immature attitudes of a teenage son, who will disregard the consequence of his hot blooded actions, not counting the loss of lives of others and the collateral damage in the wake of his path. A mature son of the Kingdom is a man of peace, who would rather lay down his life to rescue a nation and minimize the risk of creating more orphans and widows. The Father will only entrust intense conflicting affairs of the Kingdom to mature sons that hates war but love peace. Is it any wonder that current church culture still see herself as an Army, and a Bride of Christ and not a Holy Nation of Kings and Priests and the Wife of Christ?

Fathers cover sons but immature sons can uncover Fathers, when they run ahead with an un-anointed zeal in puffed up pride and speak the revelatory wisdom of the Father in arrogance, ambition and inexperience. They can undo in minutes what it took Fathers years to perfect, and can ruin the reputation and authenticity of the revelation in the eyes and the ears of the immature doubting religious. It can only take mature sons to restore the covering of the Father walking backwards in complete spiritual trust to restore what has been lost. We see this played out with Shem, Ham and Japheth, with their Father Noah. To walk in Sonship is just so beautiful because it affords the one continuous interaction with the Father on such a personal level of interaction that you wonder how else is it possible to become mature accept by the means of you being processed by life itself. Religious activity just makes you puffed up with pride but allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you into the Desert for testing is a whole other experience.

Psalm 34:8 Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed in a man who takes refuge in Him. Life with God our Father is a journey of bitter sweet, salty, sour & umami moments. Neither is better than the other it is just different. You will never fully appreciate sweet until you accept the contrast of sour. The umami effect can only be achieved with all the other four taste sensations wrapped up in one. Aroma and sight is the last sensation that fine tunes the mature and refined pallet. You have to partake of the human experience that eats from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil to fully appreciate eating from the Tree of Life, and then becoming the Tree of Life of Spiritual wisdom or becoming the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and becoming a Human Soul defined by the humanism and the imperialism of reason. It is impossible to please God without faith because faith requires one to press beyond the limitations of human reason. This is why we are required to live by the proceeding word of God that comes by revelation but received by faith and then our souls mind catches up with our Spirit mind of Christ in agreement as to the truth of the revelation that we are hearing.

There is no doubt that the Father is calling us His sons into a deeper level in Him, we are moving from the natural to the supernatural, from the known to the unknown and from the safety of historical doctrinal balance to the past present of Spiritual excellence of uncovered truth. God the Father is lifting the darkened veil from of His Face because we have lifted the veil from our souls in our pursuit of spiritual maturity. Seals are being broken of our minds and Ancient Wisdom is returning to the Body of Christ in an unprecedented download to the mature Patriarchs and Huois of our day, now is not the time to slink back in fear, exhaustion and hopelessness but to press in and go out one more time upon His instruction to cast our nets on the other side, or another perspective to see what He sees so that we can do what He does.

Grace & Peace

Leon Elijah


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