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The Dangers of Black Magic

Updated on May 7, 2014

The Consequences

Black magic is a dark subject (no pun intended). It is the use of negative energy and inflicting it on other human beings to cause suffering. People who perform black magic are usually frustrated, greedy, jealous, selfish, and negative. Believe it or not, it’s the most common way people harm someone else. This can be done at any distance as well. It doesn’t matter how far away you are from the target.

Before I get into what black magic is and what it does, I should first explain why you are able to perform it on someone from any distance. Your thoughts flash around the world at the speed of light. So does the intent you have with that thought. This has been proven by Quantum Physicists. You know the term every action has a reaction? Well what you put out, is what comes back to you. It’s just like a boomerang. If it’s your intention to inflict harm on someone, it’s going to come back to you.

Black magic is performed when a human draws up malevolent powers to have something evil done that he/she wants. For malevolent spirits to do this, it wants something in return. Specifically, a disbelief in God, drink blood, a sacrifice, or to be worshipped. Acts of Black Magic include magical workings that interfere with the free wills of others, bringing chaos and harm upon someone, performing magic on someone with a negative goal in mind, and restriction on people’s actions. Black magic is performed with the intention of harming another human being.

In Islam, black magic is a big problem. The malevolent spirits are known as Jinn’s in their religion. Black Magic was apparently originated in Babylon. It’s believed that two angels known as Harut and Marut are the ones behind bringing black magic into this world. However, it’s claimed that the two angels never taught anyone such things. They had said “We are only for trail, so disbelieve not.” The Qu’ran indicated that the Babylonians were warned not to imitate the angels. Some of them decided to mimic the angels and apparently ended up damning their own souls.

If black magic is performed, the target will suffer. Ironically though, the one performing it has to pay the price tenfold. I came across a story in Johnstown, Pennsylvania that occurred in 1929. There was a baby that was very ill. It had a high fever that wouldn’t go away. Suddenly, a man knocked on the door. This man told the family that there had been a curse placed on the baby by someone in the family. He said he could end the curse, but the person in the family who casted the curse would die. So the man prayed with the baby all night long until morning. The baby made a full recovery. The man left and said chillingly “someone else in your family is dead.” Strangely, the family had no idea who the man was and never saw him again. Later that day, the stepsister was found with a rope around her neck hanging from the chandelier. It’s rumored that she was used to being an only child as her siblings grew up and moved out.

Another story comes from Islam. A man who was a nightclub owner was very successful. He was getting around $30,000-$40,000 a night from his customers. Then he started to struggle with his business and finances. He came across black magic and decided to use it to get more money and his business back on track. This advisor was telling him that the other clubs were using this magic on him, so he should start doing it to them. It worked for a while. Then one day, the black magic stopped working. He later found himself in $800,000.00 worth of debt. After that, he decided to close the club and sell it.

In India, a father became deathly ill. Him and his family had bought a plot to build a new house. A man then came over and said “You have not done the right thing to me. I wanted to buy this plot for my elder son.” The wife replied “Is it?” She attempted negotiation to have the man pay the value of the plot and then he could have it. He then said “No, it’s too late.” When they left their old house, they found wild flowers and blood at the doorstep. Later that year, there were stones thrown by the man’s friend at the house. The father touched the stones. Shortly after, he experienced difficulty with multiple body functions. He had pain in his stomach, loss of appetite, gall bladder failure, etc. If he ate a little bit of something, He would vomit it back up. Then, a family friend came and said she believed that the father has been a victim of black magic. She took them to a priest and said he would die within 40 days if they decide not to treat it. Within a week, the man returned back to normal.

Black Magic is a real and serious thing. Whether it’s performed on you, or if you decide to do it yourself. Make sure you protect yourselves spiritually.

Signs of a Black Magic Attack

-People are avoiding you.
-Constant fights for no reason.
-Good intentions go unnoticed or are misunderstood.
-Relationship problems.
-Struggle in your career.
-Lack of financial funds.
-Friendship problems.
-No dreams
-Your sleep being disturbed
-You get killed in your dream 
-You see dead people 
-Constant fatigue.
-Lost sense of self.
-No interest in life. 
-Low sex drive. 
-Extreme anxiety. 
-Dreams of scorpions, snakes, and spiders. 
-Paranormal activity is happening around. 
-Physical problems doctors and medicine can't help.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      My father died because of black magic. And the irony is we know who did it but still cant do anything to her. God will punish her her for what she did to my lovely family.

    • wildbluefrontier profile image

      Nathan M 

      4 years ago from Tucson

      I think people are attracted to black magic because they feel it will help them have control rather than being powerless.


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