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The Curse of Religion

Updated on July 9, 2012

The Curse of Religion

The purpose of religion is supposedly to bring mankind to God and supposedly, this God, is loving, kind and beneficial, yet the history of religion is one of war and persecution in which millions have perished.

It is not as if different religions follow different gods. The three religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam all follow the God of Abraham and Moses, yet all three have warred and persecuted each other since their story began. There is also conflict between the sects within each of these three religions, Catholic against Protestant, Shia against Sunni. Yet still they propose there is only one God and that God is loving and kind.

If there is only one God, then why would this God need to choose Abraham to create a people for himself? Who did everyone else look to as their god, or gods? The answer to this question reveals the real choice. Any study of the period prior to the writings of Moses reveals that all ‘religion’ was polytheistic, a belief that there was not just one God, but many gods.

In Genesis the phrase, “And God Created,” god is translated from the word Elohim, but Elohim is the plural form of the word Eloah. Genesis, if correctly translated, should therefore read, “And gods created.”

Scholars excuse this discrepancy with the statement that the Israelite idea of divinity went through radical changes during its early development, thus creating the ambiguity where Elohim, despite being a plural form, can be correctly translated into the singular God.

But the claim is that God inspired what was written, not Israelite scribes!

Archaeologists and sociologists consider the people of ancient Sumer to be the very first people to whom the term civilisation can be applied. Ancient Sumer, dating back to the 5th Millennium BC, traded with early Egypt. Early civilisations traded in both goods and knowledge and so the famous libraries in Egypt would have possessed copies of the Sumerian creation account. Egyptian accounts parallel this in many ways. In all accounts, gods created.

Moses was raised as a prince in Egypt and as a prince, would have been educated in such knowledge. Moses is credited with writing Genesis that in many ways follows the pattern of the Sumerian account, but with alterations in perspective to promote the idea of a singular God.

The challenge is that Genesis is a plagiarised version of the earlier Sumerian account. The story of Adam and Eve is therefore only one version of the true story of mankind’s relationship with the gods of creation. It is a story that justifies mankind being forbidden the true knowledge of that relationship with the gods. Consider that knowledge of the truth can only harm those that tell a lie.

Prior to Abraham and Moses, all so-called ancient religions were polytheistic in that they had many gods. Moses created the first religion when he wrote the Law. That Law demanded sacrifice and obedience to a god who claimed to be the only God. It is interesting that alternative creation accounts, often dismissed as mere mythology, contain accounts of a god who wanted mankind’s worship to himself alone.

Religion is a belief system that relies on a specific doctrine and theology that instructs exactly what its members should believe. Not only does this define what they should believe, it insists that no one should question whatever this is. Religion also commands against seeking information about any alternative to what it teaches, with a history of condemning those who do to inquisition, torture and death. Religious belief is based on faith and faith is blind, yet Christ condemned the priesthood of the time as blind guides, which the priesthood of today admit by replying, when asked a question, that the workings of God are a mystery.

Prior to the Law of Moses there was no specific doctrine. There was no specific form of worship, nor threat of eternal damnation for not worshipping. The process was one of following a path seeking knowledge rather than following a specific doctrine or theology. It is therefore a mistake to call ancient forms of spiritual understanding, a religion.

Surely the works of the priesthood mirror the works of their god. Yet here we find a record of persecution and inquisition along with perverted acts of sexual molestation against young children. The Church castrated choristers simply to prevent their voices breaking. The spilling of blood is condemned in scripture so those found guilty of crimes against the Church were burned because fire boils the blood away. Therefore the blood is not spilled. The history of religion is one of torture and death for all opponents of its teaching. What happened to Christ’s admonishment to love your enemy?

After Christ’s death, Marcion of Sinope is recorded as compiling the first collection of scripture, or bible. From these he concluded that the God Jesus called his Father, was a different god from the God of Moses. The early Church declared Marcion a heretic then set out to destroy every copy of scripture he used to reach that conclusion. What had they to fear if it was not true?

