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The Darkened Consciousness Period: The Purpose of the Biblical Old Testament

Updated on May 18, 2014

The Period of the Old Testament

Dark consciousness preyed over the period of the Old Testament. People were hardened and living dissected from their inner light. There would be a spiritual evolution that would befall humanity. One aspect of that evolution was Judaica. But there were other spiritual lines throughout the globe as well. For the scope of this Hub I will primarily view Judaica. I am addressing the Judeo-Christian story and that includes its Scriptures.

I am a student of the Bible. I used to teach it before I left Christianity. I am familiar with its contents and how the contents were put together and what they covered. I am a Syncretist at this point in my spiritual development. Christianity, after being a part of it for 34 years, became an abhorrance to me. I felt it---the religion---was in deep schism from the Christ. Legalism was flagrant; ignorant, erroneous, hate-filled teachings were rampant from the pulpits; I often became an unbearable person to friends and loved ones as I assumed my church's teachings of living black and white in a clearly gray world; I found great conflict between Protestanism and Catholicism who both shared a desire to serve their Creator with honor; and I was abused many times in the name of Christian doctrine and dogma.

My Christian background is plentiful. I was born and baptized as a Lutheran. I spent 17 years in that denomination. I had a horrid illness that drove me to a charismatic Presbyterian church. I lived in Hong Kong as an art teacher, Bible doctrine teacher and a missionary. I experienced my illness again and had terrible treatment from a myriad of my congregation's peoples. I continued as a small prayer group leader in dedication to the Christ until I lost any sense of what Christianity was all about anymore. My crises of faith drove me beyond the Church walls. I felt obligated to seek God beyond what I was endocrinated to believe. This was a tubulent process. A painful journey. I don't speak of it lightly.

Eventually, I reconciled with God as Love completely. Then I became aware of what that Loving God was truly like...for all peoples. I am currently a practitioner of One Love. I believe in the Christ as my supreme Being and Divinity. But my take on the Christian Church is that it was formed outside the confines of Christ Jesus, the embodiment of perfect, unconditional love.

Before Constantine the Great in approximately 300 AD, there were multiple movements involving the ascended Christ. Constantine, a Caesar to revival Julius Caesar, created the "perfect storm" which became the religion Christianity. He was a politician and a war monger and a self-serving visionary that won the allegiance of the ignorant masses. This set in motion years of blood baths that can easily be identified through legitimate historical references. The Bible, on the other hand, was a conglomeration of political aspirations and a plethora of edits and rewrites.

The Old Teastament is laden with war mongering and eye for an eye, hell and damnation strains of thought. This was the atmosphere of those times and that is how God approached those people---from a succinct and relevant cultural approach. But the New Covenant is clear: Christ fulfills the Law and creates only two Scriptures that take the ultimate precedent; to paraphrase, to Love God with One's whole heart and mind and to love thy neighbor as one loves one's self.

The Breakdown of the Old Testament

First of all the Old Testament is the Hebrew Bible. That provides the context that one must be aware of when studying the Old Testament.

The Old Testament canon has many variations within the Christian denominations; Protestants believe in only the books of the Hebrew Bible which is 39 books. Catholics, the Eastern Orthodox, Copticand Ethiopian churches accept many more books as canon.

  • This testament includes the history of the Jewish people and their Law
  • Poetry and prose of spiritual wisdoms
  • The books of the prophets of Israel
  • The Foreshadowing of the Christ and the correlating family lineage of King David---"for some peoples the Son of Man, a distinctly other-worldly figure who would appear as a judge at the end of time"
  • Israel's covenants to Yahweh

The Ages of the Earth

"Astrology’s true function then, is to unite the outer phenomenal world with the inner invisible world, allowing us to see the duality as one. Understood in this way, Astrological symbolism represents the archetypal process that Carl Jung, founding father of psychotherapy, called “individuation” or the urge of the psyche to aspire toward wholeness and integration. Applying this understanding to the “collective,” we then arrive at the feet of the Astrological Ages, which encapsulate the process of moving into more encompassing states of wholeness within the collective psyche of humanity.

