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The Constitutional Paradox

Updated on November 16, 2014

Freedom of Religion and the Travesty Chrislam

As more and more things in this country blur constitutional lines, I am starting to wonder if our founding fathers purposefully made the constitution as a paradox. Hear me out. Freedom of religion. It used to be a safe place, where people of the Christian faith could acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior without worry of repercussion. But as this world has grown more tolerant to Islam, our freedom of religion is being replaced with theirs.

Islam and Christianity, despite all of their similarities, have one fundamental difference: Jesus Christ.

To Christians He is the foundation of our faith. Without Him, there is no us. Without Him, there is no sacrificial Lamb, no shedding of His precious blood, and no forgiveness of our sins. Jesus is the Cornerstone, the only Way to heaven.

To Islam, Jesus is a mere prophet. Sure, a great man who taught love and peace and blah blah blah, but if that’s all that is offered, you are still a sinner whose sins have not been forgiven. God the Father made it clear: there is no forgiveness without the shedding of blood. (Hebrews 9:22)
So, this brings me back to my point of the constitutional paradox. If everyone is given freedom of religion, that inevitably means someone loses their freedom, right? Because America has been branded The Land of Opportunity, we are expected to embrace everyone’s beliefs, even if they spit in the face of our own.

Let me introduce you to Chrislam. This is not a noble cause, but a cause created by cowardly Christians afraid to speak against a bold and united Islam. So, instead of admitting that Islam and Christianity are as different as hot is from cold, they quietly remove the crosses from their churches and do their best to take out anything ‘Christian’ as to not offend. And then Muslim people are allowed to worship Allah without having to look at those offensive crosses.

It seems everybody has become blind in this country. They don’t see that the freedom this people desire is not to share but to have control. Islam is a false religion. Allah is not another form of God the Father, but satan himself. People are blind to it, but this religion that is being given precedence in America as a religion of peace is the same religion that calls for the killing of all infidels who will not convert to Islam. And yet, we make room as to not offend.

When will we stop worrying about who we offend? Like I covered partially in my last article, Christians have lost their claws. Instead of fighting for our freedom, we keep quiet because we don’t want to be seen as anti-this of anti-that. We don’t want to be branded close-minded or bigots or intolerant. But, the fact is this. We are very close to losing all of our freedoms:

  • There have been several reports of Americans who have proudly displayed the American Flag on their property for decades are now being told to take it down because it offends. Some are being charged up to $8,000 for not doing as their told.
  • On November 15th, 2014, the National Cathedral in D.C was used as a mosque. “History has been made,” said one proud supporter.
  • It’s very close to universal: prayer is not allowed in schools. High School students who have wanted to acknowledge Jesus, or even the bible in general in their graduation speeches have been forbidden. Many do it anyway and are in trouble because of it.
  • Many people are working hard to bring Sharia Law into this country, which would mean this: parts of America would be given over to Muslim rule.

Door Mat Syndrome

I think many Christians have dealt with being too nice. Jesus says to love your enemy, but at what point does that command lose its meaning? Love your enemy does not mean let your enemy walk all over you. One of the pitfalls of being nice is people read it as an easy target. Nice does not mean put away your weapons. Nice means show the love of Christ, but do not be ignorant. There is a real devil gaining real momentum behind this movement, because he knows we are just nice enough to not cause a stir.

In fact, he banks on it. The devil knows one very important thing: the people he has aren't told to be nice. They are told to take over:

Jesus told us to take over too. But, we are to spread like yeast, not using violence but the leading of the Holy Spirit. The time has come to speak up. If you've suffered from door mat syndrome in the past, I sympathize. I have too. I always try to be nice. Too nice. And I've been walked all over at times. God wouldn't have called us to be bold as a lion (proverbs 28:1) if He wasn't preparing us for a fight.


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