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The Church & Charity...Truth Is...(prelude)

Updated on July 9, 2010

The Truth about Charity & the Church

This is a prelude to an upcoming three-part series on the modern day church as compared to that of The lord's day(s). This is a little different from what our readers are accustomed to; but well worth the read...Truth Is... out of out of TRUE compassion and "fellow-feeling", that is, you understand,care, and TRULY want to help. That is what REAL Christian giving is all about accompanied by these two facts: a) it is pleasing to God to do so; and b) It is something we are told to do by the Lord. So what has happened between the times of the original first congregation(s) and those of today?

Through much investigation and first-hand witness, I have found that today's "Christian" is not as given to giving as they should be. There are several factors that could and are used to explain away the reason this is; but none seem to justify neglecting the commission set and mandated by our Lord and Savior. I have traveled coast-to-coast and observed the tendencies of numerous churches of varying faiths, and their policies and proclivities concerning charity. By and large, and overall, I found the greater majority of churches to be quite UN-giving actually. Most often they speak of being "Burned" by con-artists seeking money for unseemly reasons. But one is left to wonder: "burned"? How are you 'burned' when you gave whole-heartedly to please God and to be "Christ-Like"(the true meaning of the word "Christian")? Once you gave, your role ends save for your continually being there for the uplifting, enriching, and nurturing of Christ's prospective sheep.

Allow me to clarify something right now. That money, food, or whatever you have to give is there for that reason is it not? When you are collecting that money do you more often than not refer to it as "God's money"? Then where do you see yourself as being "burned"? Oh and believe me, God doesn't need you to police what is his! We get so caught-up in our own righteousness that we risk over estimating it and the authority vested therein. It is our job as Christians to help those in need of assistance; it is GOD'S job to determine and weigh heart intentions and motives. We need to get out of God's way a lot of times and this truly is one of them! Yes it IS our J-O-B to help others!

It truly disturbs me that today's church(s) are so caught-up with money. When you have a preacher who takes in $69 million something is terribly wrong. When a so-called "bishop's" home is larger than the church and homelessness prevails all around the city where it is situated; something is terribly wrong. The money collected at church is God's when collected; but yours when it comes to distribution! Something is terribly wrong with that too...Truth Is...

I get SO tired of sitting in a service and when it comes time to pass the collection "vessel" the age-old:"Will you rob God..." scripture is read. Well, so far far I have not heard of or seen God shopping at Walmart or Family Dollar, so that just doesn't register with me. I say this because when the Nation of Israel was formed initially, God handed down not only commandments, but He also initiated a Covenant with the people. This was a set of mores and morals as well as rules, regulations, and daily life instruction. Within that covenant was the provision of tithing. Tithing was for the purpose of caring for the Levites or priests of the nation as well as their families. There were literally thousands of them and their sole duty was to tend matters of the temple of God and nothing else; which preclude their ability to work or otherwise provide for themselves. Understandable when you look at the fact that they catered to a nation of well over 3 million people. ..exclusively. This covenant also included other tasks such as the sacrificing of sheep, goats, bulls, doves, and other materials in approach to God.

When Jesus came and gave himself a living sacrifice, did he not also say these words:" I am a NEW COVENANT"....? Did he not do away with the need for sacrificing ANY animal in order to approach God? Didi he not open the way for ALL to approach God FREELY and thru him, no longer encumbered by the necessity of the pharisees or any other priest? Did this not relegate those choosing(and yes "calling" aside it is a choice if only to accept said calling) to be in a pastoral capacity to being instructors, teachers, nurturers and basically examples to the flock and ultimately, servants?

So WHY IS IT that the ONLY part of the old covenent that the church so stubbornly keeps a vise-like grip on is the part about tithing? "New CovenAnt" means:NEW COVENANT! That's why Jesus gave the example of the widow and the widow's mite. She gave what she could. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with giving to your church. It is actually a GOOD thing. But it is also NOT something bthat should be done under compulsion or force or threat of condemnation or telling you you won't be blessed if you don't give a certain amount. This of course is a very highly touchy topic, which is why this is only the prelude. Many churches tell people to tithe that 10th part(which actually turns out to be closer to 25% when you consider that they insist that it be taken from the GROSS of your income, not the net) and to "Stand on faith when they run into financial strains. My response to that is to ask: isn't the church leadership supposed to lead by example? Then let me keep my tenth and give you what I can afford and YOU stand on faith as to what you say the money is needed for!

If a church is OF God it will be successful as well as effective even without our 10th part(s); believe me...Truth Is...

Yeah folks this is going to be a really good one! Stay tuned!


