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The Secret Behind The Inner Christ

Updated on April 1, 2016

Man as Divine Being

As a born again believer, the Christ in us is designed to represent the kingdom of God in the earth. The Christ is the power of God as well as the expression of God. Whoever sees the Christ inside of us will also see God manifesting Himself as us. But we, in our natural state, are certainly not divine being unless we are filled with the spirit of Christ. Once our nature is filled with Christ, the God nature will manifest through us. We become a divine being and influence the world with an illuminated consciousness. From a Christian stand point, the world only exists because of the illuminated consciousness of the God nature.

Experience of Salvation

In order to invite Christ inside of us, we must open up to the experience of salvation: acknowledging and confessing that Christ is the Lord and redeemer of all mankind, especially for those who genuinely accept and follow him in their hearts. This awareness must be put to practice as an unending lifestyle. The connection to Christ is critical to becoming a divine being with authority to affect the world.

Man as an Divine Being
Man as an Divine Being
Woman kneeling and praying
Woman kneeling and praying

Do you allow the worries and cares of the world suppress the Divine Savior in you?

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Lighted candles representing spirituality
Lighted candles representing spirituality

Passion for Divine Knowledge

Welcoming the Christ within us demands that we have a flexible mindset and a passion for knowledge. Truth comes from a variety of channels, including nature, circumstances, the bible, the pulpit, holy books and spiritual enlightenment. Without a flexible mindset an individual may become limited by denominational doctrines. If this occurs, his spiritual growth is hindered, resulting in a sense of limitation and damnation. Damnation, in this instance, means the inability of the Christ in us to grow into full maturity.

Practicing the Presence of God

The development of the inner Christ occurs by practicing love and the presence of God without reservation. No fear of people, conditions or situations should stand in the way of God’s operations within us. The holy men of old, such as Elijah, Enoch and Joshua never bowed to fear and shame. Instead they used these negative emotions as stepping stones to a greater awakening of the Christ within them. Every threat was a reward to growth and a revelation of God’s glory in the earth. The saints of today must adopt a similar attitude if great works are to be accomplished for the kingdom of God.

Accelerating Spiritual Growth

Developing the Christ within us must not occur in isolation. Growing in Christ should occur among those who have the same divine aspirations. Individual with the inner Christ can accelerate in spiritual growth when surrounded by other spiritual people. All the base emotions such as anger, fear, jealousy, selfishness and strife are overcame through our interactions with one another on a daily basis. We must learn how to love, forgive one another and let go of our selfishness. Our maturity depends on a sense of oneness with all of God’s creation. Once this is accomplished, we are complete in him. Therefore we must use one each others faults in order to advance toward spiritual excellence.

The Illuminated Consciousness

Spiritual excellence in Christ places us in an entirely different dimension: The fourth dimension,a state in which we think with the consciousness of God or the illuminated consciousness of the Christ within us. This paradigm change occurs when our minds are saturated with the full knowledge of the divine, including the doctrine of God, Man, Dominion, Angels and Demons. When we adopt this knowledge, we are able to walk in the God nature of Christ. Seeing with the eyes of Christ and operating in the responsibility of Christ are testimonies of those who possess the illuminated consciousness or God nature. They are empowered to heal the sick, open the eyes of the blind, deliver those in captivity, raise the dead, deliver the times from evil, defy the poisons of darkness and live abundantly.

Never Lose Faith

We must not become discouraged if the power of the Christ takes a while to develop within us. We must have faith along the journey toward Divine maturity. The most important thing for a believer to do is to allow the peace of God to sustain him in the process of developing the inner Christ. But once the Christ has fully developed within us, the days of our weaknesses and fears are behind us. Because we are wrapped in the glory and power of God, the world will come running to us. We, through Christ, will be like a shelter from the storm or a light in a dark place.

Discovering the Inner Christ

Knowledge of the Inner Christ

The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom
The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom

The deeper knowledge of God is all you need to succeed over the powers of darkness in the earth. "The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom" is a divine resource that provides such crucial knowledge.



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