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Haunted Places: The Haunted Funeral Home

Updated on January 6, 2013
The man in a striped tuxedo with black eyes.
The man in a striped tuxedo with black eyes. | Source

The Connecticut Haunting

How would you like to move into a house that used to be a funeral home? I bet I wouldn’t have to ask twice. That’s what the Snedeker family did in the small town of Southington, Connecticut in 1986--though, of course, they didn’t know at the time.

Carmen and Al Snedeker’s son Philip was diagnosed Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and his doctors were 300 miles away, so they had to make a change. After struggling to look for a house with a reasonable rent, Carmen came across one that seemed perfect and was nearby the hospital. So she decided to have a look at it while the interior of the house was being renovated. The house had a big kitchen, the rooms were spacious, and it had a nice sized basement. She could just imagine the family being there. She then looked at the rent, and to her amazement, even with all the family’s financial difficulties, it would be more then affordable. With no hesitation, the Snedekers signed the lease. However, they were about to find out why the rent was so cheap

Carmen brought Al to the house to see what he thought of it. When they walked in, he liked it immediately. There was one room, though, that Carmen had not seen yet. As both of them walked down to the basement, they noticed this additional room on the lower level, so they checked it out. They walked in and found terrifying looking tools for embalmment! Everything from a saw, sharp blades, a blood drainage pit, and a casket lift. They were still trying to figure out what all of this was. Al claimed that he works with tools all the time, but had never seen anything like those. They then opened up the freezer where the bodies used to be stored and realized, to their horror, that the house they bought used to be a funeral home. It was bad enough that their one son was suffering from cancer, now both sons would be sleeping in a room right next to the embalming room! Their bedroom was where the showroom for the caskets was. It’s almost as if they were preparing for his death.

When they moved in, Philip toured the house. Carmen was mopping the floors and as she was mopping something peculiar happened. She saw red on the floor and tried to mop it, but as she was mopping the red continued to spread on the floor. It was if blood was on the floor. Her son then saw the embalming room and got a feeling of being watched. As soon as he left the basement, he heard a disembodied voice calling his name. At that point, he had had enough of the house and told his mom that they had to leave the house right away. Unfortunately, the family didn’t feel that was an option.

Over time, the activity got worse. One night, Philip heard his name called in the embalming room repeatedly. He decided to finally confront the voice. He encountered a man wearing a striped tuxedo with black eyes. From that point on, Philip’s behavior became extremely bizarre and moody. His brother moved out of the basement, and he had the room to himself. Strangely, his health returned to normal. At this point in the story, things were beginning to sound like he was under demonic possession. He began writing poetic things about necrophilia (sex with corpses). During this time, his cousin, who he was close with, came to stay with the family. He told her of what was happening and said that his family didn’t believe him. However, his relationship was about to deteriorate. The man with the black eyes would tell him what to do, and if he didn’t, he would hurt him. This resulted, one night, in Philip attempting to rape his cousin. The family got there in time and sent him to a mental hospital. He then said that he would come after them next. The worse was yet to come.

After Philip had left, the family became the target. The mother and cousin were raped by the evil entities in the house. At that point, they had had enough and contacted professional demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. They are best known for the Amityville Horror case. As they were exploring the house, Lorraine went to the basement as if something were pulling her down there. When she entered the embalming room, she described having a sickening feeling. She then mentioned that the morticians at the funeral home were involved with necrophilia. That explained why Philip was writing disturbing poetry.

Paranormal expert John Zaffis was also in on the case. They stayed at the house for about nine weeks. One night, Zaffis was having trouble sleeping, so he decided to jot down notes of the day’s events in the dining room. It then started to get very cold in the house. He called for the family and the Warrens, but they didn’t respond. He knew the demon was targeting him. He decided to look in the basement, and when he opened the door, he looked down the stairs and found himself face to face with the black eyed man. The black eyed man then took the shape of a demonic figure and hurled a fireball on John. After that incident, he decided he had had enough of the house. He said that was the most scared he had ever been. At this point, it was time for an exorcism.

The entity was prepared for the exorcism. The more they prayed, the more violent the entity became. The key to getting rid of a demon, is to ignore it so it’s not given any power. During the exorcism though, people were getting physically abused by the demon. People were being choked and thrown against the wall and a statue of Mary was melting. However though, with everyone working together to focus on the power of prayer instead of the demon, the exorcism was a success. When it ended, the sun came out with not a cloud in the sky.

Allthough the exorcism was a success, the Snedekers decided to move out. The family that currently lives in the house has reported no paranormal activity since moving in. It doesn’t stop curious people from coming to the house though. So the next time you buy a house, make sure its history is clean.


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