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The Desire to Just Be...

Updated on December 3, 2008

To be one's centered self and not self centered.

 To breathe in life and let it fill my lungs; to feel it flow through my body, mind, and soul. Exhale...

To figure out the chains that hold any of us down are really self-imposed. Finding the key is really inside of ourselves too. The key to set us free to walk the paths of our own destinys. Light, love, inner peace and a new sense of freedom from holds us down. There is a difference between being grounded and reality. Who is really holding you back from accomplishing your reality? Could it be you? At the core of all your worries, fear, and doubts...could it be you that is weighing you down? I ask myself many times, "how often am I, my own worst enemy?" and "who else in stopping me?" I think you all know the answers as well as I do.

I once read that everything boils down to two emotions. Love and Fear. We fight wars for the love of our country and because we fear the other country. Maybe it is not such a good example. Think of it this way...The first time you tell someone that you love them. At first you instantly feel so good for saying it...then you fear their response; what happen if they don't say it back? What do I do if they don't feel it too? Then maybe they reply with "I love you too." Suddenly the sweet relief of feeling loved by someone else. Then just as quick the fear comes...You start to think what do I have to do now to keep that love? Everything can be placed into those two and fear.

Amazing the human animal always constantly must having polar opposites to live. Salty and sweet. Hot and cold. Black and white. True or False. Happiness and regrets. Did you know that there are cultures out in this vast world that don't have a word for regret in their language? Imagine how great that must live without regret. Maybe we need to strike that word out of our lexicon as well. How freeing would that be?

I do believe, personally that another polar opposite does not exist. The consept of hell. I believe that this is a man made idea. I believe man looked up to heaven and thought, "if there is a reward, there must be a punishment too." I believe that if there is a God and he has created everything seen and unseen; to the most perfect minute detail. I don't believe that he would destroy his perfection by allowing such an abomination as hell, to be created. This is my personal view and I am not opposed to your views, so please respect mine and I will respect yours.

See that last sentence...I felt the need to write that because I fear the repercushions of myself putting my thoughts and beliefs out into a public forum. I feared the back lash of having to be faced with someone else beliefs. Here's a thought...I wonder how many wars are fought do to differences in beliefs? If I were a country, would I be at war right now with another country because I posted my beliefs and maybe someone else didn't agree with them? Or, could I still sit amongst others with different views and values...treat them with the love of friendship, "break bread" and still live in peace and harmony?

All of us, so many of us, have different ideologies, ways of life, and points of view. Yet do we fear each other? Or, we try to love each other? Breathe in the warmth of life...drink from its fountain...and embrace the breath that makes and free today.

"Air That I Breathe" performed by K.D. Lang

Wish You a Long Peaceful Life


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  • RGraf profile image

    Rebecca Graf 

    10 years ago from Wisconsin

    Another moving article. You write with such emotion.

  • Lgali profile image


    10 years ago

    Good article


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