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The Devil: Lucifer vs. Satan vs. Satanism

Updated on June 10, 2015
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I have a B.A. in English with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. I've been a Goth since age fourteen, and a Pagan since age fifteen.

Published on 20 April 2010 Stock photo - Image ID: 10015144
Published on 20 April 2010 Stock photo - Image ID: 10015144 | Source

I have been thinking of writing this article for probably a year, but had not yet found a way to do so. Then, I read this quick article, complete with video footage, about a church that was trying to offend homosexuals by having a sign that reads: "Remember, Satan was the first to demand equal rights." I find it amusing, and think others should, as well. Of course, most have taken offense because followers of Christianity allow its leaders to dictate how they should interpret the bible.


In case you don't know the mythology, Lucifer was considered God's favorite angel until he got into trouble after demanding to be as powerful. Before you think this is still sinful behavior, remember, angels are not mortal like us. They are supernatural and capable of quite a bit, no?

What if we thought of Lucifer as God's former secretary? Let's be honest, that's pretty much true. Are secretaries supposed to remain in the lower position forever, even if they could handle more responsibility and power? Most secretaries will confess to knowing more about a business than their bosses because the more power you have, the more often you can tell your employees to do your work so you won't have to. Before you know it, they're smarter, and you're almost brainless. So, since when is it wrong to want more for yourself and work to get it?

If anything, Lucifer was promoted for disobeying God; yet, we're told to interpret it as punishment. It's like God saying, "Thanks for telling me off for not giving you a raise. I'm angry, but I'm so powerful that I'm giving you not only your own office, but your very own business, and don't worry, I'll pay for everything! See how powerful I am?"

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Satan is not actually just Lucifer. Satan used to be "the satan," meaning the one opposing the designated good guy in the story. Just because someone disagrees with a major leader does not make them wrong by default; that's monarchy. However, Christianity rejects free-thought because they know if they allowed it people would probably figure out how much the religion contradicts itself. When Christianity promotes "love thy neighbor" what they really mean is "love thy similar neighbor." Any power that punishes those who do not agree is not a power to be trusted. No society can progress without opposing views.

“Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as he has kept it in business all these years!”
Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible

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Atheistic Satanism

Anton LaVey founded The Church of Satan in 1966. While I am not a member, I have studied it, since knowledge is power, and have known a few followers. Satanists do not acknowledge the existence of the Christian God or the Christian character Satan. It is symbolic. Satanism is more of a philosophy than a religion. What "Satanism" implies is the opposite of Christianity—which I've explained is the point of the character of Satan.

Everything Satanism stands for questions the foundation of Christianity: The unspeakable fact that without Satan, Christianity would have to rely on its charm to thrive. Since it was unsuccessful on its own, it needed something or someone to scare people into following it in order to gain popularity. In fact, dualism is not originally Christianity's idea, either. It was Zoroastrianism's. Christian leaders saw how successful it was, so they added that to their plan and it took off.

While Satanism, in my opinion, is kind of silly because plenty of people, like myself, oppose Christianity without needing to follow Satanism, it is a pretty intelligent concept for anyone who would want to study Christianity's weaknesses without immersing themselves in the propaganda. For example, the term "turn the other cheek" is the exact opposite in Satanism. If someone wrongs you, you do not forgive and let them hurt you a second time; you stand up for yourself by causing the other person more pain than they caused you, physically and/or psychologically. This is basically just the human response without any preexisting laws that require the person to think twice about the consequences.

"Pan and Daphnis".
"Pan and Daphnis". | Source

Plagiarism of Mythology

The characteristics of Christianity's concept of Satan was plagiarized from ancient paganism. In paganism, the gods are as flawed as humans, but just as beloved as any god would be. Can you imagine believing in the gods without fear that thinking for yourself, even if it questions the gods, is a bad thing? That's paganism, baby!


Hades is the Greek god of the underworld. The underworld is where the dead are judged for their wrongdoing. Does this sound familiar? After Christianity took over, the story was not only plagiarized in the bible, but added to in the Book of Revelation. Apparently, Jesus came down and took over it, overruling Hades. Isn't that convenient? I think it's time someone took the bible's story in a way that takes the power back from the Christians. I wonder how angry they would become. You know, because they're so innocent.


Pan is the Greek god of fertility, and a goat. To make this character evil, his horns and goat form were rewritten and reinterpreted as symbolic of the devil. In reality, as with all pagan gods, he is nature-oriented; hence, being an animal. Some depictions show him as a playful guy.

Clearly, petting zoos really are evil, if goats are evil. Dr. Evil was telling the truth!


Poseidon is the Greek god of the ocean. He is often pictured with a pitchfork a.k.a. Trident, which he uses to control the sea. What better way to destroy the image of a pagan (nature) god than to turn his tool into something evil? Obviously, moving water with a pitchfork is dangerous. I mean, he might accidentally kill a fish with that thing! Murderer!


Set is the ancient Egyptian god of chaos. Set was the only wrong-doer of his three other siblings. He killed and chopped up his very popular brother, Osiris, out of jealousy. Cain and Abel, anyone? That is for another article! While Set did some very wrong acts, he isn't a devil. His skin is red—the way Satan is depicted. Remember, non-whites will always try to harm you, right? Oh, I'm just kidding. Christianity isn't racist at all. It's just that Christianity was used as a reason for black slavery since all the demons were black, that's all. That was a coincidence.

Oh, wait...

What It's Really About

Ever since I learned the truth about the connection between paganism and Christianity, during high school, I stopped feeling guilty for being drawn to the Goddess. Yes, I used to fear Satan/the devil, whatever, once upon a time. Yes, the first commandment scared the hell out of me. Pun intended. Fortunately, I was raised by a family who allowed me to explore my spirituality.

I know that strong believers of Christianity will always be offended by what I say, but I have to note that when I talk about plagiarism by Christianity, I do so with love for the poor blind followers who do not deserve to be manipulated the way I was. I wish someone could have told me before I felt bad for one second for following my true spiritual path into paganism. This article is the first of many about Christianity's plagiarism of ancient paganism.

My goal is not to offend for the sake of offending. Christianity offends me and it should offend anyone who loves the character of Jesus, who was a Jewish hippie dude, all about peace and love, who said not to create a religion based on his teachings.

© 2015 social thoughts


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  • social thoughts profile imageAUTHOR

    social thoughts 

    4 years ago from New Jersey

    Your other points are true, too. It's usually from within, even if from being brainwashed against using their own minds. Thank you for your support and input!

  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 

    4 years ago from Olympia, WA

    Truths like this one are not easy for people to hear....whether it be because of insecurity, or fear of the unknown, or just hatred in their souls...and it's too bad. It's too bad that people are so buried in their beliefs that they aren't at least willing to listen to opposing viewpoints.


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