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    • profile image

      Concerned Christian 

      7 years ago

      Your article reminded me of an experience we had in our community. Pastor Dennis Cummins of in Puyallup, WA has a very controversial standing in the Pierce County community. You need to ask him how many church staff have left after he was given control from his father-in-law. You also need to ask him if he has ever committed adultery with a church secretary. You need to ask him that when he was confronted by the husband and children of the woman he was committing adultery with, if he mocked the husband with the marriage issues he had learned while counseling them. Ask him if that family is not still utterly destroyed by his actions. Ask him if his father-in-law turned the entire church over to him and promoted him to senior pastor as long as he would just come back to his daughter. You need to ask him if he ever lied to cover up the scandal. If he ever stepped down from ministry claiming it was burnout, but if it was really about the adultery. Ask him if he publicly from the pulpit lied to the entire church and staff about what he had done. You need to ask him if he has turned a House of God into a family business of self promotion and greed. Ask him to turn over his financial records and about his employee turnover. Ask him for some references from past employees and pastors that have worked with him, especially ones that worked their in the church beside him. You may find a very different picture. We wonder why we have so much corruption in God's house and yet we don't hold people in leadership accountable at all. Ask Dennis if he has ever read a curse from Malachi 3 over a New Testament church, in order to guilt them into filling the plate. Ask him to read Galatians 3 in reference to that curse. Ask him what he does with the money once it goes behind locked doors. Ask him if he teaches that the 'tithe' (by the way there is NO tithe in the new testament) is to go to the church growth and staff pay ONLY and ANY other giving to missionaries, community projects, outreach, helping the poor, is a SPECIAL OFFERING ABOVE TITHE. LOL Ask him to show the bible verses that support that. LOL Read the gospels and tell me if Jesus was critical of the spiritual leadership of His time. If Jesus had a problem with greed and also questioned the intent of the spiritual leaders of His day. Some of these churches would shudder if they had to answer to a company like Research the community impact of a church like Experience and the payroll of it's staff (especially ask them to disclose who on staff is family and who isn't and compare the differences in benefits and pay) I am sure this post will be censored because, as Christians, we don't shine the Light of Truth on issues of corruption. Nope, it's bad for BUSINESS. In my opinion, promoting people like Dennis Cummins is like promoting a morally bankrupt monster. We post about our political leaders for their lack of morals, but we don't root out our spiritual leaders until they get big enough that even the mob would be jealous of what they have gotten away with. luke 20:45-47, Matthew 23:1-36, mark 7:1-23,

      Luke 11:37-54, luke 18:9-14, malachi 3:8-12, 1 Cor 11:3 Matthew 23:8, Matthew 19:30, Mark 10:31,luke 13:30,

      mark 9:35

    • daledad8 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from pittsburgh

      To Kmohhimi:

      While I empathize with your plight, I must inform you that Trith Is ministries is not in any position to assist more than the very few that I personally come accross throughout my ministering; in fact Truith in dire need of donations it'self. However, this is not the forum in which to solicit such assistance. This is done out of my own pocket with absolutely NO donations coming in from any other resources. (I am also unemployed). The purpose of Truth to enlighten and teach. It is my fondest wish, hope and prayer that someday Truth Is Ministries would be in position to actually reach out to others in a broader and more substantial manner; until that time and if it be the will of GOD, I will offer you many prayers in your endeavors.

      I must however also comment on something that has become an epidemic occurance. That is the proliferation of internet scams generated out of the continent of Africa. Often these scams pleading for funds or implying untold riches pour into the internet daily and this is definitely a scourage as well as abomination unto GOD. It is these type of persons that make it all the more difficult for genuinely needy people, including many many in Africa, to receive compassion from others, much less assistance. If you Kmohimi, and any others like you are indeed involved in this type of unscrupulous activity, I encourage you to cease preying upon those who look to do God's will and repent. I offer you the words of GOD himself at Isaiah 1:7-25 and FIRMLY advise that you actually read it before you venture even once more to continue in your present path.

      Sometimes, regardless of whatever it is that we are pursing and the successes we achieve through it, we happen upon one who truly IS of GOD and with that comes a significant CHANGE in your life. Often the "change" is merely another presentation of the "Blessing and malediction" proffered by GOD to the Ancient Israelites.

      I encourage your in depth consideration and meditation upon this point and as always I urge you to "Pray Anyway"!


      Truth Is...

    • profile image 

      9 years ago

      I run an orphanage in nigeria edo state,good samaritan orphanage home,things are very very bad for us,i saw your add on the web.can you good people pls help us in the name of GOD.pls 2348066061890

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      this is truth..wish all could see it as truth

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I like this

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      What's realy messed up is nobody will listen to you. People are like sheep they'll follow the crowd no matter what; even if they all fall off a cliff.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      You chose the right name...Truth!

    • profile image

      Terry J 

      10 years ago

      Very good topic that is long overdue

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Oh snap! About time someone spoke up and said it the way it should be said! Leave it to Truth Is! Love you Truth! Write on...

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I really look forward to this one. Glad you're back.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      hey how


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