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The Different Meanings of Dreams

Updated on December 11, 2012
Meaning of Dreams
Meaning of Dreams

The Wonderful World of Dreams

I dream a lot or I can say I dream most of the time whenever I'm sleeping. Because of that, I have developed a great interest in knowing the meaning of dreams, not only mine but also with that of friends and relatives. Some dreams were just too vivid, that the moment I woke up, I was confused if it really did happen. There were instances when after a dream I feel so tired, just like I haven't rested at all. There were some when I woke up, the memory was gone. I cannot remember anything about it. All I know was the thought that I have dreamed something.

Have you ever dreamed of something so good that was abruptly interrupted, then you forced yourself back to sleep just to go on with that dream? Or do you have a recurring dream that you feel has something to do with your real life or perhaps it is an important message or a sign trying to get across through your unconscious mind?

I often got this kind of feeling after a dream. But it always help when I write down the details to my dream journal and review it afterwards. If I see a pattern, I get curious and find out if a message is worth knowing.

A Recurring Dream

It all started when I continuously dreamed about a particular event. It seemed very real in my dreams. It would always start in a familiar place with familiar people. I was searching for something (sometimes, it's a hidden place or an unknown thing). I would undergo all the obstacles to find the item and then when I finally acquired it, suddenly, someone would chase me. That someone would eventually become a group of people until it became the whole community. When I am about to be seized I would find a hiding place, it was often one of the residents to keep me away from the mob. That hero would later turn into one of them. Then those people, who were chasing me, became zombies, at times faceless hordes. Other times, one or two of the persons was someone I've known all my life or someone I met in my waking life at one time or another.


What Is A Dream?

It is scientifically said that a dream is a series of thoughts, images, emotions and sensations happening in one's mind during sleep. Some experts think that dreams are just random and meaningless events created by our brain when we are sleeping. While others believe that dreams have psychological messages and are related to one's actual life.

Dreams can be influenced by our current emotional state and what is happening in our mind when we sleep, has somewhat happened in the past or is still going to happen. This could be the reason why at times we dream about the thing that had transpired before we went to sleep. A dream can be a reflection of one's emotion which he or she may not be aware of. Even Psychotherapy utilizes dream to reveal something relevant about one's current psychological state.

Have you ever had a dream?

What do you often dream about, good or bad dreams?

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Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud's Theory about Dreams

In Sigmund Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams, he believes that dreams occur when there the unconscious and the conscious interacts - in where the unconscious is the dominant force. Most often these happenings are fractions of oneself that are being ignored or suppressed. The mind has hidden emotions that we may not be aware of, but when we dream, our mind reveals those unconscious desires. Freud’s later used this systematic interpretation of dreams in psychoanalysis when dealing with his patients. In his opinion all objects of dreams such as pens, stones, planes, water and all other things have the same meaning, which is sexual.

For instance, those objects that are long and pointed in form such as knife, trees, swords, guns, cane and the like represent the man's sexual organ. While the hollow objects like pockets, cases, bottles, houses, bags, round fruits - symbolize the female genitalia.

He affirmed that dreams are one’s suppressed wishes which he/she could not fulfill on the waking life. In dreams, the mind reacts by transforming the fantasy into thoughts which allows him to satisfy his desire.

The strongest emotion revealed in dreams is anxiety and fear.

Remember to clear your thoughts of any worries before you sleep. Relaxing music is good in calming your heart and mind. These tunes are recommended for insomniac or for those who have sleep disorders.

Common Dream Symbols and Their Meanings


According to dream decoders, some dreams could be a replay of the past. Some are the manifestation of what we are experiencing in our waking lives, or something that we are anticipating to happen for the future.

Being Chased

Being chased by monsters or some person or even animals can be a frightening and horrifying experience. This dream usually represents that someone or something is threatening you or making you feel helpless. It can also mean of something that you are running away from or a problem that you cannot face or resolved.

Teeth Falling Out

Teeth falling out or a missing teeth means a time of change in your life or a start of something new. It also indicates a fear of losing someone and fear of getting old.


Flying in a dream means reaching an ambition. If you are struggling to fly higher, it may be that you are aiming an unrealistic goal at the moment. You may need to re-consider your goals and be sensible in order to achieve them. If you are flying low, almost to the ground, indicates that you can achieve your goals easily and that you are going to the right direction for success.


To dream of falling represents an intense emotion towards losing control over a situation. It means that you may feel out of control over your life. You may also be undergoing a lot of stress about your relationship or a fear of losing your power. It also represents the failures in life. The distance of the fall (you may have fallen from a tree or a mountain) relates to how grave the setback would be.



I have experienced this a few times where in my dream I couldn't move or couldn't speak. I was forcing myself to wake up and shouting for help but no sounds came out. Some scientists explained that paralysis in dreams is simply a result of inability to move while sleeping. When you are trying to talk in a dream, the body sends a signal to the brain but somehow had not reached the nerves to your mouth. However, some Psychologists interpret that the inability to say a word when you are trying to scream in your dream may mean that you are feeling deprived of your freedom or you're concerns are not being heard.

Tell Us About Your Dream

What do you always dream about?

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Have A Relaxing Sleep and Sweet Dreams!

If you can't sleep or if your dream leads to disturbed nights, having sleeping disorders or insomnia, remember sleep problems will be diminished with comfortable beds and pillows.


"These Dreams" A Classic Song from Two Great Artists: This song will never get old to me!

To Conclude:

With all these considered, let me say that dreams may reflect real life experiences but can also represent fantasies, desires and fictional characters from our imagination or from the books we've read, movies we've seen or even from computer games. If we want more out of our dreams, anything is possible. All we need is a dream diary and our vibrant imagination.

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Loving your Thoughts.

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