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The Immense Value of the Christ Consciousness

Updated on April 1, 2016

Being Wellpleasing in the Presence of God

Overcoming an ungodly world should be a primary objective of every genuine believer who carries the name of Christ. He must believe that the Christ consciousness within him is the master of the universe. Because the things of God are contrary world system, overcoming the world system pleases God entirely. However, according to scripture, whosoever desires to settle for a peace agreement with the world is an enemy of God. For this reason, every believer must disconnect himself from the beliefs, philosophies and ungodly agendas of the world system.

Understand World Ideologies

The world system consists of a number of ideologies that are contrary to the knowledge and wisdom of God. For instance, the world places deep trust in man-made knowledge, including the humanities, world philosophies, psychologies, sciences, and atheistic beliefs regarding the origin of mankind. Other beliefs include lack and limitation, fear of conditions, circumstances and dread of the constant violence of man and nature.

Acknowledge that All Things are Possible

In order to overcome the world system, every Christian believer must strive to obtain the consciousness of Christ and must genuinely acknowledge that all things are possible,even this. If a believer believes that the reality of his own personal world is unchangeable he has already failed to please God. According to the wisdom of God, a Christian believer must consider the invisible the true reality as oppose to those things that are visible. Things that are visible or seen are only temporary, and can be gone tomorrow. However, invisible things are eternal. Therefore, to acknowledge that all things are possible is to confess that the systems of the world are illusions.

Gaining Dominion

The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom
The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom

The book offers deep, revolutionary knowledge for becoming a genuine spiritual force in your immediate environments and beyond.


Embark Upon a Highly Spirit-Filled Campaign

By the power of Christ consciousness, the Christian believer must launch a highly Spirit-filled campaign(through prayer, fasting, confession and meditation) against all inner and outer temptations of the world. He must refuse to be undone by the intimidation s or mesmerized by the glamor offered by the kingdom of darkness. He must walk with the conviction that he is more than a conqueror. However, if a Christian assumes that nothing can be done about a problem or situation surrounding her life and affairs, she will yield to temptations, deceptions, fear, doubt and unbelief. However, if she perseveres in faith, she will find that these are only illusions. In the power and presence of God, these problems and conditions can not exist, simply because the kingdom of God is eternally perfect.

Follow The Pathway to Glory

Understanding the fact the world system is an illusion is the pathway of Glory. A believer with such knowledge can go a long way of establishing the kingdom of God on earth. By the power of Christ consciousness within him, he will be able to heal the sick, restore peace and un-favorable conditions, redeem the time and raise the dead throughout the earth. Every believer without exception is ordained to perform such great exploits. She understands that the presence and power of God within her is greater than the systems of the world. Because of this belief, she believes that all things are possible.

Refuse to Bow to Illusions

The consequence of not overcoming the world and pursuing the pathway of Glory is an alarming revelation.The inability to overcome the world is to worship illusions. It is to say that circumstances and situations are greater than the power of God with in the believer. The world must not be convinced of such illusion. In addition, this unwillingness to fully overcome the world is to bow to the kingdom of darkness and all its demonic forces. In doing this, we establish peace treaty with the devil, which highly displeases God. If God is not pleased with our spiritual connection with him in our earthly existence, then we lose our heavenly reward and crown. Not only will we die as weak representatives of God’s kingdom and glory, we will stand before the Lord of Lords and King of Kings with our work undone.


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    • teacherjoe52 profile image


      6 years ago

      Very interesting points.

      God bless


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