Copies of some of these suppressed gospels were discovered at Nag Hammadi in 1945 and are often termed as Gnostic gospels. The term ‘Gnostic’ refers to knowledge.

The early Church used the political power of Rome to suppress all opposition. Jesus asked, what sharing does his god have with the state, but there is more. The early Church claimed it was granted its right as the ‘Holy See of Rome’ in a document called the Donation of Constantine (Constitutum Constantine). This document is now known to be a forgery, even accepted as such by the Church. Church authority is therefore based on a lie. All subsequent so-called Christianity is built on the teaching of this early Church of Rome. Jesus said that a house built on sand cannot stand and surely a religion built on a lie is like a house built on sand.

The challenge is that Moses usurped the true story of creation to promote his god who would be God. This god tried to keep his people separate, but Jesus came to free them from a restrictive law. The early Church then usurped Christ’s teaching to reinstalled a theology parallel to the Law of Moses which they also quote, though shalt not, though shalt not.

Religion suppresses knowledge so how is someone supposed to know god? For example: The story of Lilith is removed from the Genesis translation, but in the Jewish Zohar she is described as Adam’s first wife. Her face even appears on the serpent in illustrations of Adam and Eve standing by the Tree of Knowledge.

Lilith is subsequently denigrated in Hebrew mythology but looking elsewhere, Lilith equates to the Egyptian Serpent Goddess Anat while inscriptions in Memphis, dating from 15th to the 12th centuries BC, describe her as “Bin Ptah” (the daughter of Ptah, one of the Egyptian creator gods). She is also referred to in some texts as the “Queen of Heaven.”

Adam and Eve picture mankind seeking the knowledge forbidden by the god of Abraham and Moses. Christ instructing his listeners to seek their own understanding of a parable equates with instructing them to seek knowledge. The early Church suppressed Gnostic teaching, a term meaning, knowledge. The word ‘witch’ comes from a term relating to knowledge as does the word ‘wizard,’ from zinoti – to know.

Another form of wizard relates to the phrase ‘singers of the earth’s dawn’ relating to the ancient storytellers that travelled the land before reading and writing were commonplace. Knowledge of the story telling how the gods created gives the root meaning of the word ‘spell.’ The ancient word ‘spel’ meant knowing the order in which the story should be told, corresponding to the modern meaning of knowing the order of letters in a word. The word ‘occult’ simply means ‘hidden.’ No one can deny that the true knowledge of mankind’s relationship with the gods has been hidden.

The Church forbade printing, burning early printers at the stake in an attempt to keep this knowledge hidden, but the truth cannot be suppressed and the lie is always revealed for what it is. The lie of religion has lost much of its power. People are no longer burned at the stake for questioning its doctrine, but the god that would keep mankind ignorant has another trick.

This god fears the truth so it is better to teach there is no god than have people discover the truth. The Theory of evolution is no more than another religion and the high priests of evolution mirror those of religion. They condemn and denigrate all who question their teaching. They seek to silence all that reveal evidence proving that evolution could not have occurred as they claim. Evolution is just another religion and all religion is a curse because it seeks to suppress mankind’s access to spiritual knowledge and understanding.

Only the lie needs to hide itself behind mystery. Only the lie needs to call for faith and belief without knowledge because knowledge reveals the truth and the truth will stand any interrogation.

The name of the serpent in Genesis is said to be Lucifer. The name Lucifer means ‘Light Bringer.’ Light is synonymous with knowledge. The light of knowledge exposes the lie and reveals the truth. Whatever your question, do not simply believe and have faith or trust in any answer you are given. Not even here. Do instead what Christ advised, question and test and examine because only then can you come to know the truth.


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    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 5 years ago from Southern California

      Excellent hub and a lot of details for readers to ponder, and make their own conclusions.

      From Genesis, Adam and Eve were the first humans. So why wasn't the bible written by God, or at least Adam and Eve. up

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 5 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Excellent hub. In order to spiritually aware and evolved, man must look beyond religion and into God consciousness. Spiritually unites humanity well religion intentionally divide people based upon man-made creeds. Inspirational and insighful hub, voted up!


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