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"The Crucified Seed"

Updated on September 18, 2010

Set up to be blessed

As Jesus journeyed to the cross he became severely weakened, it became necessary that one must assist him for the rest of the way to Golgotha (the place of the skull), where Jesus would be “sown” in the earth. So here we are again on the mountaintop with God.

Simon, the Cyrenian, was compelled to bear the cross with Christ. Have you ever asked yourself why was it necessary for this Cyrenian to be compelled to bear the cross for a man that he might not have known except for the tumult within the city over his crucifixion? Can you say “Set-up to be blessed”?

There was a divine purpose being unfolded. The players were heavy weights: the Father, the Holy Spirit and the Son of God, Jesus our Lord and Savior.

The earth provided an altar, as it was in Abraham and his son Isaac, and the sacrifice to be offered was the Lamb without spot, the only begotten Son of the living God.

All the pertinent guest had arrived included the Satan and his demons, who watched intently at what they hoped, would be the end of their misery and the beginning of their total enslavement of mankind.

God made way for a late arrival, the Cyrenian. The Father’s guest list was not completed, for He intended to do a crisscross using the life of the Cyrenian that would confound the devil and have symbolic meaning as long as the earth remained?

As we shall see the Cyrenian would come to know Jesus in his death, burial and resurrection. 1Corinthians1:9 says, “God is faithful, by whom we were called unto the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord”.

The Cyrenian was called directly by God to fulfill a part in what appeared to be a tragedy but was very soon to be revealed as necessary in man’s redemption – for every part of God’s plan must be done according to pattern.

It is only in retrospect, after the born again experience that some will be able to genuinely accept and solidly resolve that Christ is ascended up to his Father’s right hand, preparing that special place for us in him, called, “There ye may be also”. It is only then that they will be able to recognize the pattern.

The place where our Lord is ascended is to the Father right hand, and where the head is, the body must be also. So in effect, the bride is ministering from the Fathers right hand, where the head is seated over all principality and power, enjoined to the image of his spiritual body. That being said, when the words from the lips of a sanctified vessel bind anything on earth, the brides domain, the spiritual laws says, without any reservation, it shall be bound in heaven.

But in order to enter this place we must drink from his cup and bare his cross.

The songwriter asks the question: “Must Jesus bare the cross alone?

But Jesus said, “Come all ye who are laden… my yoke is easy and my burden is light”.

In other words Jesus knows that the cross is necessary for us as it was for him; however, our cross as heavy as it may seem, is quite easy and light compared to that Christ had to bear.

Besides, the cross we bare today does not equate with the glorious rewards of tomorrow.

We the bride of Christ or the Church, are a symbol of the Cyrenian who was compelled to bear the cross along with our savior. He had been given the wonderful experience to make history and bare the cross of our dear Lord and Savior. For this we have been promised a reward unspeakable and full of glory.

You will notice that the Cyrenian did not go through the physical crucifixion with Christ, but he lived on to bear in his mind the memory of the crucifixion. He would never forget our blooded Savior. He would never forget about the part he represented, though he did not have the corresponding revelation because God is purposeful in every thing he permits.

What he did know was that the soldiers, the servants of Rome, issued a call and he was compelled to help “the kings of kings”, as they nicknamed Jesus.

As the soldiers of Rome commanded the Cyrenian so the Holy Spirit issues a call for the world today to participate in the opportunity to serve the true and living God and this will include yoking up with His Son.

At first bearing the yoke may not seem pleasant but neither does medicine, until we begin to evidence a life without pain. Our appreciation of what God allows us to go through will then come as the rising of dawn.

Cyrene was a North African country, the capital being Cyrenaica. “Cyrene” is taken from the root word from which we get “Cyria”, which means “lady”. The word implies a queen or a supreme bride that belonged to a mighty warrior king.

Such a king would have influence upon all that came within his domain and would exercise authority and power over them. This king made it plain to his bride that he loved her dearly and the bride, knowing this, would allow nothing to separate her love, her honor, her respect, or her gratitude for him whom she affectionately called “Lord”.

In Rom. 8:37, “Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.”

What things?

Well to begin with the things Satan attempts to remind us of and the threat’s that he makes in order to get us to loosen our grips on the commandments of the Lord.

But Apostle Paul would not be moved, for he was of the opinion that his bridegroom had come and spoiled principalities and powers, making an open spectacle of his enemy, Satan, as he triumphed and took the victory at the cross.

The Cyrenian therefore, symbolized the bride of Christ – those who would await his return, those whom satan would try to seduce, even as the serpent seduced Eve in the garden of Eden.

Those who would always remember the power of the cross and that because of the blood sacrifice their lives were always covered under Jesus blood that was shed on Mt.Moriah.


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