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Be Proactive with you life, by using a Daily Tarot Spread.

Updated on July 14, 2014



Daily Tarot Spread

Doing a Daily Reading

Would you like to receive daily direction? Many tarot readers will pull a card for the day in seeking direction of that day, and so can you. This is a practice that I use daily. I do use the full deck, but pay attention to Major arcana that is associated with a minor, if I have pulled a minor card. Here is an example to show you what I am speaking about with minor and major arcana. Let us pretend that this morning I pulled the 8 of swords out of the deck. This is my advice card for the day. The 8 of swords is associated with the Major arcana Strength. The 8 of swords is represented of the air element in Tarot. It is advising me to assess the air attribute, communication in my dealings today.

Another example would be the 5 of cups. This card is associated with the Hierophant. It is the element of water. Today, I am to search the water element attribute, which is emotions. How does it relate to the Hierophant?

Our daily Tarot advice reading can serve us in many ways. We often use it in the most mundane format. It can give us a peak into our everyday life. To me this is comparable to reading your daily astrological sun sign. There is more though that our daily card can offer us. It can reveal how we perceive the world around us. If you are a believer in the fact that we create our own reality, this card is priceless. It offers us mirrors of our own inner self-talk. This offers us a wealth of enlightenment on our perception. This in itself can help show if we are working for or against us.

Daily Tarot Journal

Daily Tarot Journal

The daily card journal

I have found it useful to keep a journal, so I can keep tract of reappearing cards. Reappearing cards, or the other suits of a particular Major arcana that show up constantly for a month or so, are very important. Often this is revealing a karmic lesson that is active in your current time. Other benefits of keeping a journal is to look for patterns of the year. Perhaps you tend to have minor 5 cards showing up during the end of a season. The journal also will help us to see how we managed a given situation in the past, and if we wish to apply it now, or change it. Finally, we can view the accuracy of our predictions, when keeping a journal

Daily Tarot Reading

Daily Tarot Spread

Daily card spread

Daily we pull a card, and often this is enough, but there are times we might need more input. I use this spread for gathering more information. It is a three card spread. After you have picked your card for the day, you will want to replace it back into your cards Shuffle the full deck, than search for the card you pulled earlier, plus the card right before it and after it. . The card right before it is placed to the left of the daily card, while the card after it is placed to the right of the daily card.

The left card is advising you what type of intuitive, passive and meditation mode to use with the middle card-daily card.

The right card is advising the type action to take with the middle card-daily card.

Another spread you can incorporate is using the left card as the past and the right card as the future. Always put the daily] card in the center of any 3 card spread. The first spread is my preference, for it clearly tells me what to meditate on and what action to take

What happens if you pull a Major arcana card?

If you have pulled a Major arcana for your daily card, this is showing you that this lesson is a karmic one, and is part of the path you are walking today. It is my belief that all 22 Major arcana cards are always companions of our life path and spirit path. There will be times one will take precedence and you will need to pay closer attention to it. If for example you pulled card number 12, The Hanged Man, you are learning several lessons that cover the areas of this card. You are being called to view your life in a different perspective. Meditation is a source for you to get back to the Divine and to see where you are being lead, and do not ask the question why? That will be revealed when necessary, if at all. You are also being taught patience and the use of inactivity in your daily life. This period of time for you is marked by the Hanged Man and it is a great card to help you to understand your spirit or soul, which ever term you prefer. You can even break it down, since 12 equals 3, (1+2=3) and is another octave of, The Empress Card #3. Perhaps, if you pulled the Hanged man, you are to consider what Spirit wishes you to grow? What abilities does it wish you to implement and serve others?

Daily tarot reading is one way you can become more proactive in your life. It is a great way to awaken yourself to both the conscious and subconscious level. It is also wonderful for assessing the superconscious. You do not need to know how to read tarot, though the more that you learn about the cards the broader landscape you will have to explore. There are some wonderful books available, and for those who do not read tarot, I have always recommended Janina Renee’s book, “Tarot Your Everyday Guide”. It is one of the few books that I have discovered that actually offers great advice. If you been pondering about doing a daily reading, I do hope this hub has helped in giving you the benefits. I do hope, for those who don’t read tarot that I have help to eliminate the doubt. It is not necessary to know how. The results will be your blessings.

Excellent book for readers and non-readers


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    • Renee Abbott profile image

      Renee Abbott 4 years ago from Arizona

      I am just happy I have help to inspire you to pick up your cards again. You might be interested in the hub I wrote today on learning tarot:)

    • tebo profile image

      tebo 4 years ago from New Zealand

      I must check out your blogs, not to mention your other hubs, and I love that Alice in wonderland analogy.

    • Renee Abbott profile image

      Renee Abbott 5 years ago from Arizona

      Tebo, thank you. Through some of my blogs, I am trying to reach out to those who might have had some trouble learning tarot. Teaching those who desire to know it, yet keep hitting a block has been a passion of mine for years. I love to show a person how to go through a card, like Alice in Wonderland goes through the rabbit hole.



    • tebo profile image

      tebo 5 years ago from New Zealand

      I have some tarot cards, but must say I find the original ones hard to understand. Thanks for explaining what some of these cards mean. I haven't pulled a card for a while and must do that. I also like the way you do the three card spread. Thanks for this information.