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The Darker Side Of Life (poem)

Updated on August 2, 2011

Written 06/19/09 - Poem


In this evil world, filled with satans lies. ~ Are you falling in, would you realize?
Do you wrongly think your safe, or will it be a surprise. ~
To find that you were caught, all bound up in his ties?

It's a world of evil vice and ill gotten gain ~
Someone may seem very nice, but they'll inflict much pain.

In this world of darkness under satans evil reign.
A lost world without hope, a world filled with pain.
A world of many choices, filled with sin and vice.
If you are not careful, you will pay the price.
Watch your step and watch your back, looking forward and behind.
Who can & can't you trust, some will be unkind.
Jesus is the only one, the one true lifelong friend.
When it all comes crashing down, hope you know Him in the end.

In a world of darkness, will you face a bitter end.
When it comes to Jesus you can't find a better friend.
Pure, genuine, clean and fresh indeed.
Once you finally accept Him, He is all you need.

A world of increasing darkness, filled with satans lies.
When will we all wake up, when will we realize.
A world of maddening greed, and many a lustful vice.
Praise the Lord God above, that Jesus paid the price.
For the many people, that fall into this lair.
Some may think that it's not right, while others think it's fair.
God gave His all, His one and only Son.
All you need to do now, is to turn and run.
Run from the danger, run from the sin.
Don't look back, don't turn around or it'll pull you in.
Created in Gods image, before the very start.
Born into earthly sin, that causes you to part.
Gods ever loving Grace, is still there to choose.
The free will He gives you, allows you not to lose.
So make the right selection, if you've fallen to sin.
Repent to God in Heaven, and He will let you in.
This life is filled with pain & strife.
Cutting away at you like a serated knife.
The rips & tears it leaves on your heart.
Will begin to heal when Christ you do impart.

The streets are strewn & littered ~ Shattered dreams & broken hearts.
Where will one find shelter ~ From lifes evil parts.
Will it be in a house of horror ~ Or within a den of despair.
Can someone find anyone ~ That seems to truly care.
When all seems lost and over ~ And you know not what to do.
Where will you turn? ~ Seeking what, to pull you through?
Send me a Saviour ~ When I'm lost ,broken and alone.
Soemone to pick me up ~ To soften my heart of stone.
Where is the love, the simple piece of mind? ~ The color of conviction is ever hard to find.
When the search is ended, the comforter found to care ~
Whom is it that will come through, who will be there?
After the fall, the injured body hurts ~ No one caught it falling, that surely made it worse.
But then the healing, surely must begin ~
Who will come to help now, and should I let them in?
Where were those that care, before the mess begun? ~
Where are they now, always on the run.
What is most important, all this hectic strife? ~ Errands & shopping, or someone elses life?


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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