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The Divine discontent has a purpose in human life!

Updated on July 2, 2017

Discontentment is a way to God!

Why people are discontent?

Have you ever felt discontent? It is not due to lack of things or money but during affluent periods. You have everything yet you felt discontent. What is the reason? If I say it is natural, will you accept it? The fact is discontent is quite a normal process and it has been purposefully kept in the life of all living beings, more so in the case of human beings! What is the purpose of discontent? Discontent is also a mental worry. It is the lack of contentment which causes discontent. Why we are not content? It is human weakness! Desires rule our life most of the time. One may lack the resources to procure basic necessities of life like food, clothing and shelter etc. There is a reason behind his discontentment. But what about the affluent person, who lacks nothing, yet he is discontent. There is a vacuum brewing up inside. What is the emptiness? Unfortunately due to ignorance, most of the people consider possessions as a great asset. They are deeply attached to their possessions like house, car and other valuables like gold, land etc. Then it must be construed that a man with lot of possessions must be happy forever! On the contrary, the wealthy man has more worries and problems than the beggar in the streets! The beggar has few wants like his daily bread and a place to lie in the night. The wealthy rich are full of wants and greed. He is not content with his present possessions. He wants to earn more and more. In the media we are often hearing about people who hoard billions of dollars in many places to escape from the tax net.

Divine discontentment.

The value of wealth is decreasing day by day!

Even third world countries have good number of rich persons who have money to last for several generations. Gone are the days of hundreds and thousands. Due to inflation, even the lowest job fetches easily Rs.15000/= in government departments. The corrupt politicians are possession of wealth of crores of rupees. Most of the legislators and members of Parliament are crorepatis as per their declaration during contesting elections. They have no qualms in declaring such huge wealth! When they contested for the first time, they declared some lakhs of rupees! Now after holding the posts for few years, their assets jumped many fold. How? It is blatant misuse of their powers and positions. Even a common illiterate know that approaching a legislator, he can get things done easily by greasing his palm. Out of one hundred legislators, there may be hardly a few honest people and I don’t deny that. Hence it has become a norm to declare in crores and they feel it is their status symbol. Well, coming to the question of discontent itself, I have mentioned that it is purposely kept in the life of human beings. If one is content, he won’t worry about further acquisition of wealth and properties. Why people go for palatial residences where most of the rooms will remain locked? They feel such residences boost their status in society. In their garage, they will be having many cars, each for a member of his family! This is how people exhibit their wealth which causes jealousy in the heart of the deprived one. People rely on material wealth while they neglect spiritual treasures!

Thus said, Martin Luther King!

We can not carry even a grain of sand when we die!

Ask any rich man, ‘how much he is going to carry to the other world when they depart? Even he knows that not a grain of sand could be carried away to the next world after death! Then, why they should unnecessarily gather trash and tinsel which is not useful except during their life time! None of us are aware how long they will live on this earth. Moreover a child can not enjoy affluence nor a old man. Only during their youth or middle age, one can enjoy the wealth or luxury. Why should we break our head to accumulate all the treasures which cannot be used. The pleasures we enjoy are fickle and ephemeral. Our bodies are like water bubbles which may burst at any time. How many Kings and emperors vanished from the face of earth? Many great civilizations are mentioned in the history books of the world. Where are they now? From our own experience, everything on earth is subject to changes. It is like day and night, heat and cold, wealth and poverty etc. Why should we rely on these ephemeral things which are subject to constant changes? It is to educate the ignorant people; the creator has introduced the element of ‘discontent’. If we find happiness in the paltry pleasures of the world, none would like to leave their attachments to the temporary attractions of the senses. Hence troubles, grief , pain and natural calamities have a great purpose; i.e. to educate the ignorant.. Those who indulge in carnal pleasures end up in serious health disorders soon. Only by undergoing the pain of ill health, they will learn about the emptiness in physical pleasures. The drunkard’s life is shortened abruptly due to liver disorders. The Doctors admonish the drunkard to forget drinking liquors. One naturally becomes discontent after indulging in sensual pleasures for some time!

The cause of sufferings!

Some sinners become saints in their later years!

There were many sinners who turned saints in their later years due to utter discontent. They understood the fickleness of worldly sensual pleasures soon since they become unhappy with their bad deeds and tendencies. Only in agitated minds, wisdom blossom slowly. After a period of terrible disappointments, man learns his lessons. Due to his own past experience, he sheds his harmful pastimes’. It is due to discontent, they turn into wise people. Hence the Bible too proclaims that even the lowest sinner will get redemption if he rely on Christ with Faith and Love. Many people undergo illness of serious nature due to their past misdeeds. Once they learn the hard lessons, they must turn to become good natured one with faith in God. Hence this sort of discontent is termed as Divine discontent!

The cause of discontent in human life.

Do you realize that discontent has a purpose in human life?

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