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The Command To Pray

Updated on August 29, 2012

Take Any Responsible Posture and Pray.

One Good Posture From Christ.
One Good Posture From Christ.

And Postures In Prayers

The Command to pray is from God for he wants men to pray always Without ceasing and with thanks giving, lifting up holy hands towards him for he is holy. “Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.[Philippians 4;6.

Many people pray, a large number neglect prayers or pray at random. Many are too busy to pray, others have prayed and felt discouraged, but testimonies abound of those that prayed and prevailed. Even Christians and or men of God who prepare to go to ministry neglect to earnestly seek the face of God in prayers and getting convinced before jumping into the field. Negligence of this vital cum powerful tool [ prayers ] in our relationship with God is the bane of Christianity today.

It is disheartening to know that effective praying, asking and receiving from God is not taught in many Christian circles, some believe it is not necessary and not a subject to be taught with the seriousness it deserves. This they do in order to distance themselves from fanatical practice. This ignorance has kept many out of the will of God in prayers.

But what is prayers ?, prayers is simply defined as the soul's desire for it's creator. Like a bay yearning for mother’s milk, the soul that yearns for it’s creator is a lively soul.It wants to communicate with God always through the prayers we say. Prayer is a cry, supplication , an instinct that must be uttered. An appeal or cry from the child/ children to a listening and compassionate father.

It is beseeching the Lord of heaven's army to do intervene to reply, asking God to arise and take action.[Exodus 32;11] It is pouring out of the heart issues that border life, lifting up the hands and hearts to him who knows all circumstances surrounding us.[ Lamentations 3;41 Psalms 62;8, 27;8, 1 Samuel 1;15] Prayer is seeking the face of God.

Where Do We Pray ?.You can pray anywhere, every where and better at solitary places like Jesus and the saints of old who while on the mountains [ a solitary place] spent forty days and forty nights with God alone. “ But thou, when thou pray est, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.” [Mathew 6;6 ]

“And when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart to pray: and when the evening was come, he was there alone “ Mathew 14;23.

How To Pray.. Pray to the father through his son, Jesus Christ. Though it is not compulsory you must be a saint before you approach God in prayers, it is necessary you pray without regarding iniquity in your heart. when you pray, do not blow trumpet, let every prayer be said “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of reference to God almighty. You can pray with a prayer partner for sharpening” Matthew 18:20.

Pray continually.[.Romans 12;12, 1 Thessalonians, pray in faith-[Psalms 56;9,-86;7..Mathew 21;21-22.].Pray with forgiving spirit-Mark 11;25,.

How else do we pray?.

When we pray, we pray with the whole heart, not allowing anything or event to share our hearts with the God of creation ,during the sweet hours of prayer. We also pray with importunity and perseverance [Genesis 32;26-28, Luke 11;18]

Pray continually.[.Romans 12;12, 1 Thessalonians, pray in faith-[Psalms 56;9,-86;7..Mathew 21;21-22.].Pray with forgiving spirit-Mark 11;25,. How else do we pray?.

When we pray, we pray with the whole heart, not allowing anything or event to share our hearts with the God of creation ,during the sweet hours of prayer.We also pray with importunity and perseverance [Genesis 32;26-28, Luke 11;18]

The Time to pray ; The time to pray is left at your disposal .You can pray any time. However, you must not forget to follow the traditional daily morning cries, for it is a good coverage for the day's tussle from one place to another . Prayer is said thrice daily.[-Psalm 55;17, Daniel 6;10.] Prayer is said without ceasing- 1Thesalonians 5;17,Genesis 8;22, 1 Samuel 7;8, Jeremiaah 14; 7-19, Colosians 1;9,Romans 1;9] Prayer is said at night before going to bed.

Prayers are said before meals, before undertaking a journey, a venture, and or anything at all that we do. Men and women ought always to pray before and after everything they do. This is because the devil like a roaring lions in collaboration with his agents, walks about, to and fro the earth seeking whom he may devour and opportunities to destroy.

Postures and Attitudes in Prayers--Unlike in many things in life which deserves a particular posture before it is done, God has made prayers and the postures so simple, to enable everyone participate and talk to him. One of the postures people prefer in prayer is bowing down-[-Psalm 95;6, Genesis 24;52. Another posture is just bowing the knees-Isaiah 45;23, Romans 14;11, Ephesians 3;14. Another posture is bowing down heads in prayer-Exodus 4;13, 2 Chronicles 20;18, Genesis 24;26&48]

You can take the posture of falling on your face [Number 16;22,20;6, Joshua 7;6,Mathew 26;39.]. Kneeling down while praying is popular but diminishing .1 Kings 8;54,Ezra 9;5, Luke 22;41.

Standing or being on your feet while praying is becoming more popular than any other posture. This is because a lot of Christians are either too dressed-up and fashion-minded to bow to postures that may suggest humility. Some are reluctant to even position themselves for prayers or take other postures or too rich to kneel down or fall on their faces all for prayers. Some can't just humble themselves to do this just because of shame and ego.[ Mark 11;25, Luke 18;13]

Sitting posture is as popular as standing posture . While many prefer to always stand on their feet and praise or pray to the Lord, a host of others prefer to sit tight on their seats, sometimes doing other things while the prayer goes on.

When it is time for prayers, it is only those who are not serious that take cognizance of what others do. That is why many people simply lye down on the floor [ 2 Samuel 12;16-20, Joshua 7;6-10.] You can prefer to just look up-[psalm 5;3, ] you can lift up your hands ,both hands or one, sometimes waving it to the God that answers prayers.[Nehemiah 8;6].

Another good posture in prayer is spreading out the two hands [Exodus 9;29,Ezra 9;5 Psalm 63;4, Isaiah 1;5 ] Weeping [1 Samuel 1;10Ezra 10;1 ], Keeping silent but praying in the heart, talking [Genesis 18;23-33]. Agonizing and groaning in prayer. 8;26-27] are all good postures and attitudes in prayers. Take any posture you love and pray without ceasing, God is here to answer you.


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    • Prayerhub profile image

      Prayerhub 5 years ago from Padova-Italy

      Why Worry when you can pray, if you can pray and prevail, don't worry about the posture.

    • EBlank90 profile image

      EBlank90 5 years ago from MIchigan

      I believe in prayer. And that God answers prayer. And that too many Christians are loath to pray. But perhaps it just appears that way, since I am basing my statement on the reluctance of Christians to pray when a leader will ask for prayer and no one will respond.

      However your article deals more with the posture of prayer and there is something about kneeling that is humbling to the soul, but God knows our heart regardless of the position, and many are unable to kneel physically.