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The Church and Healing

Updated on March 2, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

The healing factor was a realization that drawing nearer to Christ reduced the importance of human differences and brought people closer to one another- pg. 36

People in the church are concerned about differences. They do not like division and if we look at the early church, we see that in the Book of Acts it is stated more than once that the early believers were of one mind.

But this lack of difference did not stop Ananias and Sapphira from lying to the church and to the Holy Spirit. They may have agreed with the teachings of the disciples, accepted most of it but some how sin got into their lives and destroyed them.

Healing is More Than Just Physical

When it comes to healing, many people may automatically think on the physical definition of the term. Both the Old and the New Testaments are filled with physical healing stories.

Hezekiah was one example in the OT while we have numerous healings throughout the Gospels and the book of Acts. People brought their sick to Jesus and the Bible tells us he healed them all.

Those last few words are important as they tell us that Jesus healed everyone, even those who came to him with ulterior motives and to use him for their own purposes. The story of the 10 lepers is an example of the latter.

Physical healing is a part of the church and I have other articles going in depth into this topic. But there are other types of healing which the church needs t be tuned into performing as well.

There is Spiritual Healing

This comes in several ways. There is the spiritual healing that comes when one repents of their sin and accepts Jesus as their Savior. God has promised not to remember those past sins any more. He also makes the repentant sinner into a new person with new goals, new purpose and so on.

Then there is the spiritual healing that is needed when church leaders succumb to the temptations and attacks of the devil. Too often, other church members and leaders are far too quick to jump on the condemn and judge bandwagon and reject the fallen believer’s requests, pleas and so on.

These fallen leaders, missionaries and more need spiritual healing. They certainly do not need to be treated in a way that deprives them of compassion, Jesus’ haling power and more. Too often these fallen leaders are victims of those who want to appear to be spiritual in the eyes of observers. These actions cause more damage to the fallen believers.

To ascertain how the church should proceed in these matters, the Bible tells us to get wisdom, understanding and knowledge. That church cannot be void of those characteristic if it wants to act spiritually and bring the fallen one to repentance and back to Christ.

There is Mental Healing

There has been a surge in difficult actions that have mental illness as the root cause. Too many people commit suicide, change their gender identity or sexual preference all due to mental health issues.

It is a sad chain of events as too many people lose their lives and their opportunities to be saved by taking their own lives. The good news is that God is greater than mental illness and provides healing for sufferers.

We do not know all the specific ailments of the sick people brought to Jesus when he healed them all, we can only surmise that the mentally ill were part of those who came under his care. Even if they weren’t Jesus’ healing power is greater than any mental illness contracted by man.

The other good news is that the church is qualified to handle mental illness as well as physical ailments. Mental illness should not be left to the secular world to handle because not every mental affliction is from a physical source.

Sometimes the mental illness is contracted through spiritual issues and the secular world is incapable of handling those patients. Not every mental illness can be kept under control by medication. Even with medication, the mental illness doe snot go away, proving that medication is not a cure, but leaves the afflicted with their affliction.

Spiritual intervention is required in some cases. Yet, that intervention must follow the rules of God and not cause embarrassment to the church or Christ. When Jesus healed the man filled with demons, his community thought it was mental illness issue. It wasn’t.

That is why the right diagnosis is needed and the right treatment applied so that the afflicted person is healed and can lead a normal life. Healing is important and Jesus did not leave anyone with the disease they contracted when he healed them. They were cured.

Giving the Glory to God

There is one key element involved in healing. The Gospels do mention Jesus saying that a person was sick for the sole reason that God would be glorified. That is the most important aspect of any type of healing conducted by the church.

The gift of healing comes from God alone. It is not done by man so man should not be glorified when they help a person. Doctors do their part but even they are limited in whom they cure. That is because doctors are not given the power over life and death.

Only God has that power and it is he who decides if the person shall be healed or not. There comes the time that the life span of any given person has come to its natural end and no amount of prayer or gifts of healing can change that fact.

We are only given so much time on earth and while God does extend some lives, others will not be because their time is now over. Regardless of the result in any healing session, God should always be given the glory.

God is healer not medications and so on. Medications are limited as well, but serve a good purpose if administered correctly.

Some Final Words

There are times when we will not completely understand why a person was taken from this earth. In these times it must be remembered that God has not promised a long life to everyone.

He has set the rule that it is appointed unto man once to die then the judgment. This means we must make every moment count and not blame God when a young child loses their life. God id still to be glorified for allowing us to enjoy their presence even for a short time.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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