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The Church and The Separation of Church and State

Updated on March 4, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

One of our most fervent commitments was to the complete separation of Church and State- pg. 18

There would be many unbelievers who would agree with that quote. They do not want God involved in science, so it stands to reason that they would not want God to be involved in politics.

We can put that attitude down to the arrogance of secular man but that attitude is also influenced by evil. Evil doe snot want any nation governed by God, has wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

If God was involved in politics it would be a lot harder for evil to destroy the people God created. Evil likes to deceive people keeping them lost,bound for destruction while God does not.

Church Government is Not a Theocracy

Depending on the dictionary you use the term theocracy can be defined in a few different ways. First there is the Merriam Webster definition

government of a state by immediate divine guidance or by officials who are regarded as divinely guided

Another dictionary defines Theocracy the following way:

The definition of a theocracy is a government or country that is ruled by someone who has religious authority or divine right.

And the definitions continue. Yet as you can see, any church can be used to create a theocracy implementing its views on the nation it is ruling. Mormons, Muslims, Christians, Bahai and many other churches or religious organizations can create a theocracy.

At no time does that ascension to power mean that God is behind, with, guiding the religious organization nor does it imply that the religious organization is walking with God or implementing his rules.

Any religious organization may have their own corrupt ideas they would want to implement and that would not be a true theocracy.

Where Has the Separation Gotten Us

The secular world has ruled nations continuously for thousands of years. The ancient Hebrews were the first nation to be truly led by God and their culture survived and thrived with God at its head and by following God’s rules.

Very few nations, if any, took the trouble to follow that example and continued to follow their own ways The results of secular leadership have not been kind to the people of the world.

Not only have dictators thrived and enslaved millions of people, so have bad democratic governments, totalitarian regimes and so has any other form of government man has created to rule.

Corruption, lust, greed have been at the hearts of the secular government many times over. Power and control are two hard temptations to overcome. Even if a leader starts out good,somewhere down the line, if he has absolute power, he loses his way or his children lose their way and the secular government turns very bad.

These secular governments have favored the rich, the powerful, and have used their power to keep good people down. They also do not see capable of stopping the crime rate, injustice, or the killing of innocent people.

They also take a lot of money through various taxes to make sure the government runs like they want it. The church is not much better at governing as some of the same elements are found in church ruled nations and organizations.

But that comes when church leaders stop following God and start following the secular world, their own will or misled by evil.

The Secular Philosophy Has Failed the People

That is because it has no real moral foundation to stand on and withstand the evil that is sent its way. So far, the secular controlled and influenced governments have allowed murder and other crimes to be committed at will.

Not to mention the lack of justice found in the judicial system as political parties try to influence judges. And political leanings help sway judicial decisions. A separation of the Church and State has done no favors for anyone but those who wish to be in power and control the masses.

Removing God’s influence from politics and government only helps those who want to do evil.

Church Rule Has to Follow God’s Rules

Any church led or influenced government could not implement its own rules to govern the people. The religious political leaders would have to govern according to the truth, honestly and with divine wisdom.

Without those and other attributes, the church government would be the same as we already have today. A very corrupt unjust body that seeks to enrich itself at the expense of others.

Also, the church could not state that God said and them make a rule or law. They would have to provide real proof that God did say it. There is no room in a church led or influenced government for humans to implement their own desires.

In other words, Christian political leaders would have to follow the Bible correctly, be n tune with God and set the right example. This example would have to be genuine and not done to look spiritual.

Here is also no room for personal squabbling as all church leaders would have to be like the early church and of one mind following the disciples teachings.

Some Final Words

The separation of church and state is detrimental to good governmental rule. It basically shoots any government in the foot and keep sit from being as good as it should be.

Removing God’s morality from government is basically writing a blank check to those who do not want to be fair, just, honest, and who want to practice corruption, greed, lust and other deadly sins.

Even instituting a theocracy has its dangers. Church people are human and make sinful mistakes. But the status quo cannot continue.

What this means is that God’s morality has to be put back int government once again. It is the only standard that is objective and provides people with real definitions of right and wrong, morality and immorality and good and evil.

Without the Church and God’s morality influencing government then anything goes.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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    • david tee profile imageAUTHOR

      David Thiessen 

      22 months ago from Philippines

      Even a quick study of Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, China and North Korea would provide the evidence for that statement as well

    • profile image 

      22 months ago from upstate, NY

      "Removing God’s morality from government is basically writing a blank check to those who do not want to be fair, just, honest, and who want to practice corruption, greed, lust and other deadly sins."

      Just ask anyone whose been subject to state sponsored atheism under a communist government, a very true statement!


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