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The Colt, Beautiful Horses.

Updated on August 27, 2012

Visiting my Grandma French in Koshkonong, Missouri was always a treat. But one visit, when I was about eight or nine years old, led to my first encounter with a horse. One of my cousins, Mary Bea, took me for a ride on the beautiful brown beast with blonde mane and tail, into town where they still had hitching posts! It was then that I secretly fell in love with horses. Beautiful horses!

As we trotted to town, me clinging to my cousin’s waist, I could feel the horse’s muscles working beneath me. I was amused and giggled at the up and down motion of the ride. This was far more better than any dime store ride! To my small child frame body, she stood very tall. Her mane was kept well and freely moved in the wind along with her swishing tail.

My cousins were my brothers ages, five years or so older than me. Later that afternoon, we all stood around and watched my brother Gregg try to mount this horse by running from behind and vaulting off the horse’s rump, like you see in the cowboy movies. Naturally the horse showed him who was boss and gave a buck. My brother went flying through the air! He was very lucky not to break any bones, only his pride. You have to understand too, my cousins were very cute girls. He felt humiliated, but the horse, she stood defiant and strong.

That image of the horse’s stance is still vivid to me today.

I am reminded of her every morning when I go down our dirt road past the pastures where the horses are. Last summer, during one of my walks in my little neck of the woods, I past a mother horse and her colt, standing at the beginning of the pasture. At that point in time, Dennis and I had been stopping and slowly petting the horses. The colt was very open to us and the mother was protective, but gave her blessing at allowing us to pet the young.

On this particular walk, the mother recognized me and gave a cry with her voice. Responding from across the road in the other pasture, a male horse gave a cry back. As I continued down the road, this batting of neighs followed by prancing and dancing also continued. Then suddenly the mother horse broke into a gallop with baby proudly running after. The male ran down the opposite fence line following, mirroring their steps.

I realized then, that she was not crying to me, but to the father of the colt, as if to say, “Look at our baby, how healthy and beautiful he runs”. And indeed the colt looked mighty fine. Strong legs, good lungs and nice sheen to his hide. I was taken aback from the experience. I am always in awe when the animals display qualities that we mistaken as only belonging to humans.

At the end of the fence line all three of the horses stood majestically, their chest all puffed out and proud. The mother horse looked at the father and he in turn was admiring the colt. Here was a family unit, despite the bared wire fence that separated them.

So often we think other creatures are cute when we see ourselves in them. Acting with human emotion. But maybe there is a twist in life we should consider; maybe it is the animal’s quality we see in ourselves. Behavior of certain animals presenting a quality we would like to possess. Maybe the animals need to be given more respect, for they can be our teachers in the simplicity of how life should be lived. They display the natural virtues that we could benefit from learning.

Today, I travel down my dirt gravel road and to my delight is a newborn, chocolate brown color foal with a white stripe down his nose. He was standing on his legs already, in a prideful stance. I was glad to be reminded to hold my chin up high and be proud of who I am and to carry that in the way I walk. That little foal is beautiful.

Creator gave all of us a gift of some kind that warrants us to be proud of ourselves. Show that gift off like a beautiful mane, set it flowing freely! Amble down those dusty trails of life with great pride in our stance and walk. Show our self respect. This in turn will honor the Creator and again in turn honor Creation! Beautiful self, beautiful horses!


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    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 

      6 years ago from USA

      Now, this is the way to start a day! I really enjoyed reading your hub - the first one of my day and it inspired me to sit up straighter for the Creator. Many blessings to you.


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