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The Church and True Believers

Updated on March 3, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

Fundamentalists draw clear distinctions between themselves, as true believers, and others, convinced that they are right and that anyone who contradicts them is ignorant and possibly evil- pg. 34

It cannot go without saying that there are some in the church who are overzealous about their faith. Usually these people are called fanatics not fundamentalist. They love both God and Jesus too much and go to extremes to promote their faith and attack evil.

Fundamentalists are not fanatics but strive to keep the church on the straight and narrow by proclaiming what is the true elements of the church. Both can be seen and described as true believers.

Sadly there are some who do not go all the way in their faith but decide to opt out in believing much of God’s word.

The Difference Between True and Not True Believers

Jesus said in John 5:45ff that if you do not believe the words of Moses how can you believe his words. What Jesus did by saying those words is draw a line between true followers of him and God and those who do not truly believe.

For those who reject Genesis and the rest of the Pentateuch, they also reject much of the New Testament, calling different passages metaphors, illustrations, meant for different cultures and so on.

These people are not true believers. They redesign the Bible and the Christian faith to meet their own ideas, their own preferences and ignore God’s desire s and will. On the other hand, those who do accept the words of Moses also accept all portions of the Bible as true.

They make distinctions between conversations knowing that some are merely the recording of what was actually said and are i fact not instructions from God to do evil. They also know that God’s judgment and subsequent punishment is for the sins of the people condemned and not the result of a blood thirsty God.

True believers also strive to find the truth and live by the truth. They implement Jesus’ ways into their lives and seek to serve God as best as the can. Not true believers use the Bible to justify their non-biblical behavior.

True Believers Do Make Mistakes

Often the not true believer and the unbeliever accuse the true believer of lying, or misrepresenting something. Sometimes that is the case and true believers do go to far in defense of heir faith and their political and other positions. They are human and need forgiveness and grace not accusation and condemnation.

Yet, not all mistakes are lies. The true believer can actually believe what they say is true and need to be corrected like Apollos was in Acts. They certainly do not need to be kicked out of the congregation or put on a stake and burnt alive like a Salem Witch.

Also, the true believer may have been misled by those in authority they trust. Many preachers preach topics that contain erroneous information for a variety of reasons and the believer hearing those words take them as true.

Unfortunately, these true believers do not do their own homework to double check what they heard and pass on the erroneous information honestly. They are not lying in either case, just misinformed.

True Believers Will Contradict Science

When a true believer stands up for a supernatural creation as told in Genesis 1, they are not lying, they are not misrepresenting our origins and they are not condemning science in general. They are standing with what they believe and the God they believe.

They are also stating the truth as so far not one scientific experiment has verified one scientific alternative theory to the creation account. Scientific experiments have verified the details of much of the creative act but have fallen short on evolution, etc.

Also, the true believer will stand with God when it comes to historical event like the Global Flood and the sun standing still for hours on end. That is because they see that God cannot lie and would not lie to his creation. On the other hand, they see that secular scientists will lie to their fellow man and have done so for centuries.

They also see that faith is always part of the equation and that physical evidence will be lacking due to the nature of this world.

Are the Others Ignorant and Evil

It is a possibility as the Bible tells us that there will be scoffers, false teachers and evil people in the world bringing information contrary to the biblical content. It also tells us that many people will be willingly deceived. They hear the truth but without a fight, they go with the lie. That makes them willfully ignorant and evil.

But others are not that way. They have either been deceived unknowingly, misled, misinformed and so on. It is a possibility that their information came from people who did not know the truth yet taught what they thought was the truth. And on it goes.

Those people are not ignorant or evil per se. They just lack access to the truth. Yet, they may be true believers as they have repented from their sins and still believe on Jesus as their savior. They just need to be taught the truth. They also may not be true believers but unbelievers still lost and blinded by evil.

We have to let God guide us in how to handle these people correctly.

Some Final Words

While some fundamentalists go to extremes, they usually are true believers. That is because they believe all the Bible and adhere to its teachings. They may not be perfect in their implementation of Jesus’ teaching but they do hold to the truth.

Christians are not made perfect when they repent of their sins and accept Christ as their savior. Nor are they given perfect knowledge of everything. Christians have to learn the truth and need to follow the spirit of truth to make sure they grow in Christ and remain protected from evil.

They also have to give up false teaching, false information and other non-truths to make sure their growth is pure and strong. Following alternatives to the fundamentals of the faith is not the way to accomplish that objective.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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