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The Detachment of Buddha

Updated on October 5, 2012

The detachment is the beautiful phenomenon to be happy. It is the tool of soul to joyful and peaceful life.

The detachment is the way of freedom to live fully as much as you can. After knowing about life and death, you can think about detachment. See your grandparent had passed away, one day you will also be gone from this world. Have you seen? Had they lived fully or repent in last days of life. If yes, at least, you should understand. Now, it’s time to decide to live life fully in moment to moment. It is only possible when you are free from inner traffic of thoughts which you have.

The detachment is the state of mind in which no thought is passing and empty from all desires and useless feelings. It’s the ultimate experience to stand alone with this universe. Nobody is responsible for your conditions of life and miseries. You are responsible for these things.

The detachment is an expression of freedom. It is of two types:

1. Extrinsic detachment

2. Intrinsic detachment

Extrinsic detachment:

The detachment comes when you are leaving world, family and spouse and friends. I ask you, where will you go? If these things are hindrances in your path, then where are you going? In ashram or forest, there is no place where you find peace for meditation. Birds might be there, people might be there. So, where will you go to find peace? On this earth, there is no place, where you might not feel obstruction in your path. Its meaning is extrinsic detachment is not in use for spiritual growth. I want to say, extrinsic detachment is useless thing in nowadays because it has no importance. In religious world, detachment is misunderstood by many of scholars. The detachment has some internal relation to being of god not with this world. In some religions, it’s obligatory to leave home to become sanyasi. In sanyas there is no role of world. If you are sanyasi, you are free from world as lotus is free from mud and looking beautiful, even living in mud.

Intrinsic detachment:

You should have so much powder and courage so that you can find peace and be detached even in your family. This is the true detachment of being. If you do your daily works and you find yourself not have impacts of works and family. You are detached; no pain is in your mind. Now mind is free from miseries and pain. You are detached from the whole. Intrinsic detachment has its own significance in spiritual life. It is called The Detachment of Buddha.

The Detachment of Buddha is not to leave home but is to leaving thoughts and burning desires. It is the only feeling of freedom in this world.


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