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The Church and integrity

Updated on August 12, 2010
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Have the Church lost its integrity


Should one sit and take a microscopic look into what is taking place in the church society at large today one may consider this question .Is the Christian society losing its integrity?

There is so much immorality taking over Christian churches and the society at large that one has to wonder where has the church gone wrong .We should not be surprised however because this is not the first generation to have lost its Christian integrity.


Why aren't the leaders taking a more positive stand. It would seem that there has been degeneration over the various decades. Let us look at the era when the first Christian church was formed many of the Christians in the new found church seemed to have fallen into the same state as we are in now. It had gotten so bad that Peter had to write letters to the churches telling it what is expected of Christians.


Peter as many may have known is one of the twelve disciples of Jesus and was not afraid to speak out. The Roman Catholic Church believes itself to be the continuation of the Christian community founded by Jesus in his consecration of Saint Peter, through apostolic succession identifying him as the rock and pillar on which the church stands should take a more positive stand. They talk much about divorce and abortion but are rather silent most of the topic Peter spoke on. They are supposed to be the representative of Peter.


St .Peter realized that the church was not living to the standard set by Jesus, had to pen the member's letters in which he identified various problems in the church and spoke out against them. If one takes a close look at the problems one will see that they are the same ones this modern day church faces.


The church has strayed far from the Christian standards and seems to put on an attitude as to say it can do as it pleases. Peter wanted the Church then to know that that was not so .Why then does the church in this generation believes that God will accept the things that Peter said was unacceptable.


Here are some of the major problems Peter cited: evil. doings, Insulting language, hypocrisy, lying, jealousy, giving to bodily passion, using of outwards aids to beautify such as elaborate hair styles, jewelry and overly expensive dress .Do we see these thing in to day churches ? Yes we do.

The letters to the church were aimed at helping members correct these problems: they were a call to Christian living, to hold up the banner of Christianity He said beauty of Christians should be identified as an inner beauty of the true self as shown in a true gentle spirit.


He said people should be obedient to God, and do not allow their lives to be shaped by desires just as when they were ignorant. He said people are to be holy just as God who called them to be holy. They should purify themselves by having sincere love for one .These people were to act like new born babes always thirsty for spiritual milk so they may grow .

People are to show respect for everyone ,love their fellow men ,show respect to God, and human authority , governors, and kings because God wants to silence the ignorant talk of evil doors and to praise those who do good.


If you wonder why is all this necessary, then you do not truly know about Christianity. Christians are expected to live lives of integrity, lives which emulate the teachings of Jesus Christ. They believe that they are just living the shortest unfulfilled part of life on this present earth. They have the hope to be a part of the new earth and, that they will be resurrected at the second coming of Christ.


They believe they are a chosen people a Royal Priest hood, chosen to proclaim the wonderful gift of redemption given to man through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Author:(Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray



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    • Amy Boyack profile image

      Amy Boyack 8 years ago from Idaho

      Thank you for taking a stand for God and Christ and for what is right. It's an important position to take. Standing for truth and righteousness, no matter how unpopular that choice may be. Keep it up, friend.