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The Color of Christianity

Updated on February 26, 2016

White Jesus or Why Color Matters

Philip Jenkins the eminent Christian Historian in The Lost History of Christianity exposes a major Christian myth; that modern Christianity is built on the foundation of Jesus teachings. That it is a different philosophy and ideology than what Jesus taught can be seen in its intolerance. The White Knights of the Klu Klux Klan were and are "Christian" as well as were most slave owners and traders. I had a white friend who related to me how his grandfather met his grandmother in an Atlanta Sunday lynching and picnic. James even had a book of genealogy that recorded that they owned a couple of slaves. Although he was my friend until he died I don't know if he was proud of that part of his family history or not but we got along because he was real enough to not pretend it never happened and he trusted our friendship enough to tell me about it. I think our relationship was as solid as it was because I am the same way, I don't hide behind past or lies to feel better about myself or to make others comfortable. If the history of America is ever going to be corrected it will require all Americans to be truthful. Revealing Truth requires courage.

The Khazars

Euro-Americans are quite stoic when it comes to putting a color to Jesus. We know that Jews come in all colors but we also know that the Euro-Asian Khazars came to dominate the Jewish "religion" until it lost all of its original trappings to become what we see in modern Israeli Zionism . When Euros say that color doesn't matter what that means is color doesn't matter as long as the color is white. Is it wrong for a people to want the God they serve to look like them? I think not, but what is intriguing is how bent out of shape Euro-Americans get when you suggest Jesus probably look more like the average African American than the average white American. It is then that they become very defensive and say color doesn't matter? Most Euro-Americans would probably become Atheist if the only choice they had for God was Black. Does color matter? In a post slavery western mentality, you bet your "sweet jesus" it does...

Black Jesus

Re-Creating God in Their Own Image

Some of the first people to be mentioned in the Bible were Black; Ethiopians and Egyptians. Both Ethiopian and Egyptian are Greek words for the same people who the early Greeks felt compelled to distinguish and rename. The Greeks and later the Romans renamed people, places, and things almost obsessively, it seems. Even the gods of the Greek were Egyptian gods renamed. The Egyptian God Amen Ra became Zeus in Greece. In Rome AmenRa became Jupiter. Whether the Greeks and Romans did this subconsciously or knowingly as a means to exert some form of control over a world that they felt hard pressed to find themselves in, may never be fully understood, but what is certain is the practice they invented has confused the academic world for centuries. However, the intellectual, spiritual, and cultural legacy that the Greco-Roman world left has manifested in cultural chaos, spiritual decadence, and historical confusion. For example, the academic world is still debating whether or not the ancient Egyptians were Black instead of embracing the historical truth that the founding Pharonic Dynasties (1-12) , according to historical and Biblical evidence, were Black. That there were periods of military and political weakness that later allowed others to come in and rule for a season, from Asia, Libya, Persia, Assyria and finally the Greeks who ruled not as pharaohs but Ptolemies or emperors. But, once again, the most famous New Kingdom from the 18th-25th. dynasties were Nubian, Cushites, Sudanese or Ethiopian, meaning they were and are Black Africans. For Euro-western "scholars" to continue to deny this basic historic fact is a sad position to have written themselves into. Maybe they reasoned that they would always be able to Piltdown Hoax evidence to their advantage, manipulate Archaeology and History in order to declare ridiculously asinine deceptions like anything good that ever came out of Africa had to be invented or created by anybody except Black Africans. There is a whole school of thought that teach that aliens built the pyramids, although the records in stone say otherwise.

In the 1970s sitcom Good Times, a television show about an average struggling inner city Black family of the 70s JJ the eldest son, an excellent artist, used the neighborhood wine-o as a model for his painting that he entitled Black Jesus. The mother comes home from work and goes into a rage because to her, a Black woman, the only Jesus she knew, loved and needed was white. The father, not as religious as his wife was nonetheless in agreement with his wife that there was no place in their apartment for a Black Jesus, that is, until their luck began to change. The father then reasoned that maybe having a Black Jesus was not so bad after all.

Good Times: Black Jesus

When did Jesus become white?

Peter Brown, the Princeton History Professor and author of The Rise of Western Christendom wrote that "Christianity" as the western world know and practice it was "invented in the 7th. century and not before". If that is the case then what Jesus taught somehow got lost and the "modern church" is a clever deception. The question then is how do those seeking to be true "sons of God" get back on track on the narrow road that we must tread if we are to be counted as true followers of Jesus Christ the Amen. We are called to be separate from the world not an accommodating compromising all things to all men so that we can save some deception so that our congregations can grow which translates into more tithes and offering. Seek first the Kingdom of God and its riches and tithes and offering will cease to be central to the modern church growth movement and pastors and leaders who find it more profitable to be hirelings than shepherds will have to change. Being a "shepherd" will become what it was always meant to be. The modern church has flipped the script on what Jesus intended. Instead of feeding His sheep, His sheep are feeding the pastor. Instead of looking out for the safety and well-being of the sheep, the sheep must ensure that their "leaders" are satisfied. Pastors are sort of like a status symbol. If a pastor's car or house is not of a certain standard many congregations feel that reflects negatively on them. Many congregants, especially Blacks will go into debt to present their pastor with over the top anniversary, birthday and Christmas gifts.

The scriptures are clear how God is going to handle this problem. It is recorded in the scriptures that Jesus once asked Peter, one of His disciples, three times, if he (Peter) loved him. I believe Jesus was asserting whether or not Peter truly understood what he had signed on for. Jesus today asks that same question to pastors and leaders and like Peter they answer in the affirmative then deny Him by doing their own thing; church projects, investing in buildings, properties and other material objects while teaching that riches are in Heaven or to put it in a Biblical perspective, "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also", Matthew 6:21. They teach and preach one thing but live another. The average pastor is more highly invested in the stock market than his average congregant. Jesus always had choice words for the religious establishment of His day. Jesus exposed them for what they were; hypocrites. Being about God's business does not have jack to do with superficial overseas mission trips when 90% of a congregation doesn't own a home and live below poverty levels. Once a month breakfasts are not bad but telling your economically challenged church members to sell property because they did this in the Old Testament so that pastors can participate in the building expansion projects trend is criminal. Jesus was about not just feeding thousands but teaching them where to drop their nets in order to become better fishermen and "fishers of men". Jesus became white in the 7th. century. This new appearance signaled a new approach to doing church. It was in the 7th. century that the Church became an enterprise, an extension of the Greco-Roman business model. Many of the Roman and Greek political offices were adopted by the Church, like bishop and apostle. The word "apostolos" was added to later translations such as in the "Acts of the Apostles". It is wrongly taught that the apostles refer to "Jesus 12 disciples and Paul", making Paul an honorary or 13th. apostle. Jesus was aware of the distinction between the role of disciple and "the office" of apostle. The modern Church is modeled after Greco-Roman business practices of the ancient world... His In Service


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    • profile image

      Benjamin Chege 

      5 years ago

      Hi CertifiedHandy. Great hub. Voted awesome and beautiful. I agree with you that the modern church today has become a place where pastors are worshiped like idols. A pastor should only be a servant of God and not the way to heaven. The only way to heaven is Jesus Christ and no one can substitute Him.


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