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The Church and Women

Updated on March 3, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

Also invidious, and now quite openly and generally accepted, is discrimination against women. These kinds of religious decisions are based on highly selective choices of Scripture by dominant white males, and ignore the overall premise of the actions and teachings of Jesus and leaders of the early Christian church- pg 45

This is still a very controversial issue, one that does not seem to see any light at the end of the tunnel. There are still too many people in the church today who hold to the view described in the quote above.

No matter where you go there are people who hold contrasting and contradicting views on this issue of the Church and women. Each person has the same scriptures yet come to different conclusions based upon the influences in their lives.

Both appeal to Jesus to make their points as well.

The Words and Actions of Jesus

A believer must be careful to appeal to the life of Jesus when they make their point. They may make him say and do things he did not do./ The issue of women in the church is one such issue.

When you take a look at Jesus’ life, you will see that he did not disobey his father and advocate for women to be made priests in the temple. His father declared that it would be the sons of Aaron who would be his priests and made no allowance for any women to ascend to that position.

Anna served God through prayer and fasting but she did not serve God by disobeying God’s rule on who was to be a priest. She was not a priest of the temple. God is consistent as well. The rules he laid out for preachers in the NT church are i align with the rules he made for the OT temple.

Jesus may have had female followers, as they are a part of the words found in John 3:16& 17 stating ‘whosoever will...’ but He did not appoint them to be preachers, pastors or even priests. Women in the Gospels and the book of Acts ministered according to the rules God laid out. They did not sin ad disobey God by becoming preachers, etc.

Is This Discrimination on the Part of White Males

To some it is but they need a fall guy, someone to blame for the lack of women in church leadership positions. It can’t be God’s or Jesus’ fault for that would be sin and they would not be God anymore. So it has to be the White man’s fault.

First off, it cannot be the white man’s fault as the Bible was preached throughout the known world by Middle Eastern men. The Bible was written down by Middle Eastern men who were told what to write by the Holy Spirit.

There is no voluntary act of hatred or discrimination committed by White Men. These men when they translated the Bible and preached its words did not write the Bible but spoke the words that God has already written

There was no conspiracy against women.

Culture Does Not Play a Part

One of the aspects of the church that people tend to ignore or forget about is that the Christian church is not a human invention. Judaism was brought to the world by God and Christianity was done so by Jesus. Neither faith had their origins in the sinful world.

This means that both God and Jesus own the church and they get to set its rules and the roles for its members. These rules were not constructed by elites and priests seeking to control others. If they were, neither faith would have made it past the first century AD.

Also, these rules were not influenced by the culture of that time, even though many modern Christian professors and bible scholars claim otherwise. God doe snot follow secular culture in establishing the roles and rules for his church.

Instead he creates the rules and roles for how his church is to be run. Those decisions are to help keep sin from the church plus makes the church a light and example on the unchurched world. He is giving everyone the perfect way the world should be run.

It is up to those who join God’s culture and church to humble themselves and obey those rules and fill those roles properly.

There are Different Roles

Not everyone can be a leader. There has to be a follower somewhere or there s nothing for leaders to do and no one to lead. If everyone were leaders, the squabbles, fights and dissension would destroy the church.

God in his wisdom has decided that men are to be the dominant ones. Not just white men but all men. From the start, he created man first and made woman for man. Throughout the Bible we see example after example where the man are to be the leaders and women the helpmeets.

His curse on women is very clear as is his instructions on who can lead the church or be pastor of it. Jesus did not countermand any of this nor did his disciples. Men and women have different roles in the church and in the Christian faith.

There has been no special revelation changing what God has written in the Bible. The church must stand with God on this issue and be firm. Obeying God sends the right message to everyone.

Some Final Words

There are many instances where women have said hat God is calling them to be a pastor or a church leader. Those women and men who receive this call or support it need to double check the origin of that message.

God does not call people to disobey his commandments and instructions. If anything those messages come from evil so that sin can corrupt the church and ruin it. The church needs to be careful in maintaining the roles God has laid out for his people to follow.

Those rules and roles are no discriminating against women, but telling everyone how God wants his church to be.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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