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An Angel Saved My Life!

Updated on April 5, 2017
Nell Rose profile image

Nell is fascinated by all things supernatural and one of her favorite subjects is Angels as she firmly believes she has met one.

God and psychic experiences
God and psychic experiences

For everybody who knows me, they will know that I am a psychic skeptic, with a dash of scientific proof added in.

I try to analyse every single psychic experience by checking off a list of yes's no's and maybe's.

But sometimes you just have to take it like it is. And see that actually something special really did happen that night.

For some reason I got helped by the higher power, God, call it what you will. Or maybe it was just a dream. Who knows? One thing I do know is that it healed me that night. And that's what matters.

Feeling Poorly.

I was so ill. I had always been a sickly child but this time my bronchitis has got me in its grip and I just couldn't shake it off. I started to sweat, my breath was coming in stuttering dribs and drabs and I felt like I had been hit by a truck.

This had gone on for a few days and my mother was getting really worried by this time. She was planning on getting me into hospital if I wasn't a bit better by the next day. She had cause to worry, because when I was eight years old I nearly died. I had bronchitis and by the time I was rushed to hospital I had a collapsed lung.

I was in the Ward for nearly six weeks. To this day I couldn't listen to Mary Hopkins song, Those were the Days, without thinking of that time.

Small wooden house.
Small wooden house.

Into The Dream.

This particular night, exhaustion took me, and I fell asleep as though someone had drugged me.

The second my eyes closed I was out. And even before I realised I was asleep I found myself walking across grass. It was daylight.

I could smell the air, it was so real and the trees were shushing to my left and right.

In front of me was a wooden one storey shack or building. It looked like those houses you get in the old American films with a veranda at the front with chairs and a wooden table.

As I walked towards it, my feet took me to the wooden steps and up to the door.

Playing Pool or snooker
Playing Pool or snooker
A bar or pub in dream
A bar or pub in dream

It Feels So Real!

As I opened the wooden door, I could hear voices. Chattering and laughing, and a sound like a tap on a table. No, it was snooker or Pool, and it was the sound of the cue hitting the ball. That's what it sounded like. Slowly I went in, still feeling that the whole experience was too real for my liking.

The light hit me, and the smell of polish and fruit. There were people all around. Some playing Pool on my right, and some standing at a bar to my left. There was a barmaid cleaning a glass with a cloth, and many people sitting or standing at the bar.

As I entered properly they all looked at me and smiled. Then carried on with their games or chat.

Walking up to the bar the barmaid said, 'What can I get you?'

I muttered something like 'Orange juice please'.

Looking around I noticed just how much life was there. It seemed full but it wasn't. Laughter filled the rafters and everyone was smiling and having fun.

When she gave me the drink I could feel the cold against my skin. And the condensation running down the glass dripped onto my fingers.

'This feels so real!' I said, totally confused. I then ran my fingers over the bar top. I could feel the grain of the wood, and smooth coldness of the polished surface.

A guy standing next to me smiled and said. 'Of course its real, why wouldn't it be?'

In The Presence of Angels?

'What's happening?' I asked. 'I want to know what's going on, why am I here?'

The barmaid smiled, and with a nod of her head towards the other end of the bar while still keeping eye contact with me, she said, 'He has the answers you are looking for'.

I looked along the bar, and there, right at the end by the back wall stood a man.

And what a man he was!

He was all dressed in white. His coat, trousers and shoes. But the most amazing thing was his hair. It was snowy white. Even his eyebrows were white.

And his face was serene and clean shaved.

He seemed to emanate a glow, but I presumed it was just the light shining on the wooden polished wall behind him.

So, picking up my drink I walked slowly towards him.

 In The Presence of God.
In The Presence of God.

His Aura Was White.

As I got near he turned from watching the game and smiled at me. He was leaning on the bar, his right arm casually on the wood, and his left hand holding his right.

As I got near him his smile was so soft, all fear fell away.

So I asked, 'Excuse me, why am I here?'

He answered in the softest warmest voice I have ever heard.

'Because you are very ill. We brought you here to heal, and you must stay here all night until your body is better. We will look after your soul, so that your body can rest without you feeling distressed'. 'It needs to be completely relaxed so that the healing process can work. Stay, enjoy yourself until morning, you are safe'.

I looked at him. I could feel the love and warmth coming from him, and I suddenly felt totally relaxed and happy. I remember that he smiled at me, and indicated the pool table. So I smiled and walked away.

The rest of the night seemed to go really fast, and not much was remembered. But then I found myself at the door once again.

I pulled it open, then turned back to look into the room once again. He was still in the corner, and He smiled.

I walked out, and shut the door. I looked down at my feet as I walked. There was the edge of the veranda, then I placed one foot on the first step, then the second, then the third. Finally I felt the grass under my feet once again.

Three steps across the grass, then, I opened my eyes. It was morning. I was in my bed.

And I felt much better.

Walking on grass
Walking on grass

I was fifteen years old. And this is a true story that I still remember in vivid color. Who was the Man? What was I doing there? Was it a dream? Was it an Angel?

Or did I meet God in a Bar, so that he could heal me? It took a few days for me to feel really well, but I just know something special happened that night.

Have You Ever Had A Dream That Feels Real? Can You Smell Touch And Feel?

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© 2014 Nell Rose


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