There are twelve Astrological Ages in total; one for each constellation of the zodiac. Each Age lasts for approximately 2160 years, but there is much debate about the exact timing, because the Ages are based on the constellations in the heavens rather than on the seasons on which we base our Western Zodiac. Thus, who decides when one constellation ends and another begins (some constellations are simply bigger than others)? The sum of all the Ages is often called “the Great Year,” which would total 26,000 years."---Robert Ohutto,

Abraham, father of Judaica, lived in the Mesopotamian region (modern day Iraq, Syria and Turkey) most likely during the Age of Aries from 1800BC to 360AD---Possibly the tail end of the Age of Taurus from 4000BC-1800BC. the Torah did not specify the dates of his life but his birth and death have been pieced together by scholars over the years.

"Moses fully ushered in the Age of Aries: leadership, loyalty, courage, vision and faith. He made it clear that the ego could not enter the Promised Land. A Higher Self must be actualized to manage that." (Ohutto) For Hebrews, monotheism became the pathway to that actualization. Their lives would act as a witness to their God.

The Age of Pisces which we are currently in is about the unification of the heart and mind. Christ manifest during this period as a solidifier of the mind and heart.

"The Age of Aquarius is pending and processing. This is a period of extreme globalization. It erradicates the traditional concepts of nationalism and tribalism that once ruled the planet" (Ohutto).

All human beings are in a different point of spiritual evolution that will take time to sort through so that worldliness can truly exist without struggles and wars.

The Old Testament without the Lens of the Passion of the Christ

I tire of Christianity's evacuation from the Christ as they view the Old Testament. Humanity was clearly living in dark and hard times during the thousands of years that transpire during the testament of the Old Abrahamic covenant. The people could not go to therpists of any kind to work through their emotional issues. They were living entrenched in a survival of the fittest mentality that far exceeds anything that exists today. Life was bloody.

We aspire to live according to the messages pronounced during this time like it is truth for today? Really?

No, the Old Testament is a historical work meant to bring perspective and human interest stories that could be transcendent in nature if the Christ is not forsaken while reading and breathing the Old Ways inside the bodymind.

Christ is the embodiment of Love---perfect, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. How can one even begin to understand the transcendent quality of God if one does not fully embrace Jesus' Holy Spirit [which, btw, is avaialble in/to all human beings at any time they choose to acknowledge it in their heart without any formalized prayer or act of devotion] before and while reading the Old Testament? It is impossible. People lean on their own understanding, they get delusional, or trapped in some form of legalism.

An eye for an eye has no place in the embodiment of the christ who lay bare, vulnerable and stricken on a cross where He was brutally murdered so that all people could find forgiveness in their own hearts and minds for themselves as well as others. Get serious!

The road map to Love---The rise is collective consciousness

The Old testament is a witness of one people---chosen by the Divine---to show the rise in the collective consciousness of humanity. It is a road map to one people's experience with the Divine. The New Covenant---not necessarily the New Testament---is the unifier of all people in God through LOVE: The Christ.

Scripture is fallible. It was put together over the course of a man-centered history. What is not fallible is the God called Love. The Spirit of Divine Perfection. The Holy Act of Jesus. The Passion that was inclusive not exclusive as indicated by Christ's final words at Golgotha: "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do," and the grace of the Father that submitted fully to the request of His Son out of the same LOVE.

The Jewish people were subject to rigorous discipline to develop their devotion, faith and spirit. It is a visual for all people regardless of beliefs or practices. Their covenant is still in effect. Their Messiah will reach every heart hardened by legalism and tradition. this, too is God's promise and His grace.

No man is left behind. If you know this going into reading the Old Testament, transformation is possible at the spiritual level right now. But, if you don't, you will fail at reaching God within the Inspiration left as the Hebrew history and legacy. Christ as LOVE will always get you there. He is the vehicle to drive that road map.

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