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The Church and Same Sex Preferences

Updated on March 3, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

Other, more moderate Christians and denominations are also struggling with the gay issue- pg. 67

This is an ongoing issue for the church. It has been made worse by certain people, like Michael Vine and Rachael Held Evans, who have stated publicly that the Bible does not address homosexuality if it is conducted in a manner of a monogamous, loving relationship.

Of course, they are not correct. If one takes a close look at Leviticus 20:13 you will see certain terms used to make sure all aspects of a heterosexual relationship are covered. Here is the verse in question:

If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death (NASB)

The key words are ‘as a man who lie with a woman. Now a man lies with a woman in a one night stand, in an adulterous affair, in casual sex, and in a monogamous, loving relationship. The Bible does address this issue while not using the specific words to identify each sexual act.

If God specifically mentioned each item he was addressing, the Bible would certainly be longer and would discourage many from reading it.

Some Christians & Denominations Support Same Sex Preferences

This is unfortunate. These Christians and denominations who support ad accept same sex preferences and relationships are sending a very bad message to the world. They are telling these alternative sexual practicing people that they can participate in sin and still be accepted by God.

This is not true and throughout the Bible people are called to repent from their sins. Jesus began his ministry calling people to repentance. Only God gets to say what is or isn’t sin.

That means that those people sanctifying same sex relationships and preferences are over-stepping their authority and boundaries. Their abuse and distortion of what scripture actually says is not right nor is it representing God or Jesus correctly.

What they are doing is allowing selfish people into the church and corrupting it.

The Church Must Stand With God

God is very clear about his feelings concerning same sex preferences. He does not hide his feelings at all and it is no mystery that needs to be solved. He made man and woman to be together, with the latter the helpmeet of the former. He called that creation good.

God never called same sex preferences good. There is not one scripture verse telling us that God approves of same sex preferences. Both Michael Vine and Rachael Held Evans have concurred with that fact.

Same sex preferences are not accepted by God and they cannot be accepted by the church. BUT and it is a big but. This stand with God doe snot trump Jesus’ teaching on how to treat others.

We can condemn the sin but we must treat the sinner as Christ taught us to.

The Church and Same Sex Preferences

Christ taught the church many things. He said to do unto others as you would want done to you. This teaching does not come with an escape clause saying except those who harbor same sex preferences.

The church can treat those who choose alternative sexual preferences like Jesus taught but we must remember that Jesus did not include them in his church or his disciples. There is a boundary that cannot be crossed.

If we want to be like Jesus as the term Christian is defined, then we must act like Jesus. We love the sinner but not the sin. We feed those with same sex preferences when they are hungry. We give them water when they are thirsty.

We do do not deprive them of housing or employment although employment opportunities may be restricted due to medical issues and safety of the nation. In other words, we do what Jesus did when he was on earth.

He called all sinners to repentance including those who preferred same sex preferences over heterosexual preferences. They get treated like human beings but barred from joining the church and participating n church leadership etc.

Love Does Not Keep People In Sin

Many supporters of those who prefer same sex preferences, and the homosexual as well, often cite different passages about love. They use these passages to try to justify their refusal to change from their sinful ways.

They say that Jesus loved all and that God is love but what they forget or ignore is that love does not keep people locked up in sin. Love tries to free the people from those destructive sinful behaviors, whether the practitioner believes it is sin or not.

Love does not lie to sinful people. To love someone you need to tell them the truth and God does not lie. He has stated very clearly throughout the Bible that same sex activity is sin and practitioners will not see heaven.

The church cannot lie to homosexuals if it loves them. Plus, they cannot accept the sin into their congregations because the church loves God and their own people. Love is more than a one way street.

It does not ignore the rules nor does it make the Christian life unfair. To be a part of the Church and get into heaven, thieves, rapists, murders, liars and more all had to give up their practice of sin. So must the homosexual.

God is a fair and just God. Sin is not allowed into paradise.

Some Final Words

The people who practice and support same sex preferences are not showing much love to God. I fact they are demanding that God accept them and their sin. That is not love.

While the sexual preference offender wants to be loved and accepted for who they are, so must they love God for who he is and God doe snot like same sex preferences or relationships.

If the same sex offender loves God and Jesus, then they should be willing to give up their same sex sins and do as God says to do in order to be saved. Love needs to be shown to God as well.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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