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The Colours of Autumn in the Church

Updated on October 18, 2015

It was the first rain in the winter season. The temperature had fallen in the city and suburban areas. Everyone was using coats and mufflers to cover their bodies to maintain their body temperature in the cold weather. The leaves were falling from the trees and making the trees silent like a naughty kid goes silent suddenly after receiving the shut up call from mum.The rotten leaves were scattered on the ground and leaves sailed with the gusts of fresh air from here to there. The sun rays were falling onto the green grass of the gardens and meadows. The shadow of the leafless trees was painting a scenic and beautiful picture on the ground.

A silver haired old man covering his neck and face in the woollen muffler was walking on the bed of rotten leaves. The sound of crunching the leaves with the feet was making the atmosphere so calm for the old man because it was expressing his inner feelings. The caw, caw of crows on the bare branches was really dramatic and nice. The silver haired man was Mr. Addison a retired police officer and lived in the suburbs of the city nearby the hill view park. He was moving towards the church for Sunday prayer. He was moving in a hurry because there remained a short time before ringing the church bell to start the prayer.

The father, Pope Alexander, had arrived the church before time to offer the warm welcome to the lovers of Christ. Mr. Addison put his right foot on the stairs of the church and meanwhile the bells rang, but he was safe because Pope always used to start five minutes later in the honor of senior citizens. Mr. Addison entered the church before the start of the prayer. He was walking on the non slippery rubber floor. The church flooring was covered with the rubber flooring to provide the real anti-fall surface. The muscles of the participants were not pulling even after hours of chapel because of anti-fatigue surface.

The supreme quality rubber matting was offered to the church by the city council. The mat was appreciated by mums because it possessed moisture free and anti-bacterial surface, hence, they were free of the danger that their loved ones could acquire bacterial disease while the service within the premises of the church during the chapel. The sons of Adam were praying for their forgiveness and harmony for the human race. The Addison also offered the prayer and afterwards left for confession. This all practice provided calmness to his spirit.

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  • ambrosecarney profile image

    Ambrose Carney 17 months ago from Melbourne

    well a good story about winter and church although I don't go

  • profile image

    Alex 2 years ago

    Good one :)